DxMinds awarded at Silicon India as the best start-up of the year 2020

DxMinds awarded at Silicon India as the best start-up of the year 2020

DxMinds has been awarded as the best start-up of the year in December 2020 by Silicon India, a leading digital magazine renowned for projecting the latest technologies and stories of established and emerging entrepreneurs in India and the US. DxMinds is one of the best mobile app development companies in India with various subsidiary offices in several locations all across the world. DxMinds is renowned for carving out an idiosyncratic place in the world of technology. The company has shown its potential in various business industries and have left nonvolatile imprints with unmatched technological interventions and innovations. On the one hand, the technological world is slowly inching towards artificial intelligence and bots, DxMinds is playing at the forefront with great innovations keeping a futurist approach. For a start-up keeping their values high in terms of customer satisfaction and quality of services plays a crucial role to attain success. DxMinds with the most promising services and highly proficient team easing customer support has won half of the battle of success and to achieve the intended objective they have in-housed top professionals of the industries.

What is DxMinds and what they do?

DxMinds Innovation Labs

Dxminds is a brand name thriving over the technological industry with in-depth technical knowledge and innovations on the desk. The company is not only making a great prominence in the technological world but has also shown its proficiency in the world of game development with brand name DxGameStudio and an electric vehicle with the brand name DxAutomotive. In each segment, the company has stood out as the champions and have proven that a perfect blend of technological approach and the right resources can create history. Let’s know what these brand names do and how you can leverage the technology with their help.

IT services as DxMinds:

They offer unmatched website and mobile app development services that cover various website and app development technologies and platforms to give the most customer-centric solutions based on the client’s requirements and market demand. The company has attained proficiency in the latest and leading technologies such as artificial intelligence, kotlin, flutter, IoT, Angular, IoS, Android, Microsoft technologies, open sources, and many more. The company has established its existence long back in the year 2018 and with the progressive years, it has made a nonvolatile name with more than 100 successfully developed projects.

Game development services as DxGameStudio:

Game is one of the growing sectors of the present digitized era and most entrepreneurs are willing to achieve their business dreams with the most enthralling and engaging game apps. DxGameStudio with the most creative and excellently technology rooted team is rigorously working to help all those emerging entrepreneurs to attain their business objective with a much higher range of success. The professionals housed-in in the company are highly skilled in developing native game apps as well as cross-platform and have attained a master hand over all the game development technologies. Within two years, DxGameStudio has worked with a plethora of clients on the various storyline, and every time we emerged with a new face of the gaming era giving hype to the client and making them a new brand of the gaming industry.

Automotive services as DxAutomotive:

DxAutomotive is redefining the face of the electric vehicle industry with unsurpassed app development solutions scaling up the security and user-experience. We offer end-to-end solutions for EVs that upholds the maintenance and other diagnosis tasks to keep your electric vehicles versatile and flawless. Our professionals pave out the hassles and help you leverage the latest technologies with cutting-edge safety solutions, smart seat solutions, green vehicle technologies, and excellent connectivity.

What is Silicon India and what their award weighs?

Silicon india-DxMinds

Silicon India is not only a digital magazine but a face of technological growth of India and the U.S. To be a part of an edition of Silicon India, an organization has to reach out to the edge of excellence and to be ranked under the top 100 technology companies founded and managed by Indians and U.S. entrepreneurs. It is the best platform for technology networking and has been acknowledged worldwide.

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