DxBasket - On Demand Robust Ecommerce Platform
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DxBasket- On Demand Robust Ecommerce Platform

DxBasket- The Best Retail Solution for a Reason

An on-demand retail solution that is capable of transforming your retail business digitally following the technology pathways. A powerful solution that can abrupt your retail stores as a whole and take it to new skies. An impeccable solution that ponders technology and nurtures it very often. That‘s DxBasket, a newbie from the house of DxMinds Technologies. DxBasket – On Demand Robust Ecommerce Platform helps you stay free from all the hustles and bustles of running an online retail business.

dxbasket- the best retail solution for a reason

The Perfect Online Space awaits you

Conventional ways of running a retail store might not work in this era, as the impact of technology is transforming businesses aggressively. The only way to thrive hard in such a situation is to be in parallel to the technology advancements. And that’s where the beauty of DxBasket lies. Leveraging the latest on boarded technologies, this impeccable solution of ours lets you transform your retail business online, thereby providing a wide canvas of expansion opportunities exclusively for you.

UnBoxing the Basketful of opportunities

UnBoxing the Basketful of opportunities

DxBasket helps you reinvent your perception of success. DxBasket comes with a handful of opportunities. It helps you gain a huge amount of traction for your business, help you showcase your products among a wider range of audiences, enhances your revenue, profit margins, and much more.

Hit a home run with DxBasket

DxBasket paves your way to success hosting a multitude of retail solutions under a single umbrella. We have everything on board, which is mandatory for you to mark your success. Our homegrown solutions are designed in such a way that it keeps on pushing your business forward crossing the limit lines, ensuring its firm growth.

Stand out odd among your competitors

Competition gets tough when you are in a race with your opponents. As the game gets tougher and tougher, we, the finest retail solution providers, DxBasket, take you ahead of the competition, tackling the potential competitors. Our high-end solutions enable you to strategize your business goals by reaching out to the right clients.

Powerful Solutions come from powerful Companies

We are proud to say that DxBasket is such a powerful retail tool that leaves a pleasant feeling among our clients throughout their journey. Few features of DxBasket are:

Administrator Dashboard, User Management, Multi-Store, Options, attributes, Affiliates, Discounts, coupons, specials, Back-up and restore, Inventory Management, Unlimited Products listed, Product Reviews & Ratings, Reward Points, Multi-lingual, Payment Gateways, Shipping Management, Sales reports, Product Feeds etc.

Why DxBasket for your retain business

  • Homegrown technologies
  • Agile model of development
  • Best in class retail solution
  • Scalable and Reliable
  • High degree of security
  • Enhanced payment gateways
  • Top-notch services
  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • Hassle freeways of third party integrations
  • One stop solution for all retail requirements

    DxBasket- Empowering Your Online Marketplace

    The outstanding retail solution from the house of DxMinds lets you backlash all those awful days you faced whilst running a retail business in the brick a mortar style. Now it is time for you to fully fledge your business leveraging DxBasket and harvest the fruits of your success.

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