How much does it cost to develop a mobile app like Turo

Cost of developing an mobile app like Turo

How much does it cost to develop a mobile app like Turo

How much does it cost to develop a mobile app like Turo

Basically I will like to say you that what is a Turo?

Turo is an online application of car booking system for car rentals, by using this application you can view all the vehicles availability for the trip and also for your personal use. Turo is an end to end car rental service where you can book your car whenever you need across multiple cities in USA, UK and Germany. Based on their usage they can use vehicle like sedan, hatchback and suv. Over 200000 vehicles are listed in the world.

   Selecting cars based on your trips

  • Select the car based on your requirement
  • Book the car directly without any broker between
  • Get use of car delivery.

Business opportunity based for investors

  • Tag your car for services in Turo
  • Share you space for parking for and get discounts on your trips

Planning a vacation is very expensive these days. You need to plan for every this where you need to go what is the distance and cost finally by using a cab or self-drive car? Depending upon your need by an own car might be expensive for you so company like Turo. The company provides vehicle for self-drive.

Self-drive car Booking Mobile App for Users

Well, this kind of car booking apps or a web site allows you to make online car booking based on the location you’re search. Today everyone started using this kind of mobile apps for quick and easy accessing of cars.

  The benefits of this kind of self-drive cars 

·      Security: the driving speed will be limit and service in all major cities.

·      Cost -Effectiveness: compared to other services this can take advantage of it.

·      Convenience: It is having parking location.

Features of Online car Booking App

  • Vehicle Information: All the car related information can be found on the apps by the user like a number of vehicles available on the date, prices based on the booking and other related information. 
  • Push Notification: Alert information like it will notify the new features on their mobile phones from the apps
  • Messenger Support: This feature helps the users to get 24/7 support from the company during the journey for the users.
  • Online Receipt: If the user makes the payment online through the apps for the journey they will get the estimated amount and they can pay easily.
  • Vehicle-Cost Feature:  based on the type of the vehicle the price will differ.
  • Route map: it is updated with the features like nearby hotels, malls, bars, restaurant etc.
  • A Travel Assistant: like a Chatbot application we have an integrated app for user service.

Some other Features

  • Trip Planner: based on the user requirement the apps is having a key feature such that the app will help you in advising the trip.
  • Comparing cars: User can also compare the cars based on the budget and features in the car also the images with its quality and seating capacity.
  • Emergence Booking: with this feature user can cancel the booking app.
  • Mileage calculator: based on the vehicle you can check mileage and calculate the expenses of the vehicles. 
  •  Payment Gateway API: This API integration in the apps helps the user to make the payment application for the company

How much does it cost to develop an App like Turo

Cost of car Booking Apps Depends upon the platforms and several features like UI/UX, location, quality and its priority we need to estimate. DxMinds is the best mobile app development company in UK which is having good reputation in develop an apps for iPhone and Android Phones. The total cost of self-driving car app can cost you up to $10000-$15000 for a less featured app it will differ based on the quality and requires features.

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