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DxMinds is one among the Best Artificial intelligence AI Development Companies in India & USA. We have our innovation Center in Bangalore and other corporate offices in California, USA and Dubai, UAE. Our unique offerings in AI solve complex business problems and can add tremendous value to the businesses. Artificial Intelligence has got the super power with many matured algorithms available in different technologies like machine learning, deep learning, and natural language processing (NLP), computer vision, predictive analysis, machine reasoning, and other AI techniques.

    What is artificial intelligence?

    Artificial Intelligence is actually programmed intelligence, using which computers can think and perform just like the way humans do. Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant are some examples of AI enabled devices. AI enabled devices assist humans in delivering high quality, productive results. Application of AI has brought tremendous progress in every field it belongs to. In Fact AI has transformed our lives from better to the best.


    what is machine learning?

    Machine learning is a division of Artificial Intelligence. The computer uses several algorithmic and mathematical values for making continuous progress without the help of any programs. The system makes decision based on the data the algorithm provides. In simple words, machine learning is a process by which computer learns by itself for making a decision or prediction with respect to the data provided.

    Why AI and Machine Learning?

    • Increases productivity
    • Delivers high quality results
    • Zero error rates
    • Increases standard of living
    AI & machine learning in your business

    AI & Machine learning in Your Business

    It’s not in the same way how a business worked 10 years ago. It won’t be the same after 10 years. The only solution for a business to make its presence in the market forever is to get updated along with technology.

    In this era, every aspect of business is being transformed by Artificial Intelligence.AI has gained huge acceptance among futuristic businesses.AI can be applied in businesses to increase productivity and accuracy. AI ensures smooth running of business. Application of AI varies from businesses to businesses. Let’s see the various application of Artificial Intelligence on different businesses.

    AI in Financial Sectors

    Financial sectors including banks make use of AI to figure out fraudulent activities. The database included in the Artificial intelligence software can easily distinguish valid and invalid transactions. If any invalid transaction is detected, it gets blocked automatically and thereby allowing zero fraud activities. Enormous applications of AI other than fraud detection are also widely been used by financial sectors.

    AI in Retail Industry

    AI enabled chat bots are widely been used in the retail industries to maintain the interaction with their customers. These chat bots which can identify natural language, can have interactions with customers just like the way a human respond. Futuristic chat bots are capable of identifying human emotions through chats and are programmed to act accordingly.

    AI in Cyber Security

    As technology is growing at a huge pace, the rate of cyber-crimes are increasing each day. Humans are capable of identifying and defending these crimes up to some extends only. As a solution for this deadly threat, AI enabled algorithms are designed. These programs are capable of detecting cyber-attacks, identifying the issues and adapting the proper measures for prevention.

    AI In Health care

    With the application of AI, health care industry has taken a huge leap in diagnosing and treatment. With the help of AI, Surgical robots were developed. They are able to perform surgeries and other treatments. Application of AI in health care resulted in developing medicines, which are highly efficient.

    AI In Logistics and Supply Chain Management

    AI In Logistics and Supply Chain Management

    Application of AI in the field of logistics and supply chain management has brought high efficiency in the areas of Fleet management, Warehouse administration, Freight brokering and various other processes involved in supply chain management. Introduction of drones and other transportation methods are just few examples only.

    AI in Marketing

    Wide application of AI in the area of marketing has improved the sales and growth of companies. Let’s have an example, a user visited an online store for purchasing a pair of brand new shoes. Somehow the user didn’t buy that. If it happened before the invention of AI, the online store would have missed the customer. But now, with the help of AI, the online store can keeps on reminding the user about the shoes and can even constantly offer some discount, so that they would not miss the customer will. This is just a single case. Like this, AI helps companies in growing their business in many other ways.

    AI in Transportation

    Within no time, our roads will be occupied by driver less, self-driven cars. These are purely the application of AI in the field of transportation. Driver less cars were first introduces by Tesla Motors followed by other giants. Driver less cars can bring down the rate of accidents and other human errors occur while driving.

    AI in Human Resources

    Application of AI in the area of human resource has improved the quality of employee experience. Human Resource is the area where a lot of manual effort is required.AI has changed the convectional way of all HR processes such as recruitment, training and other HR related data entry works.

    7 Steps at DxMinds for Implementing AI for your Business

    Implementation of AI requires deep knowledge and skill-set. Being the best machine learning Development Company in Bangalore, India, at DxMinds, implementation of AI is carried out by seven perfectly organised stages. They are:

    • Specify the issue AI needs to solve
    • Data collection
    • The Research
    • Model building
    • Model validation
    • The production
    • Maintenance
    our AI services for Python Development & Computer Vision

    Our AI Services in Bangalore

    Python Development

    Being the best python development company, DxMinds offers quality python services such as services in integration of disparate systems, automation and data sciences. Our technical team who are well versed in python libraries such as NumPy, Keras, Pandas, TensorFlow, PyTorch, Matplotlib, etc develop high performing, resilient Python applications.

    Computer Vision

    At DxMinds, we build artificial systems that are able to analyse and gather data from images or other related resources by processing those images. These obtained data are used to perform pre-programmed tasks. Our expertise in OPENCV helps us in delivering accurate, high quality programs which can serve industries which needs to be automated using computer vision and image processing.

    Chatbots Development

    Intelligent Chat bots developed by DxMinds can add values to industries such as customer care, Sales, Banking sector, HR etc. Our implementation is followed by unique features such as NLP, work flows Integration via API’s and support for various authentication types etc. We are well versed with various Chatbot platforms like Microsoft Luis,, and Amazon Lex etc. Our prime aim is to build powerful, custom, robust and intelligent Chat bots that meet your business requirement.

    Data Science / Big Data

    Our technically sound team  are well experienced in handling Apache Hadoop, Kafka, Spark, etc They uses various  mathematical principles, Technology ,statistics and other data to analyse, identify and solve various complex problems. Our proficiency in Data sciences helps companies in identifying their client’s behaviors, thereby increasing the businesses. DxMinds is also top mobile app development companies in Dubai and other places.


    Why DxMinds for AI, Machine Learning and Data Science?

    • We understand your business.
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    • Highly skilled professional employees.
    • Globally acclaimed machine learning company.
    • 24×7 Support Team.
    • Best Machine learning app development company.
    • Best Artificial Intelligence app development company.

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