A guide to location-based ODC team hiring

A guide to location-based ODC team hiring

Working remotely is the new normal. The pandemic that struck hard, back in 2020 has pushed almost every possible employee in practicing work from home. Though the concept of working remotely has gained an increasingly huge amount of popularity these days, top of the line organizations was practicing it for decades. It is no doubt that remote working is the extended version of offshore development centers. Working remotely in the early days had a lot of limitations involved, but it has gradually evolved out into being one of the best employment practices. Now that a wide array of tools and practices are available for handling project even from miles apart.

The offshore employment concept existed here decades back and the main reason behind organizations preferring offshore development centers was to minimize the development cost and the chance they get to associate with top-notch developers. There were a lot of priorities involved in the process of setting up offshore development centers as one needs to successfully filter out these steps. It not only let organization based in nooks and corners of the globe in associating with quality partners but also ensures them in availing top of the line services at economical development cost.

Associating with organizations that can help you avail top of the line offshore development centers can always be a tedious job as it is a herculean task. You need to have many home works done, do a lot more researches, invest in quality relationships, and much more. Back in the days doing all this stuff involved heavy risks as there existed limited access to reach out to the right partners. As time evolved, the process has turned out in becoming a finely polished one, helping companies land up on the right partner based miles apart.

Types of remote hiring

When it comes to outsourcing projects remotely to organizations, there exist two methodologies. Offshore and nearshore. Let us see what they are and how they differ from each other.

The offshore development center is your extended workplace situated overseas. It can be miles apart from your origin or in a nation where there are many differences like time zone differences, language differences, cultural differences, and much more. You associate with a partner company out there and they help you set up an ODC in the respective country in a hassle-free manner. This is all about offshore development centers.

The second one is the nearshore development centers. Though both offshore and nearshore are all about setting up a remote workplace, near shore is more of setting it at a place that is not much far away from your origin. It can be in any of the cities near to you, any other states, or any nearby nations where the cultural differences or time zone differences play a role.

The process of figuring out the right offshore developer

In this article, we deal with more offshore development centers and how effectively you can have one.

The process of figuring out the right offshore developer upholds huge potential. One has to invest quality time researching to surpass this process. Let us see what is the process involved in hiring the right offshore developer.


One of the main qualities an offshore development company should possess is a high degree of trustworthiness. It can be in terms of showing responsibility for developing the project, sticking on to morals and ethics, showing professional skills, and much more. The level of trustworthiness of an offshore development company cannot be measured but can stay aware by getting in touch with the past and present set of customers they have.

Resource accessibility

One of the major reasons organizations look forward to associating with offshore development centers is the chance they can avail associating with top of the line resources. To put that into perspective, prior to associating with offshore developers, one needs to make sure that they have access to an enriched resource pool where they can supply you with the resources that fit the most accurate for your requirement.

Round the clock availability

Time zone differences remain a great barrier for organizations when it comes to outsourcing. Organizations are finding it one of the potential challenges as they need to have a project developed at their time of availability. Prior to hiring resources in the offshore development model, you need to consider how the organization is dealing with the time zone differences and whether it matches your requirement or not.

Team scaling

Developing projects demands scaling down and scaling up of team based on its requirements. Some stage of the development requires 2x number of resources while some stages demand 5x. All we can say that it’s all dependent on the project. However one should make sure that on a high level, their ODC partners have the capability in meeting these fluctuations in project requirements to the core.

Technology mastery

To come up with a full-fledged project developed one need to have in and out mastery over the various state of the art technologies. When we are talking about technology, there exists a wide array of them. Some among them are Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain Technology, IoT, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, and much more. Having an enhanced mastery over these technologies helps fellow customers are ramping up like anything in their respective areas of focus.

Location-based offshore developer hiring

One of the major factors that play a key role when it comes to setting up offshore development centers is the location at which it is situated. Since it’s an offshore development center, it can be in any nation far away from you. Let us now see what are the most common countries people prefer when associating with offshore development partners.

Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe is one of the leading locations that is preferred by organizations when it comes to setting up their offshore development centers. The Eastern European countries that are comprised of nations like Croatia, Slovakia, Serbia, Romania, Poland, etc are great places to hire offshore development centers. The easy availability of potential resources and budget-friendly development costs etc. makes offshore companies in Eastern Europe a potential hire.


Asia is the hub of outsourcing as there exists a handful of a nation that hosts highly talented resources across various domains. Countries like India are leading offshore development centers in Asia as the nation has level-shifted its policies in supporting offshore development centers. Also, the availability of enhanced developers helps the nation in becoming the leading offshore development center in Asia. Other than India, there are countries like China, the Philippines, Malaysia, etc. that offer top of the like offshore development services to the customers.


Economical development costs and highly accessible resources make Africa a potential nation for setting up an offshore development center. It an ever-growing hub that upholds a handful of potential in establishing full-fledged offshore development centers. The youth of Africa is so vibrant that they can crack challenges of any kind with the utmost accuracy and dedication paid in detail.

Why India is preferred more to set up offshore development centers?


Easy resource availability

Flexible government rules and regulations

Best available talents

The high degree of professional ethics

Geographical advantages

How to setup an offshore development center in India?

For setting up offshore development centers in India, one needs to associate with the best offshore developers in India like DxMinds Innovation Labs. DxMinds is a leading product engineering and resource augmentation agency in India that focuses on delivering a high degree of value to the customers. The team comprises highly talented resources that are capable of meeting customer requirements to the fullest with utmost accuracy and potentiality. One of the major factors that make DxMinds a potential hire is an economical factor meaning, if you are associating with DxMinds for having your project developed, you will get a full-fledged one delivered within the most economical budget.

Why DxMinds is the best ODC partner in India?

· Flexible engagement models

· Multi-talented resources

· Agile methodology

· Futuristic development practices

· Cutthroat innovation guaranteed


Why is setting up offshore development centers important?

Setting up an offshore development helps you in many ways. It let you in availing a full-fledged development process at an economical pricing structure. Also, it lets you associate with resources that are highly talented.

Which is the best nation to setup ODC?

Considering several aspects and factors into account, India seems to be the best nation for setting up an offshore development center.

Why DxMinds is the best ODC partner in India?

The quality of the services delivered and access to enriched resource pools are some of the factors that make DxMinds a good to go ODC partner in India.

What are the other engagement models offered by DxMinds?

Other than ODC, DxMinds offers potential engagement models such as Build operate transfer, Turnkey, and co-owned projects, also known to be the fixed cost model, etc.

What makes me fit for choosing ODC?

One of the main criteria you need to consider the whole going ahead with the ODC model is the development time of your project. If the time consumption is longer, then it’s better for you to go ahead with the ODC model.

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