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E-learning software or a learning management system is a productive solution for administration, tracking, documentation, reporting, and delivery of training programs. It directs educational courses, learning, and training programs. Today, it is significantly more advantageous to shift the learning of varied domains and subjects with the help of internet and online resources.

People fulfill their greed for advanced education with the help of e-learning software that empowers dispersing a wide scope of content dependent on the individual courses.

Get a smart and digital learning system for aspirants, educators, students, and learners. Deliver the educational courses/ training programs on their fingertips with the help of a Learning Management system software company in Bangalore, India.

LMS or e-learning is progressively advantageous for students to obtain knowledge.


About DxLMS Solution

Dx Learning Management System is an online-based software application that assists to automate student training. It manages to control, record, and delivers the educational courses and training programs. It can help in tracking the progress of student learning and development programs.

Being the top LMS software development company in Bangalore India we develop the innovative LMS software evolved from eLearning.

Dx LMS solution is a Content Management system (CMS) wherein all the content required for learning (or educating) like the reports, PDFs, presentations, sound, and video files are stored and retrieved.

The software oversees, analyses, and runs instructive courses and training programs. It likewise incorporates student registration, curriculum management, Exam management, Tutor management, and many more advanced features.

The software is likewise incredible innovation for academic education. Our LMS is a cloud-based software.

It consolidates classroom, virtual, mobile, and e-commerce competence into a solitary and secure platform to meet any training needs of the association.


Top Modules of DxLMS

Live Classes 

The live online classroom is a core part of our Learning Management System. With DxLMS solution educators and trainers can plan live online meetings and classes as a major aspect of their courses. No additional software or separate licensing is required to have simultaneous live training sessions. It is simply a part of our solution.


DxLMS Solution contains a dashboard where the different details in regards to the courses, top-performing students, different events, deadlines, notes, and so forth are shown pictorially, so that, the user can easily comprehend different factors in DxLMS.

Student Management & Staff Administration

Being the top e-learning software development company in Bangalore, we offer an LMS solution that supports smart tools for students and staff administration. All students and educators have perusal profiles with username/password to sign into the framework. This permits tracking and doling out various kinds of access to certain site zones.

Transaction Management 

With Dx Learning Management System you can build and deliver paid online courses and tutorials. Students can get access to your online course only after prepayment process and access control to course consequently. You can accept payment through Stripe, 2Checkout, and Braintree vendor accounts, PayPal, bank transfers, checks, UPI’s, and other payment methods.

Content Management

Documents and course resources are stored in unified resource libraries. This permits schools/institutes to follow centralized management policies. Then again, each staff member or student is furnished with personal resource storage where records are automatically assembled. Administration users are allowed full access to these resource libraries.

Exam Management

Plan online exams, term or mid-term exams, entry tests, level tests – separately or as a major aspect of your online courses. Tests can have various kinds of questions like “select one”, “select many” and even “open questions”. Utilize rich formatting for your test questions – like videos, pictures, and even attached documents. Rate your test questions and let Dx LMS software features evaluate your students automatically. You get nitty-gritty insights for the group participation and performance averages.

Report Management

Our LMS solution includes the Grading and reporting feature. An automatic letter or numbered grading is accessible through predefined or uniquely characterized grading scales. Percentages are automatically changed over to grade letters and grade numbers. For each student, instructor, and live virtual classroom we keep complete attendance reports, to give you how much time your users spent in your virtual classroom. Attendance graphs are likewise accessible for better visual portrayal.


    Why Do You Need An LMS Solution?

    LMS make administration simple 

    Administrative tasks are executed in speed with LMSs. Modern learning management systems focus on the user friendlyinterfaces conceivable for user procedures and functions. Administrators have each tool accessible to disentangle their work processes; they can include and remove courses or materials, import and export files and documents, control user choices, and a huge number of other configurable options accessible just using the LMS developed from LMS companies in Bangalore, India.

    Software that encourages learning 

    Learners, particularly those from tech knowledgeable age, appreciates a focal location where training, courses, and resources are held. Most of the students are opting Online e-learning course instead of traditional classroom learning. For what reason is this so? LMSs offer an instinctive and intelligent learning atmosphere that connects with the student to learn in a fun yet organized way. Software for learning gives more noteworthy resources and tools than a traditional classroom would, making learning interesting for students and encourages the development of skills through the LMS. 

    24/7 Remote access with LMS

    One of the essential highlights of LMSs is a responsive interface that gives administrators, teachers, and students access to courses and resources 24 hours, 7 days per week. To a daily user, LMSs simply look like websites with URLs and login credentials rather than a software platform. DxMinds the top LMS app developers in Bangalore  offer LMS software and Mobile applications for phones, tablets, and different gadgets where users can get to information similarly as they would on the regular website. LMSs advance flexible learning and endeavour to shift learning to a progressively versatile path for administrators, educators, and students.

    LMS Offer Consistent Learning Resources 

    Since traditional classroom learning relies vigorously on teacher, students may get uncertain information, resources, and materials from various sources and that can obstruct the learning procedure. With LMSs, all learning materials are normalized for all users of the course without depending on their location or the time they are getting to the course. Online courses through LMSs are generally instinctive and self-guided to shift the learning responsibility from the teachers to the students. Conflicting learning resources likewise hard to measure and evaluate how the materials offered by the instructor have affected students achievement in the course; yet with learning management system, tracking and reporting for courses is programmed in real-time.

    Tracking and Reporting capabilities 

    Educational institutions should have the option to measure, evaluate, and present information as proof that students are getting quality information that is leading gainful learning. Classroom-based courses without LMSs are hard to track and are profoundly subjective to educator influence.LMSs bring the mystery out of this by tracking, assessing, and reporting on course activity and estimating them against course goals. Thus, when it comes time to present result, educational institutes just login to their LMSs and download immediate reports in real-time to show their data.

    LMS are a cost-effective approach for learning 

    In contrast with hiring educators or teachers for each classroom, LMSs automate the learning process and furnish educational institutes with a cost-effective approach to get courses and materials out to their student body. Additionally, LMSs likewise consider the educational sector to have a more extensive reach of education as courses are online-based and are not secured to a physical location; institutions would then be able to offer more classes to more students without the need to broaden its classroom quality and sizes.

    Why DxLMS solution?

    • Modern user interface
    • 2D/3D graphics based learning features
    • Tailor-made e-learning and LMS solution
    • DxMinds LMS solution brings the best classroom learning and e-learning benefits
    • User centric E-learning design
    • Top LMS Services providers in Bangalore India

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