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As smartphones became increasingly popular, the demand for mobile games has also skyrocketed. More than being an entertainment medium, futuristic mobile games are offering passive income for gamers. Over the last decades, a large number of mobile games were developed, with which the developers were able to develop an active community around it. Mobile games are built by the top game developers in Bangalore, Mumbai, USA, UK, and Australia are helping entrepreneurs build their business empires.

Best Game Development Company Bangalore

DxMinds is an ISO 9001:2015 certified game and mobile application development company, having clients widespread across the globe. Being the best app development company in Bangalore, the game developed by DxMinds is highly futuristic and innovative. The team comprises highly talented and resourceful developers, designers, and architects who can seamlessly turn and visualize customer ideas in to highly engaging mobile games.

Why Choosing Bangalore for Developing High-Quality Mobile Games?

Bangalore is the silicon valley of India. the city hosts hundreds and thousands of high-quality digital transformation and game development companies like DxMinds Innovation Labs. These game development companies in Bangalore play a prominent role in building top-of-the-line games that have gained global traction. Because of the innovative approaches and outstanding development services, global companies are relying heavily on top game developers in Bangalore to get their best game development services done.

Why DxMinds For Developing Top-Notch Mobile Games?




There are many reasons why to choose DxMinds for developing high-end mobile games. Having a global set of customer base, DxMind’s game development and digital transformation services come with global standards and quality. In-house developers, engineers, project managers, and architects at DxMinds have decades of hands-on experience working with multiple entrepreneurs and organizations in crafting exquisite mobile apps and games. These advantages are highly leveraged when it comes to meeting client requirements. That being said, DxMinds is an ISO 9001: 2015 certified company that has innovation labs across the globe. Being the best mobile game development company in Bangalore, the services offered by DxMinds are un comparable. If you are looking to develop a mobile game, associating with DxMinds Innovation Labs will be the wiser decision.

Popular Mobile Game Genres We Develop

From developing high-quality action games to adventure, arcades, puzzles, and strategy, we cover a wide array of mobile game development services. Below are the popular segments we offer our services. We also work on developing custom games as per the customer’s requirements.

top game developers in bangalore
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Game Development Tools and Technologies We Use

Being the best game development company in Bangalore, we strictly follow the latest development practices and methodologies. User experience and engagement are our north star. Here is a list of a few tools and technologies we leverage when it comes to delivering the best experience to the end users. 

Game tools and technologies
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    Here is the list of best mobile app development companies in Bangalore:

    1. DxMinds

    Do you have a game idea in mind? Team up with DxMinds. Being one of the top gaming companies in Bangalore India helps you stand out in this competitive gaming industry with their exceptional game development services in Bangalore. They have a skilled team of experienced and well-versed game developers and designers who built your specular games by embracing on-game technologies and trends.

    Their game development experts help you stay on top of the gaming world by offering exciting games that help to cope with e- current industry trends and innovations. Our incredible game development services help you stand out from the crowd with the best games on Mobile, PC/ desktop games, Console games, and AR/ VR games.

    The team cautiously selects advanced technologies like Unity, Unreal, HTML5, and Cocos2D to develop the next games. To stand out in this competitive market, game developers utilize technology to develop entertainment, fantasy, gambling, and stimulation. At a top gaming company in India, the team strives for excellence in your games by offering incredible games according to the business requirement.

    Once the gaming idea is decided, top game development companies in Bangalore decide on the complete setup of the gaming platform, the type of technology, the storyline, and the characters of the game, the design, the testing, and finally the deployment. They always try to incorporate agile methodology, quality assurance and testing, and on-demand game app delivery standards.

    Year of Commencement: 2008

    Completed projects: 500+

    Team Size: 200+

    Location: San Francisco, Dubai, Australia, Peru, Bangalore (India)

    Services offered: Mobile app development, website app development, offshore development center


    2. DxGame Studios

    If you want to enhance your business productivity and performance with great services of analytical approaches, then get in consultation with DxGamestudiothe best gaming development company in India.



    With a great pool of skilled professionals and infrastructure available at a comparatively reasonable cost, we can be your extension team in Bangalore, India. They take complete responsibility to understand their ideas, and create the storyline, characters and finally develop the game.

    These top game development companies in Bangalore strive for excellence in developing games with great UI/UX designs, frameworks, and technology. They have proven years of experience in delivering the biggest hits of the play store which have hit millions in a single day.

    Founded in: 2020

    Completed projects: 10+

    Team Size: 40+

    Location: India

    Services: Game Development, 2D & 3D Game Arts, iOS Game Development, Android Game Development, MAC Game Development, PC Game Development, and more.

    Outsourcing solutions

    Bespoke development

    3. Dumadu Games Pvt. Ltd.

    Founded in 2010, Dumadu Games Pvt Ltd is one of the leading game development companies in Bangalore that offers cutting-edge game development with great UI/UX designs. They offer the services right from the initial design to deployment at scale.

    White Widget passionately offers thrilling games by transforming your game concepts into ultimate game-designing solutions. Multiple reasons characterize the company to be one of the best gaming companies in Bangalore.  Our team understands the customer’s requirements and designs the gaming app by understanding the storyline and characters.

    A game design must be exhibited in an attractive way to make it appealing. Being the top gaming company in Bangalore, it takes complete responsibility to amaze your users with great attractive designs.

    Year of Commencement: 2010

    Completed projects: 250+

    Team Size: 150+

    Location: India

    Services: Mobile Game development, 2D & 3D Game Arts, iOS Game Development, Android Game Development, Windows Phone Game Development, Blackberry games development, MAC Game Development, and PC Game Development

    4. Hyperlink

    Being the leading gaming company in India specializes in the design, production, and development of world-class 2D and 3D games. The company follows app development standards for web & mobile and offers world-class business services in stellar communication, full visibility, transparency, and timely delivery.

    Hyperlink InfoSystem is continuously moving towards successive milestones by breaking the barriers of game development. Since its inception, the company has been proving its best to influence game development trends worldwide. The team of Hyperlink InfoSystem has delivered 300+ successful games of multiple genres for both casual and serious gamers.

    Year of Commencement: 2011

    Completed projects: 250+

    Team Size: 400+

    Location: USA, UK & India

    Services offered: Mobile app development

    Web and CMS development

    IT services


    Hire dedicated developers

    Mobile game development

    TV app development

    5. HashCube

    Being the top game development company in India, HashCube develops games employing standard middleware platforms like Unity 3D, and Unreal to offer comprehensive native implementations. They hold expertise in various development tools such as Unity, visual studio, android studio, Xcode, and a lot more to deliver the most incredible games of the year.

    With the implementation of the latest advancements in Android technology and smartphones, it has paved the way to incorporate modern games. Our efficient and impactful game development services of top game development companies in Bangalore guarantee that these games are appropriately planned, developed, and tested without any flaws at profitable rates. With hands-on experience and on-time delivery of projects, their clienteles are quite happy with the results.

    Year of Commencement: 2008

    Completed projects: 20+

    Team Size: 40+

    Location: India

    Services offered: Mobile Games, Casual Games, and Social Games

    6. 2Pi Interactive

    Being one of the renowned top mobile gaming companies in India, it develops deceptively simple casual games that combine skills with strategy. The company has the advantage of its experienced and skilled developers who employ standard technologies for developing games. They implement the standard development process and transparency with our clients at every stage.

    Since its inception, these Indian game development companies have developed two famous games named Word mint and Follow the Dots, which have got the maximum downloads on Playstore. Their additional advantage of possessing a team with an experienced and qualified Android engineering team who have built exciting Android games across all genres across every platform.

    Year of Commencement: 2011

    Completed projects: 100+

    Team Size: 50+

    Location: India

    Services offered: Game development

    7. Dhruva Interactive

    If you are looking for ways to reduce your game development costs and improve the game quality at the same time, then get assistance from Dhruva Interactive, the proficient leading gaming development company in India. With a skilled pool of software developers, it develops great mobile and web apps using the latest technologies which are focused on developing elegant and incredible mobile apps. It offers full-cycle game development services starting from idea analysis to QA testing and assurance, deployment, maintenance, and support.

    It has delivered various successful games which specializes in delivering custom games for Android and Ios platforms. They have always offered customer satisfaction. This company also delivers excellent solutions to clarify all your game development hurdles.

    Year of Commencement: 1997

    Completed projects: 30+

    Team Size: 400+

    Location: India

    Services offered:

    Game development and production services

    8. GoodWork Labs

    Since its date of inception in the year of 2013, GoodWorkLabs has held a popular name in the digital sphere of mobile applications. It is one of the full-fledged top gaming development companies in Bangalore for every game development requirement. Be it Android, iOS, web, and Windows, they have always served their clients with the requirements in converting their creative ideas into top-notch games by removing every problem which might come up in the development process.

    The best gaming company in Bangalore has the capability to give life to its ideas and characters. It has skilled professionals who have earned master’s degrees in the field of animation, style, and photorealistic 2D and 3D models. The complete team of developers, and designers understands every requirement of potential clients who are looking out for building an incredible game.

    Year of Commencement: 2013

    Completed projects: 30+

    Team Size: 200+

    Location: India, United States

    Services offered:
    Enterprise Software Development, Mobile Apps Development, Producing Consulting, Offshore Software Development, Games Development, UX / UI Design, Android App Development, iPhone App Development, Internet of Things, AR / VR, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Hadoop, Java, Ruby on Rails, and website development

    9. iXie Gaming

    Founded in the year 2011, iXie Gaming is one of the top gaming companies in India. They have strived for excellence in offering affordable gaming solutions in the field of 2D/3D graphics, animation, game art, console designs, AR/VR, and gamification.

    The passionate team of the best gaming company in India comes up with some innovative ideas and crafts beautifully creative solutions to help the clientele survive in this competitive sector. Their passion for creativity and relentless quest towards innovative technology, deliver cutting-edge technologies.

    Year of Commencement: 2011

    Completed projects: 150+

    Team Size: 400+

    Location: India

    Services: game testing, video games, console games, Xbox, play station, mobile game testing, pc games, and game QA

    top game development company in Bangalore

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