Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies in Kolkata

Top Mobile App Development Company In Kolkata

People have started depending upon the mobile application for every small thing. Irrespective of the business size and type, every business has started investing in a mobile app Development Company in Kolkata for the development of the mobile app. Ever since smartphones came into existence, the app industry started growing and now for the past few years, we have witnessed some drastic changes and explosions in the industry. Now there are mobile apps for everything, such as education, traveling, hospitality, shopping, and a lot more.

Mobile usage grows every year since more and more smartphones are adding to the ecosystem. With the rise in several mobile usages, app development and app downloads are also on the rise. The app market has now become a multi-billion dollar industry and has seen some big investments made in the past. Every business requires to have an app and this seems to be a Game-changing platform or branding platform.

With the onset of mobile app development companies in Kolkata, there is a great demand for mobile app developers. Getting your app mad, putting it on the app store, and getting the maximum downloads was not much difficult when there was not much competition around. We have witnesses great apps that have reached sky-heights and generated billion dollars of revenue.

Some people might think that these successful apps make millions and billions of dollars, but at the same time, this app development may cost a lot as well.

Here we have written down the list of mobile app development companies in Kolkata.

Mobile App Development Company in Kolkata

DxMinds, being one of the leading mobile app development companies in Kolkata with a passionate team of mobile app developers has dominated the mobile application domain. With years of experience in the field of mobile application, the team outperforms the latest advanced technologies amongst the top mobile app development companies in Kolkata.

We have been a reliable partner in the field of mobile application and have deployed successful mobile apps in various segments to help businesses leverage their ROIs. Customer satisfaction is something we adhere to, we have always listened to their requirements and deliver the right app. On-time delivery and client satisfaction are some of the USPs of the mobile app development company in Kolkata. We develop cross-platform, native mobile apps, web apps, and a lot more to satisfy the customers in a great way.

Our Major Service Offerings We strictly follow agile mode of development and innovative design approaches while developing end-to-end mobile apps. Here are our major service offerings:

iOS App Development

DxMinds is a top mobile app development company in Kolkata with a team of over 200 highly skilled professionals who offer highly professional customized iOS app development.

It is highly appreciated for its innovative and out-of-the-box iPhone development services which allow users to experience on-the-go reliability. We are known for the robustness, scalability of the mobile apps created by our company. It is one of the top mobile app development companies in Kolkata which has got expertise in iOS, iPhone development processes which enables us to deliver top-notch iOS apps.

Android App Development

Are you searching for an android app development company in Kolkata? If yes, then you can stop your search here by joining hands with DxMinds. Being a leader in the field of mobile app development domain, it outperforms in the field of a mobile application domain with simple UX.

They have expertise in the Android Software development Kit(SDK), ANDROID media APIs, location-based service APIs, android security architecture, and other latest technologies that are required to craft the best-in-class apps.

Hybrid App Development

Cross-platform app development is in great demand since it utilizes state-of-the-art techniques to develop cross-platform apps. Cross-platform apps allow one coding to apply to all the platforms without altering the quality or the performance of the app. If your company is creating a mobile application for the app stores or use it internally, you might face some issues with the mobile application development in the field of ios and android. Then the cross-platform mobile application comes into the picture and DxMinds can help you deliver amazing apps.

Why select a mobile app development company in Kolkata?

India is a great pool of mobile app development companies and if you want to give a start to mobile app development, then DxMinds can be a reliable partner in the mobile app development task. But if you want to develop a great app, you need to take help from some best mobile app development company in Kolkata that delivers great apps according to the requirements. They have a great team of skilled experts who have hands-on experience in mobile app development. Our team is passionate about learning about the latest technologies in the field of mobile application.

Our skilled professionals have proven years of expertise and proficiency in mobile app development. Planning to develop a mobile app and searching for mobile app development companies in Kolkata, you can stop your search here at DxMinds. This is where everything revolving around mobile app development happens under one roof.

Our proficiencies:


  • Highly proficient team


  • Experience in developing the most robust and outstanding apps
  • Customer-centric approach
  • Unique ideation and successful development strategies
  • Top designers for creating best-in-class an engaging user-interface
  • The app focused on security and scalability
  • Robust architectures
  • Swift development
  • Hassle-free communication with customers
  • Affordable services

Top mobile application development in Kolkata technologies used by our professionals at our best mobile app development in Kolkata:


DxMinds being a renowned name in the field of mobile app development offers flutter development with fast development with a rich set of fully-customizable widgets to build native interfaces. Being a leading mobile app development company in Kolkata, it delivers top-notch mobile apps offering performance and UI.


Being one of the oldest android development languages in mobile app development, DxMinds utilizes it in mobile app development. The best part of it is you can utilize the language for the development at reasonable costs.


DxMinds, the top mobile app development company in Kolkata offers a wide range of rapid app development services which include custom python development, enterprise-oriented solutions, python hybrid programming and migration, and up-gradation services.


If you want to develop a native android app, our best mobile app development company in Kolkata has a passionate team of great experts who have experience in advanced technologies.

It proves to be a great language coding solution and offers greater scalability and security.

React Native

Being one of the latest technologies used for cross-platform, react native is utilized for creating some customer-oriented mobile applications. We excel in developing applications having near-native quality and deploy millions of mobile apps.


Our team specializes in Kotlin app development services, a great programming language to leverage the advantages of common code among the platforms. Since it can be easily compatible with Java-based frameworks, you can utilize it to upscale your Android development.

App Development Process

If you are considering building a mobile app for your small to medium-sized business, you need to understand what it takes to execute the plan and launch the app.


Ideation and Planning

Selecting the most reliable partner for mobile app development to design and develop your app. Get in consultation with the company which has the best customer reviews and the best team of skilled developers and designers. Have detailed research and analysis to cooperate on your product with.

Customer walks-in

Give a clear idea

Clarifying your app’s main objectives and vision helps your top mobile app development company in Kolkata to start working on it. For instance, which platform should be utilized for developing the app must be selected to give a clear idea about the development of the mobile app.

Deciding on the features also plays a crucial part in creating the MVP. The features, the platform, the design, and a lot more things must be decided to design an enthralling app.

UiUx design


A great app can hit the millions only if it is user-friendly. The UI/UX design must be predecided on a prior note so that the developer can start your app’s vision, defining the product, defining your product’s goals, and its final users. Creating a user journey map, clickable wireframes, visual user interfaces, and motion design are the most required features which must be known to the best mobile app development company in Kolkata.

Competitor Analysis

Setting Up project and selecting the team

The passionate team of developers and designers plays a great role in the complete development of an app. The top mobile app development company in Kolkata ensures that the team consists of highly skilled and experienced professionals having 8-10+ years of experience in mobile app technologies and advanced technologies in mobile app development. Every team in the person must be defined like the tester, the quality assurance provider, the developer, and the designer.

Quality assurance

Quality Assurance

Code, develop, build, test, and then repeat; then the quality assurance is measured and ensured to make the development of the app in a hassle-free manner. After the complete development of the app, it must be tested to make it free from bugs to make it user–friendly.

App deployment

Preparation and app publishing on Google Play Store and Apple store

After the app is developed, the app can be released after uploading assets required by laws and promotional materials, beta testing, optimizing the product page and all other tasks related to app approval must be taken care of to make the marketing successful.

App Maintenance

App maintenance and development

Developing caches, app publishing, app statistics, and further updates on product enhancements are some of the important activities involved in-app maintenance and development.

Our mobile app development testing process Mobile app testing is the process by which the mobile apps are tested for functionality, usability, and consistency. It can be done manually or by utilizing automation. It is important to ensure that the mobile apps work properly.

Different type of testing:

  1. App functionality tests include:
  • Business flows
  • UI testing
  • Cross-platform coverage
  1. Real environment condition testing:
  • Network conditions
  • Interruptions( ex. calls, text messages)
  • Background/ foreground
  • Gestures


  1. Non-functional testing:
  • Security
  • Accessibility
  • Performance and availability
  • API testing

Usability Testing

This test is utilized to evaluate the processes required for the customers to reach their goals. The customers must be able to complete specified tasks and the time is taken to complete them also matters a lot. This test ensures that the design is intuitive and easy to use.

Compatibility testing

It tests the application to observe its performance on the different hardware specifications, operating systems, browsers, and a lot more according to the requirements.

Different types of performance tests

Load testing

Load testing is conducted to verify the application, the expected number of users.

Stress testing

This testing is done to check the application performance under stressful conditions.

Soak Testing
If you want to test the performance level which does not get degraded with sustained activity over a long period, then soak testing can be utilized.

Spike testing
The behavior of the system is tested when there is a sudden increase in the number of users.

Volume testing
In case, when there is a large volume of data, this testing is used to check the performance.

Security Testing
It aims at application protection from vulnerabilities so that the data is from any loopholes.

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    The list of mobile app development companies in Kolkata are given below: Searching for the best mobile app development company in Kolkata, then we can list down some of the mobile app development companies which offer the right blend of technology and perfection to develop top-notch apps.

    1. DxMinds Technologies

    DxMinds technologies, being the renowned top mobile app development company in Kolkata delivers top-notch customized apps according to their requirements. We have always stuck to customer satisfaction, hence we have served the right blend of perfection and technology. With experience in the mobile application domain, it has deployed successful customized apps that meet the customer’s requirements.

    Year of inception: 2008
    Employees: 200 plus
    Hourly rates: $18-$30/per hour
    Location: India, Dubai, U.S.A, UK

    Services offered: product engineering and development, re-engineering, QA automation, integration, mobile app development, app development

    2. CMARIX

    Being renowned as the top mobile app development company in Kolkata, it offers native iOS and hybrid platforms. It has a full-fledged team of skilled and well-trained developers who have 10+ years of experience in the mobile development domain. It has deployed some successful applications in the field of logistics, travel, hospitality, retail, banking, and health services.
    Year of inception: 2005
    Employees: 100-150
    Hourly rates: $15-$25/per hour
    Location: India

    Service Offered: software development like Enterprise software, Mobile Apps or Web Applications.

    3. Apptunix

    One of the top mobile app development company in Kolkata. Since its inception, it has deployed great applications which have become the biggest hit in the play store. The expert team of skilled and experienced developers experiments and develops the app with the latest technologies.
    They have proven their expertise in android app development, iOS app development, Chatbot development, wearable app development, Beacon app development.

    Year of inception: 2014
    Employees: 50-250
    Hourly rates: $25/hr
    Location: India, United States

    Services: Native app development (Android, iPhone, iPad), Cross-platform app development, Web app development, Wearable app development, IoT development, Beacon app development, Chatbot development

    4. Algoworks

    Algoworks is an renowned IT service provider with offices in Sunnyvale, California and Noida, India. Their proficient team is skilled at offering the top-notch mobile apps which has become the next hit in the play store. Their customer retension stands at a whopping 99% for customers from US, uk, Europe, East Asia and the Middle East.

    Year of inception: 2006
    Employees: 50-250
    Hourly rates: $25-$49/hr
    Location: Sunnyvale, California and Noida, India.

    Services offered: Mobile strategy, Native and Hybrid mobile app development, Ideation, Prototyping and competition analysis, User Interface and Experience, Mobile app Security, DevOps, Analytics strategy and ASO(App Store Optimization).

    5. Smarther

    Smarter, a leading mobile app development known for proficient and amazing website app development services. Being an ISO-certified android app Development Company in Kolkata, it creates hybrid applications and native applications on iOS and Android development platforms. Their passionate development experts promise to deliver applications on a strict timeline without compromising at the cost of quality.

    Year of inception: 2011
    Employees: 200 plus
    Hourly rates: $25-$50/hr
    Location: India, United States, Australia

    Services offered: mobile app development, website services, eCommerce development
    Digital marketing services

    6. Dot Com Infoway

    Dot Com Infoway tops the list of mobile app development companies in Kolkata and marketing company offering a myriad array of cutting-edge services. They have great expertise in developing apps across various platforms including android, iOS, and Windows. They design high–performing enterprise apps to streamline operations and optimize the supply chain for businesses.

    Year of inception: 2011
    Employees: 200 plus
    Hourly rates: <$40/hr
    Location: India, United States, Australia

    Services offered: Mobile app development, Dedicated developers, Enterprise app development

    7. Magneto IT Solutions

    Magneto IT Solutions offer first-class services offered to give your ideas to life and create stunning business applications. Our expert team is passionate about crafting stunning applications that become the next hit of the millions. Our team delivers robust app marketing strategies that are result-driven and offer high returns. Get in touch with them to get customized digital solutions to get your app the attention it deserves, and propel it to the top!

    Year of inception: 2009
    Employees: 51-100
    Hourly rates: $25-$49/hr
    Location: India, USA, Bahrain

    Services offered: Web applications, e-commerce solutions, mobile application

    8. TechAhead

    Their USP is perfection and excellence in the mobile app development industry. The passionate team of experts offers mobile consulting services, design and development services, and having world-wide clientele, and is most famous for developing dynamic, interactive, and customized mobile applications.

    Year of inception: 2009
    Employees: 51-100
    Hourly rates: $25-$50/hr
    Location: India, USA

    Services offered: Mobile app development, Internet of Things, UI/UX

    9. Raindrops InfoTech

    Being a top mobile app development company in Kolkata, Raindrops InfoTech offers the best custom website design and development for web or mobile. It offers a great number of white label development, technology support services to digital agencies of all sizes and shapes. It has various offices across India, South America.

    Year of inception: 2012
    Hourly rates: $25-$50/hr
    Location: India, USA

    Services: Custom Web Development, Mobile Application Development, UI/UX Design Solutions, Business Consultation, Digital Marketing, Enterprise Solutions, System Integration, E-Commerce Solutions, CMS Development, Cross-Platform Mobile App Development, Enterprise Mobility Solutions, Maintenance and Support & more.

    10. Codiant Software Technologies

    An ISO 9001-2008 & ISO/IEC 27001: 2013 certified company is a reliable company that delivers top-notch customized apps. With an extensive portfolio and global clientele, it has deployed customized apps in different industries like Healthcare & Telemedicine, Fitness, Travel & Tourism, and a lot more. It offers cutting edge solutions to enterprise and help them address emerging market challenges to meet their specific requirements.

    Year of inception: 2010
    Employees: 100- 150+
    Hourly rates: $15- $30/hr
    Location: India, USA

    Services: Mobile, Web, Trending, Prototyping, Ecommerce & CMS

    How much does it cost to hire mobile app programmers in Kolkata?

    After a detailed inquiry we have written down the list of mobile app development companies in Kolkata, requirements to hire the best mobile app programmers.

    The cost of mobile app development varies from company to company in terms of the platform, the team and the technology to be used. To deliver a top-notch mobile app, you must select the latest technology and hire the best team to utilize it to the fullest.

    The average cost of mobile app development ranges between$15 and $100, the variation depends upon the selection of the technology and a highly experienced team to achieve the objective.

    A simple mobile app with simple features can be easily developed in approx 240 hours which includes the complete app development process from ideation to deployment. The complete app development takes around 8 weeks. The charges of mobile app developers in Kolkata vary from $100 per hour to $150 per hour.

    The total cost is just an estimated cost of mobile app development which can vary depending upon the team of experts. The team must consist of professional, skilled, and experienced people who have a keen interest in learning the latest advancements in technologies.

    App basic requirements: Features and functionality, UI and UX design, the platform you are a selection for development, backend infrastructure, and also the complete support and maintenance

     The professional qualifications: Each professional is skilled in different technologies and possesses the best qualities. You can observe the difference between the cost of professionals which can be observed based on years of experience they hold and the technologies they master.


    In recent years, mobile app development companies in Kolkata have enhanced their prominence around the globe. These companies have become the main resource to collaborate with the Indian developers and leverage their business values and operations. Here, we have  a list of mobile app development companies in Kolkata, India which have been preferred by every enterprise. Each of these companies has paved various business segments and has proven their expertise with the most versatile app development solutions catering to a different type of business requirements.

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