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About Second Source

With the huge demand for Smartphone usage, the number of users spends on various apps is also increasing day by day. However, it’s time to earn money by spending time in Second Source.

Second Source, It is the latest app in the demand space, while they provide users to earn money and making the opportunity to the app users. The payout for app users is a bit more reasonable, so this app may be better possible to earn extra when they are free at a time by doing tasks like helper, delivery and paying bills (biller). App users can optimize their time and pack in as many tasks as they can free from their work.

The tasks vary from four different level users can select their preferred level to perform tasks within the given time period. The second source developed with advanced features for users to make monitor every task and amount they earned for each completed task.

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Exclusive Features

  • Easy Registration
  • Social Login
  • User Panel
  • KYC Documentation
  • Tasks Board
  • Booking Monitor
  • Earning Section
  • Tasks Locations

Challenges and Solutions

  • Users to receive transactions, need to verify with KYC documentation with bank details
  • Users can monitor the tasks appointed and money he received by completing tasks they did.
  • There may choose across different locations where users want to perform tasks
  • Every user required to follow security questions and PIN mechanism to protect their account
  • The number of tasks will show based on dates and user can book task according to his availability.
  • Booked Tasks will display in separate Section.
  • This fetched from the Backend based on the data entered by the user while registering.
  • The Total Tasks and Total Earnings along with Weekly Tasks and Weekly Earnings will be reflected.
Second Source
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