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DoorPin- App Objective

The medical industry itself has a lot of hassles involved in it. These hassles are descending the entire operations and processes in the domain. Also, any of the least errors can cost high as the medical industry is one of the most sensitive industries that ever exists. It is at this point that a mobile application like Doorpin is becoming relevant. The app was introduced to streamline the entire operations thereby outpacing all o the hassles and bustles involved in the industry. The objective of the Doorpin mobile application was to extend their support to enhance various documentation processes that existed in the medical industry such as filing medical reports, patient records, surgery summary, prescriptions, schedules, appointments, insurance, etc.

DoorPin- The strategy-driven solution

DoorPin associated with DxMinds Innovation Labs to come up with an outstanding solution to overcome the challenges. Doorpin the medical record filing solution operate leveraging a mobile application. It helps medical institutions and medical practitioners in storing the patient details in a cloud with the help of the aforementioned mobile application. It is capable of serving the targeted group of people and it serves its purpose to the fullest. The app was able to meet the requirement. The solution not only helps medical practitioners but also lends helping patients seamlessly availing necessary documents. The solution was developed strategically that all of the pain points that existed in the industry were analyzed in depth. Doorpin bridges all those gaps that existed in the documentation part and are enhancing the same.

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Why DoorPin

Conventional ways of storing and retrieving patient data were tedious and demand a hell lot of manual efforts. It requires a lot of designated physical space and shelves. Things can be even worse if any of these documents are either tampered or lost. This was one of the main challenges faced by the industry. The intervention of technology has demanded a precise solution to outpace these challenges. Best use of medical document filing mobile application Doorpin can enhance the organizational frameworks and boost productivity and efficiency.

Tackling challenges leveraging AI, Big Data, IoT, etc

Doorpin mobile application is enriched with the latest trends in technology such as Artificial Intelligence, IoT, and Big Data, etc. Each of these technologies is specially molded in such a way that it meets the requirement at the right time in the right proportion. A pinch of these technologies can tackle all of the hassles that force the industry to step back from being a fully-fledged one. Moreover, the app makes use of an interactive cloud storage system to securely store the documents. All h aforementioned factors along with the state of art and creativity have bound together in the formation of one of the most groundbreaking mobile applications the medical industry has ever witnessed.


The app developed by DxMinds Innovation has helped DoorPin in attracting potential customers, thereby paving the way in scaling their business opportunity. The integration of various technologies has made the app awesome and more efficient in achieving organizational goals. The simple yet powerful user interface of the app has made It more convenient.

Key Take Away

  • For an app to serve its purpose to the fullest, it has to have certain features integrated into it.
  • Design of the app plays a prominent role in determining its usability
  • App needs to be enhanced with the latest technologies to enhance the user experience
  • App security, Load balancing, and app maintenance have to be carried out in the most efficient way possible.

DxMinds Innovation Labs for developing top-notch mobile applications

Being the industry leaders in the digital transformation and mobile application development, we, DxMinds Innovation Labs keenly focuses on imparting the best in class services to our clients regardless of its domain and size. We help them come up with mobile application that gets integrated with ground breaking solutions and innovative designs. We thrive hard towards achieving perfection and that’s our routine.

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