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Microsoft SharePoint Services

Streamlining your business activities are now much tranquillity and swift with the proficiency of DxMinds. We have been renowned as the best Microsoft SharePoint development company in India and have been serving the most spectacular services to various business industries assisting them to bring a noticeable transformation in their operations. Hire our Microsoft SharePoint developers to collaborate and automate distinct processes on a single platform. Our resources have attained proficiency in developing the most unique experiences catering to all your customized requirements. We have been crowned the best Microsoft Share point service providers and for a decade we are continuing the legacy with the most thriving services for a huge happy client base.

Our resources are well-versed with the technologies and also holds a master hand on each tool used for developing the best apps catering to all your business requirements. We offer the most customized solutions are a result of intensive research and market analysis. Our iterative development strategies are designed specifically to cater to your business requirements for an effective workflow and a vibrant solution.

Our services are backup with:

Hire Dedicated Developers

    Accelerate your business activities with customized solutions

    Leverage the Microsoft SharePoint development services with the most expert team of DxMinds. We are renowned as the most prominent Microsoft SharePoint development company in India and has been working with the top brands to develop the most spectacular and robust business solutions. We aim to serve you with a business-centric solution integrating your various requirements in one place to boost your business operations. At DxMinds, Our professionals are dedicated to developing cutting-edge solutions with an enriched user interface. No matter what is your requirement, hiring our Microsoft SharePoint developers will serve you with a solution that perfectly fits your requirement sets and the outcome goes above and beyond your expectations. We have certified professionals in our team who have attained a master hand on SharePoint on premise, OneDrive, SharePoint in Azure, Office 365, and Sharepoint Hybrid, catapulting us to achieve our objectives with the happiest and the most satisfied clients all across the world.

    Microsoft SharePoint development services offered by our professionals

    Being the best Microsoft SharePoint Development Company in India we have attained prominence in serving the most comprehensive and end-to-end development services, and that includes:

    SharePoint development and consulting

    SharePoint development and consulting

    Either you are willing to develop a web solution or willing to collect all the necessary information about Microsoft SharePoint before you opt it for your web development, our certified professionals are the one-stop solution for your search. We help you to penetrate deep into the benefits offered by the technology to understand the pros and cons of using this technology for your web development. Also, we provide end-to-end website development services.

    SharePoint migration

    Do you wish to incorporate the newest SharePoint version to your existing website to excel the functionalities? We help you to migrate your web solution to the upgraded SharePoint environment keeping the older functionalities the same with enhanced performance.

    SharePoint migration
    Business process automation

    Business process automation

    Do you wish to automate the business process that streamlines your operations and help you achieve your business objective in many effective ways? Our resources are highly skilled in developing enterprise applications that collaborate your entire operational processes on a platform and help you operate it from the same place.

    SharePoint integration services

    The increasing organizational requirements require more technological assistance just than a website. If you wish to integrate the latest enterprise management technologies like ERP, CMS, and BI to your web solution to enhance the performance, we are here with the top professionals to help you most effectively.

    SharePoint integration services
    SharePoint managed services

    SharePoint managed services

    The technological sector is moving at the fastest pace and to match the pace with the frequently changing era you can take the assistance of our certified Microsoft SharePoint developers. They help you to manage your existing web solution with enhanced features and functionalities. We also help you to tackle all the technical issues rising within your web solutions. We ensure to keep the performance of your web solution always high.

    SharePoint branding and design services

    Our branding and designing team ensures to give an alluring look to your web solution to make it more tempting and engaging. We incorporate the highest functionalities keeping the user interface very friendly based on the end-users. Our designs zeal to satisfy user’s requirements with an alluring appearance.

    SharePoint branding and design services
    Hybrid architecture

    Hybrid architecture

    We help you developing hybrid architecture in which we set a robust integration between SharePoint on premise and cloud applications. We also set the finest integration with other technologies, such as APIs and Office 365.

    Office 365 and SharePoint Online

    We help you customizing the features and functionalities of Office 365 and SharePoint online to craft it, especially for your business requirements. The customization of technologies is precisely done keeping your business requirements as a mandatory input to streamline your business operations.

    Office 365 and SharePoint Online

    Why partner with DxMinds for Microsoft SharePoint development services?

    Why partner with DxMinds-Microsoft
    • Years of experience

    We have certified professionals in our team with years of experience and hands-on technology and other dependencies for an effective Microsoft SharePoint development. We help you to transform your business strategies by incorporating the latest technologies in the most effective ways that ramp your business towards success.

    • Proficiency in technology

    Each developer housed in our team is well-versed with SharePoint technology and has worked with the top brands in developing superlative web solutions. We are capable of catering to any and every type of web development requirement and are renowned for coming up with an out-of-the-box solution every time.

    • Innovation oriented

    Our resources are highly dedicated and oriented towards creating a new history in the world of technology intending to bring a transformational era. Hence, every single project we take as a challenge to prove ourselves better than the best and every time come up with the most innovative ideas and zeal to execute it more precisely.

    • Effective project management

    We have incorporated the best and the latest project management tools that allow us to keep a keen eye on every single development cycle and hence also can provide point to point details about the project development to our clients too.

    • On-time delivery

    We ensure to meet our deadline and serve an unsurpassed product to our clients with zero bugs on or before pre-decided time. We use an agile development method that allows us to test the developing app parallel with the development cycle and hence cutting downtime development time and money too.

    Industries we have covered with our expertise:


    Either a small retail store or the biggest super-mart, we help you bring your retail store to this giant global digitized world. We have worked with big brands and hold an unbeatable experience of developing grand portals reflecting your entire store along with the most engaging and user-friendly features that provide 24/7 access of your brand to your customers and extend your visibility to the worldwide audience.


    Streamline your activities and also build a robust connection with your professionals and patients too at a single platform. We help you to build a multi-purpose application using Microsoft SharePoint technology. The web solution we craft is completely customer-centric and hence each functionality is developed keeping the requirements at the prior consideration.

    Travel and hospitality

    Make your business a global brand with our Microsoft SharePoint development services. We help you to take your business online with a creative and engaging website with excellent and most customized functionalities. We can help you with meeting business requirements with the most effective web solution.

    Banking and finance
    Banking and finance

    Maintain your banking and finance sector with a holistic web solution that not only keep you connected with your customers but also keep your data and all transactions secure and encrypted. Either you need a dedicated app or need to integrate any third-party payment options, we are at your assistance with a team of professionals.


    Grow your business beyond the geo-locations and let your business become a brand name with a drift of targeted audience to your website. We assist you to develop Microsoft SharePoint enterprise apps that reflect all your services and apt information about the services helping your customers to understand it better and avail your services flawlessly.


    The manufacturing industry comprises of several levels and managing each level single-handed can be a hectic job. We help you to streamline your entire manufacturing process and get it all together on a platform making it the easiest and flawless way to keep a keen eye on the entire manufacturing process. Our experts assist you with the most prominent Microsoft SharePoint development offering user-centric services.


    Scale up your boring classrooms with the power of the internet and help your aspirants to learn from anywhere everywhere. We help you to develop a virtual educational portal using the latest version of Microsoft SharePoint that creates a virtual classroom with a facility to communicate with each other, share online data, chat, and other types of features.

    Logistics and transportation
    Logistics and transportation

    Stay connected with your inventories and vehicles round the clock. We help you to develop web solutions with the latest technologies like machine learning, artificial intelligence, and IoT that help you tracking your inventory and vehicle effectively.

    Our flexible resources hiring model
    Offshore development center:

    If you are extending your team overseas and willing to extend a Microsoft SharePoint development team in India then DxMinds is the one-stop solution for you at the most affordable prices. We have the most talented resources with proficiency in all the latest technologies. We can cater to all your business development requirements with out-of-the-box solutions. Under this model, we serve an end-to-end resource management system including the infrastructure, equipment, payroll, etc. giving you a complete hold over the team.

    Turnkey and co-owned projects
    Turnkey and co-owned projects:

    This model is also called a fixed-cost model in which the prices are pre-decided between both parties. Under this model, you can hire our resources based on hourly and monthly costs. Selecting these options will avail you of end-to-end development of a product right from the scratch.

    Build operate and transfer:

    This engagement model comprises three different phases, namely build, operate, and transfer. As the name represents, the build phase comprises developing an app right from the scratch based on the client’s requirements. Then comes the second phase of operations in which we check and ensure the proper functioning of the developed app, tested under several real-time environments. The last phase is to transfer ownership of developed apps based on the pre-decided terms and conditions.

    Build operate and transfer

    Frequently Asked Question's

    Being one of the best and most renowned SharePoint development companies in India we recommend this technology for managing the company’s intranet, and the reasons are listed below:

    • Cost-effective
    • User-friendly design and branding
    • Inbuilt search engine
    • Easy document creation
    • Inbuilt social networks
    • Easy migration
    • Easy and effective automation
    • Easy external sharing

    The most amazing features offered by the SharePoint server are listed below:

    • Role wise security and access
    • Business intelligence
    • Department wise intranet sites
    • Intranet-based applications
    • Workflow automation

    SharePoint supports all the major browsers, such as Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.

    Before implementing the SharePoint yo9u must check if it is scalable based on your changing business requirements and must also configure the permission level based on the workflow setup.

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