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Microsoft .NET Development

To develop a scalable, secure and excellent performance enterprise apps, Microsoft.NET is the on-stop solution. Are you also willing to hire the best Microsoft.NET developers to level up your business solutions? DxMinds, being the best Microsoft.NET development company in India ensure to serve you with the highest quality solutions precisely customized for your business requirements. Our resources ensure embracing comprehensive enterprise operational cycle and serve the most perceptible solution for every business challenge. Our resources have attained expertise in developing the most qualitative apps and have been serving diverse vertexes of various business industries ranging from small to the big giants.

Our resources with an experience of over a decade holds the caliber to dive deep into your business objectives and strategies to carve out the best possible business solution with unsurpassed Microsoft.NET development services.

Hire Dedicated Developers

    Scale-up your business with our highly skilled professionals

    We have in-house top professionals in our team that ensures serving impeccable software development services that serves a robust foundation for your business to place their footprints in the global digital world. We have served various businesses regardless of their size and no matter how complex or simple is the requirement. We offer a wide range of .NET development services and each time we have proven our capabilities and professionalism with outstanding outcomes to embrace the highest quality bespoke.

    Technology stack for which our professionals have gained proficiency:

    Azure development services

    Azure development services

    Hiring our .NET developers will help you leverage the potential of Azure development. Using Azure technology our developers develop effective and prominent applications without any dealing with backend servers. To do so our developers are well versed with all the dependent technologies, namely F#, C#, JavaScript, and many more. Using this technology our experts help you develop a secure, fully configured, and cloud-hosted application development.

    ASP.NET web development

    It is an open-source framework used to develop a server-side web application. Our .NET developers are highly skilled with technology and are capable of developing the most robust web applications, dynamic solutions, and content-driven websites. The technology is one of the most recommended ones for website or app development being affordable and fast-paced.

    ASP.NET web development
    Universal app development

    Universal app development

    Willing to develop a universal app that can control various functions of the app automatically, such as runtime, installation, deployment, and even uninstallation? We are here with expert assistance. Our resources have a master hand in .NET app development and can help you develop a superlative universal app.

    .NET Core development

    Using .NET core development our developers assist you in building a cross-platform app. The .NET core framework helps the developer in addressing all the basic as well as complex scalability issues.

    .NET Core development
    Application lifecycle management

    Application lifecycle management

    We offer end-to-end software development services that comprise a complete range of app development cycle such as ideation, market analysis, design, development, testing, deployment, and also maintenance. Hence, we are a one-stop solution for your app development idea.

    WPF application development

    Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) is a framework used to develop the client-side framework. This technology offers a complete set of app development features helping the developer to build a feature enriched solution for your business development. Our high-end developers are well-versed with the application’s model, control graphics, layout designing, and other functionalities and are cable of serving a secure and dynamic solution.

    WPF application development
    Xamarin development

    Xamarin development

    If you require a cross-platform app that serves equal performance at each platform, we are here to serve you with a Xamarin app development solution. Our developers hold a master hand on the Xamarin technology and help you transform your creative business ideas into effective and highest performing business apps.

    ASP.NET enterprise solutions

    Do you need to streamline all your business activities from various software and collaborate the functionality and access on the same platform then we are here with the best Microsoft .NET development team? Our developers help you to develop a user-centric cloud-based application that serves a higher rate of security and performance too.

    ASP NET enterprise solutions

    Why choose DxMinds as your technology partner for Microsoft .NET development?

    Why choose DxMinds as your technology partner for Microsoft .NET development?
    • Customer-driven solutions
    We work with a mission to serve comprehensive customer-driven solutions to each of our customers by serving them uniquely to ensure their satisfaction.
    • Long-term relations
    We believe the more you work with a team the more you attain customized and object-oriented solutions. Hence we try to make long-term outsourcing relations with our clients by serving them the most trustable and dedicated services.
    • Experience resources
    Hiring our dedicated Microsoft .NET developers will ensure to develop your ideas into successful and prominent solutions. Each professional in our team is selected after deeply analyzing their skills, experience, and proficiency in the required technology.
    • Flexibility and scalability
    Either you need a portal development or multi-tier complex web applications; DxMinds is the one-stop solution for your search. Being the best Microsoft .NET development company we have the best resources are highly equipped with all the latest technologies and frameworks to fulfill all your requirements. Also, we allow you to scale up your or down the resources based on your requirements.
    • Agile methodology
    To keep you ahead of this competition we ensure to opt for agile methodology in which you can stay connected with the development team and iteratively get the report. This methodology allows for developing a bug-free app.

    Industries we have proven our expertise in:

    Being one of the best Microsoft .NET development company we have worked with multiple business domains and each app is thriving in its industry with a leading position. Few industries where we have left our perpetual imprints are listed below:

    Health and Fitness

    Streamline all your healthcare processes in a single platform. We help you to collaborate your various digital apps working for various functionalities and purposes on a single platform by incorporating the latest technologies.


    Bring your local store to the online global market with the most comprehensive app that not just reflects your products but also allows your customers to access your brand from anywhere anytime. We add the latest features and functionalities to your app to make it more engaging, easy to use, and attention-seeking too.

    Travel and tourism

    Don’t limit your services within your geo-location. Bring your spectacular services to the global reach with a marvelous web solution. Experts of DxMinds assist you to develop an app that reflects all the basic as well as major features allowing your customers to use your services regardless of their locations.

    Banking and finance
    Banking and finance

    Being a critical sector you may need to develop an uninterrupted bridge between the brand and the customers to be available round the clock for your customers when they need it. We help you to develop the most secure app using Microsoft .NET technologies that make your services live 24/7.

    Logistics and transportation

    Stay connected with each transportation activity, locations of your transport, and also the inventory with an automated sensor incorporated app. We serve the best Microsoft .NET development service and assist you to develop an app that automates your basic transportation procedure and also keeps an automated inventory record.

    Logistics and transportation
    Our flexible engagement models
    Offshore development center:

    In this fastest growing digital world, offshore development center is gaining high popularity. Are you also willing to extend your team beyond the shores and cut down unnecessary expenses of developing an effective app? We are here to assist you with the most potential and talented resources to extend your team effectively to achieve your business objectives without any extended burden on your in-house team.

    Turnkey and co-owned projects
    Turnkey and co-owned projects:

    This model offers a pre-determined cost for the team. Under this model, you can hire developers on an hourly and monthly basis based on your requirements. If you opt for this model, our developers help you in developing an app right from the scratch with a complete setup that includes the infrastructure, resources, equipment, etc. In this model, the scope and cost of the project are pre-decided and mutually agreed upon between both parties.

    Build operate and transfer:

    The model comprises of three distinct phases having different functionalities of app development. In the initial phase, we help you to develop an app right from the scratch using the latest technologies and tools. The second phase comprises the testing process in which we ensure a flawless operation of the app by testing it under various real-time environments. Then the final stage is transferring the authority of the developed app to the client based on all the mutually pre-agreed terms and conditions.

    Build operate and transfer

    Frequently asked questions

    Microsoft .NET can be used for web and desktop application development. We have the best Microsoft .NET developers in our team having experience of over a decade that can help you create a wide range of applications enriched with the most customized features and have served distinct industries revamping various verticals of their business domain.

    Microsoft .NET allows the flexibility to reuse the code for various app development and hence offers flexibility and ease of use. This also helps the developer to reduce the app development time without reducing the quality of the work.

    .NET core and .NET are two different potential technologies used for web solution development, whereas both the technologies share a plethora of app development components. These technologies differ based on their fundamental functionalities. The .NET framework is used for desktop application development, and the .NET core is used to develop cross-platform apps.

    .NET core is an advanced version of the .NET framework and it is an open-source technology used to develop cross-platform apps. This technology offers the highest performance, fast-paced development, security, and also a greater range of scalability. Being open-source,.NET app development services are also cost-effective.

    .NET core uses Docker which helps the developer to build a server less architecture.  

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