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Forged Signature Detector Using Computer Vision

Signature Can be Faked, Not Anymore !

  • The chance of scamming in the banking industry is pretty much high as the fraudsters are acutely peeping into all those minute loopholes that exist.
  • Scammers are making use of malware activities like forged signatures to withdraw cash from various account holders.
  • For decades Signature Forging is causing utter headaches to the entire banking ecosystem and continues to affect the authenticity of whole banking procedures.
  • Not taking potential steps to overcome these deceitful activities can backfire on a bank.
  • Although banks are trying their best to contradict these scams by leveraging various resources, poor accuracy makes it of no use.
  • This made us, DxMinds Technologies, contemplate the various possibilities where technology is brought into the frontline to backlash faked signatures.
  • And as seekers of innovation, we have successfully come up with a unique solution which is having an accuracy rate of more than 97 percent.

How Can Our Solution Help the Banking Industry?

  • Our solution is Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision enabled enterprise software that automates the entire signature verification process.
  • The software is trained in such a way that it can scan texts exclusively out of an image or a document.
  • With the help of deep learning algorithms, the software compares the scanned signature with that of the original one in the database.
  • The signature is scanned intricately so that even the least subtleties are considered.
  • As we humans are not perfect and to err is human, chances are there that minute variations may occur at the time of making a signature.
  •  In that case, the software is capable of identifying slight crisscrosses and tends to identify if the signature was made by the right person.
  • Hybrid Artificial Intelligence incorporated into our algorithms helps the computer in learning sophisticated concerns with the help of a human supervisor which paves the way for a mutually dependent banking ecosystem.

Advantages of Forged Signature Detector

  • Zero signature misrepresentation threat
  • Fastened banking management system
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction
  • Reduced Man Power
  • Smooth integration into existing frameworks

Associate With Us

We anticipate having tie-ups with various banks and other government organizations in having a fruitful business. Our solutions can be customized to any degree and further augmentations can be made on top of the existing frameworks. Get in touch with us for more details.

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