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Significant demand for crypto development exchange has emerged in the recent digital era. Most of the start-ups, as well as well-established firms, are leveraging the opportunity of developing exchange platforms and take a giant leap over revenue generation. Are you also willing to unlock this opportunity with effective and prominent Crypto exchange development services in India? DxMinds Innovation labs are always here to assist you to develop an empirical and incredible cryptocurrency exchange platform. We have top professionals in our team to craft your business ideas with excellent skills. Each professional on-boarded in our team holds experience of several years and has worked with the top brands. We are a holistic example of a cryptocurrency exchange software development company in India, and hence we are the one-stop solution for your requirements.

    Our Crypto exchange platform includes

    Customizable exchange

    Coin base controlled exchange

    Two-factor authentication


    Multi-language support

    Our Cryptocurrency exchange development services in India

    White label bitcoin exchange software Our professionals help you in developing a white label bitcoin exchange platform with an interactive and easy to the user interface without compromising the security of the app. The algorithms and codes used to develop the platform are robust and unfeasible to alter, making the app isolated from the intruders. We ensure to develop a platform that strictly complies with all the legal norms. Apart from the security and legal entities, our app development process also ensures to development of an app with an excellent performance by incorporating it with the latest technologies compatible with distinct devices and operating systems.

    White Label Cryptocurrency exchange development We help you develop an agile cryptocurrency exchange platform with an array of features and benefits to avail. We ensure the transaction taking place on the platforms are swift having low latency and a higher rate of security. The major features incorporated in the platform to make it more proficient are sufficient liquidity, a powerful trading engine, automated bot trading facilities, integrated referral programs, and real-time charting tools helping the user to make better decisions. Our Cryptocurrency exchange platform development services in Bangalore offer a dedicated dashboard for the users and a distinct admin panel to operate the platform with great ease and flexibility.

    Centralize exchange development The current market is overpowered with the centralized exchange and tempting most of the investors to leverage the power of this platform. The operations of a centralized exchange platform are very much similar to the traditional trading system or the currently operating banks where you require the approval of a central body and the fund controlling body (third party) to execute the transactions. The centralized exchange platform development offers a feature in which customers deposit the money to the channel and the transactions are initiated by the third party controlling all the funds. The benefit of using this type of cryptocurrency exchange platform is that in case a user forgets his account password still he can access the money and his investments as the account are controlled by the crypto exchange software.

    Decentralize exchange development Unlike the centralized exchange funds, Decentralize exchange platform is independent of any third party for the management of the funds. The decentralized exchange platform offers a peer-to-peer funds exchange. The decentralized exchange platform development process incorporates an automated KYC process that helps users maintain their privacy. As it is independent of third-party controls, hence the user is entirely responsible for all the outcomes of his transactions.

    Hybrid exchange development Centralized and decentralized exchange platform, both are having equal prominence among the users due to excellent features both offers. If you are willing to enjoy the best features of both platforms then you can opt for Hybrid exchange platform development services. This platform is developed with the premium features of both platforms. The features incorporated in hybrid exchange development are high-end privacy, continual liquidity, quick transactions, and many more. To enhance the experience of the traders, we also incorporate multiple payments allowing them to trade easily.

    Derivatives exchange development A derivative exchange platform is the easiest way to reduce the risk of trading. In such an exchange platform, our developers incorporate various trading derivatives, such as forwards, swaps, futures, and options. Each of these features is used to enhance security and protect the system against any type of violation. The platforms are developed with a higher rate of compatibility with various types of inputs, accepting different types of orders. We develop a platform that offers a wallet capable of accepting distinct inputs.

    P2P exchange development P2P stands for peer-to-peer exchange, where there is no room for intermediaries for transactions. in such exchange platforms, high-quality P2P exchange can be easily executed. In recent years, this type of crypto exchange development service in Bangalore is more preferred as it offers a wide array of features with multiple benefits. A few of those benefits are an in-built fraud prevention mechanism, supreme security, no transaction censorship, no transaction censorship, trading without any geographical barriers, accurate matching engine, atomic swapping, admin panel, preferred trading. and many more.

    Security token exchange development If you aim to raise the fund then you can choose security token exchange platform development services. We, being the best crypto exchange development company in India offers the best features in the platform, such as a potent matching engine, multiple payment options, multiple KYC options for ensuring robust security of users, API linking with the external exchange methods. To give a flawless platform development and execution, we offer 24*7 technical support to keep your process continuous and uninterrupted. We understand that matching pace with the rapidly changing world is necessary, hence we offer a highly scalable platform with cost-effective solutions.

    Derivatives exchange development A derivative exchange platform is the easiest way to reduce the risk of trading. In such an exchange platform, our developers incorporate various trading derivatives, such as forwards, swaps, futures, and options. Each of these features is used to enhance security and protect the system against any type of violation. The platforms are developed with a higher rate of compatibility with various types of inputs, accepting different types of orders. We develop a platform that offers a wallet capable of accepting distinct inputs.

    Crypto wallet development The wallet is an important part of our life, either it is in physical life or virtual online life, just the entities changes at both places without changing their importance. In trading also wallet is having equal importance. The experts of DxMinds are here to assist you with the development of a crypto wallet making your crypto exchange much easier than ever. Our crypto wallets possess higher rates of safety and accept any number of cryptocurrencies of all types. The wallet allows the user to keep track of their every BlockChain transaction using a unique key. We offer the most cost-effective crypto wallets capable of managing funds securely.

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      Choosing our crypto exchange development services in India will avail you with:

      • It supports all major types of digital currency and allows an easy exchange over the cryptocurrency exchange platform. The types of digital currencies accepted by our platforms are bitcoin cash, litecoin, bitcoin, ethereum, and many more.
      • The wallets accept majorly USD and other popular currencies too.
      • The exchange is backed up with the KYC verification to make the security solutions more robust before validating any transaction from the users.
      • Each exchange is secured with an encrypted wallet accepting multiple types of currencies that keep your data private and secure.
      • advanced security protocol compliance is incorporated with the crypto exchange development, such as X-XSS, DDoS, 2FA, etc.
      • We incorporate an easy-to-use dashboard for the users with which they can easily add or remove any type of cryptocurrency to their wallet.
      • Each platform is developed using the latest technologies incorporating the latest features.
      • Incorporate the most advanced and agile matching engine to make the transactions much easier and swift.
      • The type of exchange and other exchange operations are customized based on your requirements.

      Features that enhance the security of the crypto exchange platform are:

      • Https authentication making the platform secure from possible malware and intruders
      • Jail login feature to avoid multiple wrong attempts of login simultaneously
      • Encrypted data to keep each data on the platform secure and private
      • Cross-site request forgery protection to avoid the usage of the platform from distinct locations to restrict all unwanted actions from the user’s end
      • Anti-Denial of service (DoS) to restrict the request of transactions of huge exchange on the server of platform
      • Anti-distributed denial of service (DDoS) is incorporated in the platform to protect it from the heavy stream of traffic driving in from multiple sources.
      Derivatives exchange development
      Decentralize exchange development

      Why choose DxMinds for crypto exchange software development? DxMinds is one of the most renowned cryptocurrency exchange software development company in India. We have top professionals in our team proven their expertise multiple times in the relevant domain. Our developers have unmatched skills and unbeatable experience of working with top brands all across the world. Our crypto exchange development process comes with the assurance of reliability, scalability, and stability. Our software is capable of serving a seamless experience to the users. Our team of crypto-exchange software development integrates the latest technologies and features to the software to make it promising and user-friendly.  
      We understand the uniqueness of your business ideas and zeal to serve you with a solution that perfectly complies with your ideas. We have served all major business niches and always have served them with 100% satisfaction.

      Our services include:
      • Customized solutions based on user preference
      • Agile development method
      • 100% transparency with clients
      • Prompt and unique solutions for your requirements
      • On-time delivery
      • Cost-effective solutions
      • Excellent and flawless project management
      • Use of latest technologies and tools for development

        Frequently Asked Questions

        What makes DxMinds the only choice for developing crypto exchange software in India?

        DxMinds is one of the best crypto exchange development companies in Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad and Chennai with an unmatched work record of delivering more than 100 successful crypto exchange platform development projects all across the world. Our best-in-class developers make us worth selecting for crypto exchange software development.

        How much time will it take to develop a crypto exchange platform?

        The development time completely depends on the type of platform you are choosing and the features you are looking to build in. An average software development time for a simple crypto exchange software with general features is approximately 4 weeks to 5 weeks.

        What type of data security policies do you follow?

        Data security is an important aspect when it comes to bring your business dream to a vital life. We value your privacy and hence sign a non-disclosure agreement before initiating the project or taking any requirement details from the client.

        Being a client, can I elect team members to work on my project?

        Your project is our priority and hence we offer three different engagement models to the client where they get the liberty to choose the type of development and team at their own. If you need a complete project delivered based on your requirements without taking the burden of development then you can choose the build-operate-transfer model, and if you are willing to take charge of your development with a potential team then you can choose our offshore development center or turnkey co-owned project model.

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