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Crypto Asset Exchange

Have a Safe, Secure and Disciplined Crypto Trading

  • These days, crypto currencies have become a talk of the town and everyone is pretty much aware of cryptos.
  • From Bitcoin to Ripple and Ethereum, cryptographic currencies have emerged out to be the new age investment tool.
  • Trading of cryptocurrencies is made possible with the help of a digital platform known as cryptocurrency Exchanges
  • Without having space in the exchange, a trader can either buy or sell cryptocurrencies.
  • Exchanges can also be used for liquidating cryptos.
  • In the current market scenario, a trader often finds it hard liquidating the crypto he owns.
  • It is due to various reasons-Cyber Security issues, High brokerage charges, time consumed, etc. are the very few among them.
  • With the intention of lending an aid to the traders, we, DxMinds Innovation Labs have come up with an end to end secured unique solution.

What is the Solution?

  • To overcome the existing troubles and to offer an easy and convenient trading experience for every trader, we have built a crypto-asset exchange that possesses a high degree of security.
  • The main feature of our solution is that it offers cyber security insurance for traders, which is the first of its kind.
  • On top of that, it bestows high-end reporting tools and various payment methods can be integrated into it.
  • The platform is designed in such a way that about 100 cryptocurrencies can be traded simultaneously on it.
  • Regardless of its type, users can make use of any currency, varying from USD TO GBP and EUR to buy or sell the cryptos.
  • The State of art security feature makes the platform stay ahead of all kinds of malware attacks.
  • The verification process based on biometric features and multiple signatures shields the exchange wallet.
  • Moreover, the platform lets Wealth managers and HNI Portfolio handlers to carry out trades in a bulk quantity.

Technologies Used:

  • Bitcoin Core
  • BigChain DB
  • Ethereum
  • MultiChain
  • Mongo DB
  • .NET


  • Hassle-free trading experience
  • Fewer Commissions
  • Safe and secure

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