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Conversational AI

In-Store Sales Booster - Conversational AI

Handling walk-in customers can be a tough task because of numerous reasons- Lack of time, repeated queries, employee training, and so forth are few among them.

What if there arouse a scenario where the customers can find their requirements seamlessly and can move themselves down the sales funnel?

Yes! We have got it covered and have developed a similar solution.

This is a kiosk-based solution and it’s yet another milestone covered by DxMinds Technologies leveraging Artificial Intelligence to boost in-store sales.


What is it all about?

  • A perfectly seasoned in-store kiosk-machine is made use of for this solution to come into existence.
  • It is literally a conversational device utilizing Natural Language Processing and Natural Language Understanding algorithms for its day to day operations.
  • Attributes of these algorithms deliver an exuberant interaction between the machine and a customer.
  • Customers can ping in their queries either as text or as a speech.
  • Answers to the queries will be quiet spontaneous and lively that one will never feel like they are having an interaction with a machine.
  • This leaves a wonderful experience within the user and prompts them to engage with the store again and again.
  • For a customer who is a frequent buyer, the system will perceive their facial features and will supply them with more offers and discounts.

…And the Outcomes are just Awesome!

  • Increased sales and revenue
  • Enhanced customer support
  • Improved customer experience
  • Text-to-speech and Speech-to-text facilities
  • Cutting edge technology
  • Increased brand value

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For our solutions to reach global markets, we value having partnerships with enterprises and government bodies. Our out-of-the-box solution can be fitted into any domain regardless of its size or industry and can be altered as per the requirement. Let’s get connected for more details.

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