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Applications of chatbots are aggressively transforming business domains across the globe as a whole. From handling customer inquiries to generating leads and assisting entire operations, Chatbots plays a vital role in new-age businesses. Gone are those days where human executives need to handle each and every task inside an organization. However big the manual input be, there will be some sort of human errors that cannot be eliminated at any cost. It is in this scenario that chatbots fit in perfectly. Chatbot Development Companies in São Paulo Brazil and other major parts of the globe are investing heavily in researches to find out to derive out the maximum from a Chatbot.

    What exactly is a Chatbot?

    Chatbots are virtual assistants that are programmed to interact with a human to assist them in accomplishing specific tasks. The purpose of a Chatbot is to replace human executives by providing the right information to the individual on the other end. The conversation carried out by a Chatbot can either be a voice chat or via text message. Based on its types and application, Chatbots can be classified into three types:

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    • FAQ Chatbots

    FAQ chatbots are nothing but the simplest version of all Chatbots, where it can easily deal with frequently asked questions. The FAQs are pre-programmed within the Chatbot. It can give a quick response when asked anything and everything that falls within the given commands. If asked anything out of the given commands, the Chatbot can never respond and at that instance, the chat can be carried over to a human agent.

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    • Artificial Intelligence Chatbots

    Artificial Intelligence Chatbots can be called smart bots too. They are programmed using machine learning and possess a high degree of intelligence. AI-enabled Chatbots are not pre-programmed bots, but they are quick learners. They can easily analyze situations and can make decisions based on the same. They can offer quick replies to the customers even if asked anything related to the industry. The interaction between an Artificial Intelligence Chatbot and the end customer will be carried out in such a way that, at no point in time, the customer will feel like he/ she is interacting with a virtual bot. AI-enabled Chatbots are even capable of identifying the emotions of customers by analyzing the conversation and can respond accordingly.

    • NLP Chatbots

    NLP Chatbots or Natural Language Processing Chatbots are capable of identifying and analyzing human languages and responding back the exact way it needs to be. They are the upgraded version of AI Chatbots.


    Why businesses in Brazil needs Chatbots

    As every business across the globe needs Chatbots, Brazilian businesses are no exception. What Chatbot does to the business is what the sun does to the plants. As the Sun provides all the necessary requirements for a plant to grow, Chatbots creates an atmosphere where the business can scale without any hassles and bustles. Top Chatbots Companies in São Paulo Brazil are seamlessly developing Chatbots leveraging the latest technologies to help businesses out there. DxMinds Technologies is one such Chatbot Development Company in Brazil working towards a single aim of enhancing your business by the efficient utilization of Chatbots.

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      Chatbots- The Futuristic tool to Run Successful Businesses

      It is no doubt that Chatbots are the future tool that helps one in running a successful business. One can make use of chatbots in a number of ways, as the services offered by Chatbots are immeasurable. On a business perception, Chatbot helps business owners in various activities such as customer support, lead generation, sales, human resource, etc. Whatever your business is in, the Integration of Chatbot into the existing frameworks can be done in hassle-free manners.

      DxMinds Technologies- The best Chatbot app development company in Brasília, Brazil

      DxMinds Technologies, one of the leading digital transformation and Chatbot Development Company in Brazil is an exemplary Chatbot service provider that helps micro, small, medium and even fortune companies in Brazil in scaling their business leveraging various modules of Chatbot development. Based on your business requirements, we build and customize Chatbot that is going to be a perfect blend of art, creativity, and technology.

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