Blockchain Based Certification Solution Developed by DxMinds
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Blockchain Based Certification Solution

Streamlined Process of issuing and verifying Certificates Leveraging Blockchain Technology

  • Faking certificates has turned out to be a norm these days that spotting the duplicates has become a colossal task.
  • They are coursing out of control and are adversely affecting the reputation of the institutional morals and values.
  • A replicated Certification looks no different from the normal ones and has the unique seals, holograms, and crest of well-reputed universities and organizations.
  • Very often Corporates have to depend on third-party agencies for their employee pseudo-verification process or they need to do it all themselves.
  • Either both ways, they have to invest a quality amount of time and money.
  • And chances are there that they will end up getting only half of the information.
  • In the real corporate world, this sort of stuff will result in hiring unscrupulous employees having faked certificates.
  • A fake certificate will cause harm not only to the organization but the candidate who is holding it has to confront its ill effects.
  • Over a couple of years, We, DxMinds Technologies are assiduously taking a shot on developing a solution that is capable of putting an end to all the malpractices that exist in the areas of certificate implementation. And we are 100% successful at it. Blockchain Based Certification Solution

The Solution

  • Leveraging Blockchain Technology, we have come up with a unique solution that provides scammers no gap in presenting faked certificates.
  • Using our solution, universities or other institutions can issue tamper-proof digital certifications for their candidates.
  • These encrypted digital certifications can be accessed by candidates and employers at any instance of time.
  • As they are published uniquely by universities, the degree of its trustworthiness tends to be very high.
  • Each certificate owns a Decentralized Clearing Number using which the employers can verify its legitimacy.
  • Our first-of-its-kind Blockchain solution is exceptionally fit for streamlining the entire procedure by abrupting conventional ways.

Why DxMinds Blockchain Certification Solution

  • No more fake certifications
  • First of its kind
  • Cutting edge technology leveraging Blockchain


  • Certificate verification made easy
  • Streamlined Operations
  • Fewer efforts required
  • Digital Storage System
  • Tamper-Proof
  • Un-Editable

Work With Us

We appreciate partnerships with Schools/Universities/Colleges and Corporate in the successful implementation of our Blockchain solution. It can be customized to any extent as per the requirement. Connect with us to discuss further scopes.

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