Automated Inventory Classification Software Solution
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Automated Inventory Classification Software Solution

Automated Inventory Classification in a Pinch of Time

As a leading Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Company, we, DxMinds Technologies, have emerged out with a new solution where inventories can be easily segregated.

Reducing the manual efforts of sorting out and filtering data, our AI solution is a standalone among the inventory classification softwares in the e-commerce industry.


Our Solution

  • As a use case of this solution, let’s say, similar ones among the bulk quantity of product images have to be figured out and the best among them have to be uploaded to an E-Commerce website. It can’t be done manually as it is hectic and consumes a hell lot of time and resources.
  • With our unique machine learning solution, even this was made easy.
  • Our machine learning algorithms are developed in such a way that neither two images of the same products will be acknowledged. Our algorithms are constantly trained to identify the degree of similarity between multiple images and to figure out the best among them.
  • The algorithm reads an image and maps it to the image of similar kind to calculate the degree of similarity and scores for each image is assigned.
  • Higher the image score, chances are that the one with lower scores will get ignored.
  • The solution is even capable of identifying the products in the images and then uploading them to their respective categories.
  • This reduces manpower and saves a quality amount of time.
  • Technologies Used: Python, Mongo DB

We Welcome Partnerships

We look forward to having partnerships with enterprises/ Government organizations leveraging our unique Inventory Classification solution. We have designed this solution in such a way that it can be customized to any extent and easily fits into any scenario. Get in touch with us for more details.

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