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As mobile phones continue to get bigger and the interaction more user friendly, mobility has become an essential touch point for businesses to reach their customers. In fact, mobile applications have now swept businesses across the world and transformed the way customers purchase, consume and engage with brands.

Both large scale enterprises as well as small businesses are leading the surge towards embracing mobile as a key component of designing and curating individualized customer experiences. By the adoption of game changing technologies like Augmented Reality, IoT and Artificial Intelligence combined with a sustained focus on security “Mobile Applications” are now key to accessing mass audiences while providing personalized experiences.

DXMinds Mobile offerings help our clients create mobile solutions that facilitate rich, engaging and productive customer interactions that drive business value. Going further, we enable the end-consumer to adopt “Smart Living” by leveraging connected devices like Smart Phones, Tablets, Wearables and Smart TVs.

We have a team of strategists and business analysts to screen your ideas and requirement and then come up with the much-needed clarity and recommendations to define use cases and niche market, understand dependencies of project and draft challenges with weaknesses for the most efficient and effective app development strategy. To make sure what we build flourishes in the client’s niche market, we practice data-driven techniques in competitor landscape analysis to determine the competitive edge and develop a world class application. Standing out in this sea of homogeneousness requires creating a good user experience that is both intuitive and engaging.

DXMinds helps it clients build mobile apps that are optimized for content, convenience, context, productivity and performance.  We offer –

  • Market Research and Competitive benchmarking
  • UX – Information Architecture and Wireframes
  • UI Design
  • Clickable prototypes

DXMinds has extensive experience in designing and developing Mobile Applications and Solutions. We have also chosen a domain focused strategy in building our Mobile expertise with a special emphasis on Retail, Transport, Logistics, Education, Health and Fitness, Digital Wallets and many more.

We offer-

  • Native Apps on iOS and Android
  • Cross Platform
  • Frameworks
  • Smartphones, Smart TVs, Wearables
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