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Father of Artificial Intelligence, Mr. John McCarthy, states that AI is “The science and engineering of making intelligent machines, especially intelligent computer programs”.

In other words, Artificial Intelligence is nothing but computer programming languages which respond to a situation or a process the same way humans does. The process of AI consists of analyzing the situation and problem-solving. In brief, Artificial Intelligence is the process of bringing intelligent machines into existence.

Knowingly or unknowingly, we are using AI in our day today lives.AI is widely used in E-Commerce websites, mobile applications like Siri, Google Now, Video games, Hollywood movies etc. Let’s have a brief look at the application of AI in different fields. The application of AI in transportation will be self-driving cars as in industries, it will be automated robots. In the field of defense, the application of AI will include services like missile guidance, minesweeping robots etc. In the medical field, the application of AI will be like identifying tumors, associating surgeries etc. Millions of dollars are being invested into the field of AI by private and government organizations. Studies claim that AI is growing at a tremendous pace that it will take to a future, where life without AI is impossible. Researches figure out that by 2040, the computers will be as intelligent as humans.

To make a machine to behave like humans, enormous data are needed. Wide researches need to be done for data collection. Let’s say company X produces bearings. Every stage during the production and the roles of the employees during each stage are brought in to study. The data are collected, sorted and filtered out. Based on these data, Artificial Intelligence programs are designed. This is a tiresome process. That’s the reason why high-quality professionals are required for designing AI programs.

DxMinds Technologies IncAI Development Company in San Jose, is such an industry expert.DxMinds Technologies emphasis on bringing out the best in AI. Being the best AI Development Company in Bay Area, DxMInds Technologies pay unceasingly intense focus towards perfection and quality. This makes DxMinds Technologies unsurpassable among competitors and the prime AI Development Company in San Francisco. DxMinds Technologies offering its services in AI Development throughout the USA. We are the best AI Development Company in Peninsula too. Our well-experienced team are organised in such a way that, whatever your AI requirements are, we are capable of moulding it into reality.

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