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World Crypto Con

World Crypto Con ( WCC ) is a global stage for industry leaders to share their projects and technologies with thousands of investors, experts, developers, companies and participants who use blockchain and Crypto currencies to redefine our daily lives .

Expect a discussion on the world-changing potential chain applications across multiple verticals, including but not limited to Health, Entertainment, Government, Banking, Payments and Fintech Payments and more.
With more than 4, 000 delegates, 100 speakers and 150 sponsors and exhibitors, the Summit of Malta’s Blockchain promises to be an innovative and memorable opportunity for global influential people to network, forge new connections and discuss the potential applications of Blockchain in a myriad of sectors such as health, entertainment, government and banking . Blockshow Asia by CoinTelegraph is just trying to enlarge it in the last quarter of 2018, offering opportunities such as the block chain community, the oscars show, the road chain solutions, the network, the display of new products and solutions.

Blockchain technology enables market participants to track digital currency transactions without keeping records.
Blockchain technology is currently used to verify transactions in digital currencies, as it is possible to digitise, code and insert any document into the blockchain.

In fact, 2018 is expected to become the year in which companies are beginning to focus on the use of blockchain technology to its full potential. As security is one of the main challenges facing the internet of things and data integrity, it goes without saying that the blockchain could revolutionize the industry.

For AM, the blockchain technology offers middleware to stabilize a poorly distributed network that continues to gain momentum and popularity in the major industries.The blockchain technology is now integrated into the SaaS product of LINK3D, the Digital Factory they launched in 2017. After the crypto currencies, the most concentrated companies on the supply chain and other markets with a series of intermediaries will be the next to the blockchain technology.

Many IoT development stakeholders are exploring the potential applications of the block chain to the IoT model.
In 2018, the blockchain is likely to see more levels of integration and implementation within the global T construction.
This is where blockchain technology with its theoretical unchangeable and robust security becomes the key to the successful implementations of such protocols.

Blockchain technology is the leading trend in the digital world and 2017 was its breakthrough year due to the exponential increase in crypto currencies. There are many who think that blockchain is a technology that only applies to finance and fintech sectors. Major health care companies have begun to hire freelancers for the development of blockchain applications for authentication, record maintenance, monitoring, supply chain management and more.

Companies such as Riot block chain, the first company of the nasdaq-listed company, will continue to appear.
In fact, anything related to transactions or data integration could adopt the chain capabilities and identity management companies are the first to jump in. The growing popularity of the block chain and the rise of bitcoin was obvious indicators that the market is growing.

Speaking of blockchain, one of the most important potential applications of technology is the security of the internet.
Although Bitcoin is likely to continue to affect the FX industry, it is actually a chain of blocks, the technology behind the currency is set to have a more significant and disrespectful impact on the FX industry.

Bitcoin is always a point of reference for blockchain technology, because it is one of the first ( and certainly the most famous ) applications of technology. In terms of the applied block chain, database management and information storage systems will see a large influx of blockchain systems.

In mid-2018, the EU will update the General privacy policy ( GDPR ) in several significant ways.
It depends on who you ask, but the problems are piling up, and the year we can see the technology of the chain to break out of its crypto-currency cradle. Blockchain is known as the technology behind Bitcoin, a digital currency that does not need a central government body to guarantee transactions. Blockchain technology was first implemented as a key element of Bitcoin, where it serves as a public ledger for all transactions.

Look for iot connectivity, increased use of smart contracts, increased regulation, streaming of content and the blockchain in the job market. Blockchain technology is one of the biggest new developments that have hit the technology industry in recent years, and its infamy has been strengthened by the fact that it is the underlying technology that powers bitcoin and other crypto currencies. But this is not necessarily a bad news for the block chain, because the additional interest in it from powerful organizations can help increase consumer confidence and at the same time provide the framework needed for further growth.

In fact, the Blockchain technology has given rise to the Initial offer of coins ( ICO ), which is a fundraising tool that helps in the transaction of future crypto currencies in exchange of currency currencies.