Why Telematics has gained importance in car sharing?

Why Telematics has gained importance in car sharing?

The leveraging development of technology and constantly growing requirements of folks, whose requirements have revolutionized than those of the last generations affect many industries. The sector of transportation is also not left behind. Over the last few years, car-sharing services have become a permanent solution in urban cities. Car sharing has become the next biggest talk of the town. The perceived convenience of car ownership has reduced in denser urban cities through the improved access to reliable public transport, and also with the emergence of new shared mobility services. Shared mobility has also resulted in reduced congestion and carbon emissions.

Carsharing deals with a car rental model when users rent a car for a specific period. It is the best alternative to owning a car. The car-sharing companies offer membership and plans for the customer who needs a vehicle but does not want to own it on their own. It is an alternative option when you live in the city or if you do not want to drive long distances on daily basis.

A single car can be used by dozens of people with different driving facilities and there is always a chance that many people will be speeding inaccurately while driving or use it illogically.

Along with merits, demerits also follow the carsharing industry:

  1. Maintenance of car- The drivers must manage cars properly. Are they doing it?
  2. Idling cost- Are the cars left too much idle?
  3. Documentation of cars- If they are not properly kept?
  4. Harsh braking- Are drivers speeding inaccurately?
  5. Location of vehicle- Where are the vehiclestelematics tracking at the moment?
  6. Transparency – The data about the vehicle like insurance and other documents offer transparency.

When the car-sharing companies were facing the issues, this is the time when telematics came into the picture and helped people resolve issues.

What is telematics in a car?

Car telematics offers businesses that operate a fleet of vehicles unique insights into their vehicles and drivers

1. The telematics definition system provides fleet operators with critical insights into their vehicles and drivers.

2. It gives a complete look into where a vehicle and how it is being operated.

3. Telematics in the automotive industry offers the required data to allow fleet managers to develop more efficient routes and maintenance schedules and offers training drivers to be safer.

4. The business owners and fleet managers who want to learn telematics can improve their company’s vehicles’ operations.

5. Vehicle Tracking- GPS and an onboard GPRS modem communication offer web-based software, transmitting and transforming vehicle data into information with management reporting tools and mapping software.

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    How does telematics work?

    The industry’s best secrets are the utilization of telematics. It helps businesses increase productivity, lower operational costs, increase fuel efficiency, improve the health of the vehicle, strengthen compliance, and improves customer service. People must understand the tremendous potential of telematics for making the world a better place to live in.

    How Telematics in car sharing works?

    Car telematics offers useful purposes for varied purposes for drivers everywhere. This technology allows people from getting lost offers an easy way to receive roadside assistance and collects data that can be used.

    Telematics vehicle devices tracking offers navigation, safety, security, and communication into a piece of technology that fits in a vehicle’s dashboard. This kind of system receives wireless information and transmits it through a crash-resistant box.

    Telematics meaning a subset of IoT which deploys integrated sensors to help the experience of the automotive industry. The transmission and interchange of global positioning data, communication between road systems, automotive instruments and sensors, collective data feeds from mobile devices, local businesses.

    Telematics examples enables cloud-based telecommunications, offering a safer and enjoyable, productive, and reliable experience for everyone.

    It proves beneficial to streamline operations, improve rise product quality, strengthen the customer connection to their brand.

    Vehicle telematics facilitates the tracking of available vehicles, using GPS tracking to outline pre-defined geo-fence areas for available vehicles.

    Digital dynamics

    Vehicles convey data such as component status, mileage, car-related purchases, and patterns like location, routes, and travel times like fuel consumption data, service requirements, insurance provider details, and costs.  Moreover, it also helps to offer the fetch information from feature-rich telematics systems like smartphones, wearables, social media profiles and gain geological information like weather, road conditions, off-road conditions, grade of the road, altitude.

    These data points can form a great foundation for sophisticated data modeling where companies can utilize meaningful and predictive analysis. These telematics-enabled vehicles offer a pricing premium, improve product innovation and quality over time which offers a splendid traveling experience.

    Telematics revolves around a mix of telecommunications that deploys integrated sensors to obtain certain data. It consists of a black box and contains the following components, a GPS receiver, accelerometer, engine interface, a SIM card, a buzzer, and the expander port. The black box captures the data which a vehicle generates such as a car position, speed, fuel consumption, tire pressure and sends it to the cloud. The data is processed and analyzed further to the user’s choice application.

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    Better car maintenance

    Battery Voltage, condition of the brake, and other information about the car can be easily monitored with the help of telematics. If there is any requirement of maintenance, the owners can quickly offer car maintenance hence offering a better drive and a longer period of the car.

    Operating Cost Management

    Car sharing in telematics offers various advantages like saving costs on fuels. Moreover, telematics allows monitoring various factors which affect fuel consumption like idling, driving manner, weather, GPS, tire pressure, and utilization of accessories like air conditioning. The owners can easily adjust their policies following the requirements of fuel and henceforth cut down fuel costs.

    Driver’s safety priority

    Telematics offers various options for safe driving which can lead to fewer accidents and dangerous situations. The telematics based carsharing companies can easily locate a car in case of a theft.It leads to more options for saving lives and even stolen vehicles.

    Intelligent Transportation

    Telematics offers intelligent transportation like cars into mobile extensions of homes and offices changing the driving experience. It has introduced a convergence of multiple connected processes like targeting demographic-specific networks, by effectively monetizing their investments.

    Smarter connections

    Stats prove that by the year 2020, a new car will be equipped with 200 sensors and a telecommunications module for transmitting vehicle, driver, and geospatial data. Yes, the telematics infrastructure will require more telecommunication networks, cloud infrastructure, data storage capacity, integration with third-party applications to improvise the consumer’s interaction with the telematics system. Hence it will pave way for the prevention of unauthorized access to both the vehicle and cognitive distractions.

    Telematics and Fleet Management

    Telematics-based solutions are generally in the form of a web and mobile application, that consists of admin and user interface. This application offers easy management of every car in the fleet, advanced reporting, and analytics with the help of a vehicle black box. These applications allow users to have an eye upon the car’s status before easy registration and payment processes. These features offer advanced security reasons like emergency buttons for dangerous situations, driver training on the road, and limited access to vehicles.

    The telematics car-sharing companies offers the automatic collection of impossible data to be collected manually. This data help car-sharing companies to make better business decisions by knowing the real-time car state in the fleet. Telematics offers safety in monitoring driving style and offering helpful suggestions during the ride.

    The Conclusion

    Telematics based car sharing services utilize vehicles for transportation offering fleet managers and analysts valuable vehicle telematics data providing useful insights, enhances productivity, decrease cost and safety of drivers. If you are searching for a platform that can help you monitor telematics data points, then DxMinds can be a great choice. Being one of the leading technology solution providers in India, it facilitates technical solutions and filtering of data from various solutions for network operations. Their expert team offers assistance in developing world-class solutions for telematics that can be used in carsharing.

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