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The Evolving Landscape of Fantasy Sports1

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    The Evolving Landscape of Fantasy Sports

    Welcome to the detailed report on “the evolving landscape of fantasy sports “prepared by the DxMinds Innovation labs.

    Cricket has been always one of the most preferred games all across the world with the widest number of followers who love to play and watch the game. Along with cricket, other several games like baseball, rugby, football, and more have gained prominence among game lovers. But not all can take time from their busy schedule, hence with the advancement of technology in the gaming sector, mobile app development companies have evolved a concept of fantasy sports. It is one of the best ways to delight all game lovers and allow them to be a part of the real-time games played by the superheroes of relevant gaming zone.

    The concept of fantasy sports is based on skills and knowledge about the game that not only become a part of your leisure time but can also help you to sum up your bank balance by allowing playing with real money.

    The report present here will present a deep analysis of fantasy sports emergence, its type, and its current market that has already crossed the sky-high limit. This report also analyses the growing e-sports market with a tint of betting making it legal all across the world.

    Table of content

    1. Abstract
    2. Introduction
    3. The current state of healthcare
    4. What is?
    5. Virtual care
    6. The role of digital technology in healthcare
    7. Drivers of technology in healthcare
    8. The delivery cost of health care
    9. Clinical innovation
    10. Big data growth in healthcare
    11. Administrative simplifications
    12. Challenges in the healthcare sector:
    13. Benefits of virtual care and remote patient monitoring
    14. Healthcare solution checklist
    15. The future
    16. Conclusion
    17. Appendix: References

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