What Would Be The Cost to Hire a Node.js Web Application Developer?

What would be the cost to hire a Node.js Web Application developer?

In this competitive tech-savvy world, when the digital transformation has become the new normal, the demand for customized web and mobile applications has increased. And for instance, if you want to decrease the development and maintenance costs, then Node Js is the only framework that can inevitably help you develop scalable applications. Node Js allows developers to use a single language on both the server-side and the Client side. Hence it has become the favorite among the developers.

Web application development has paced up a lot and Node.js has a great demand in this field. It is essentially an open-source Javascript run-time environment that allows codes to be executed outside the browser. Node js is considered as a catalyst behind the creation of a highly interactive web page. It has become the first choice in creating something outstanding. It comes with its own set of APIs for back-end development. With the increase in its demand, the cost of hiring Nodejs developers has also increased.

Being open-source contributes to the extensive growth of this particular framework. Moreover, you can build real-time apps like chats, messaging apps, streaming data apps, single-page apps, and APIs as well.

What skills a Node.js developer possess?

Pre-requisites to understand the cost of Node js software and hiring developer

  • Design thinking understanding
  • Java script proficiency
  • Experience in Node.js
  • Experience in asynchronous processing, functional programming, and functional programming
  • Understanding of various delivery platforms
  • Being proficient in front-end technologies
  • Integrated modules and debug existing bugs


Hiring Node js developers who have a basic understanding of designing works must have the knowledge of front-end and back-end technologies along with server-side offers the developers learn Node.js. Additionally, if you want to integrate modules and debug existing bugs, it makes you familiar with the environment.

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    Hire Node js developer with practical skills

    • Hiring Node js engineer who has the skills to extract and execute codes from them.
    • Familiarity with implementation standards across the board.
    • Expertise in handling long-term support systems such as Cobra 8.9.0.
    • They must also be familiar with protocols such as peer-to-peer, server/client, XMPP, etc.
    • Should be an active member of a Node. JS community such as NPM or Github.
    • Understanding DevOps prove beneficial as the developer has significant exposure to information technology with software development.
    • Handle the projects better and come out with dynamic results.
    • Node security is a great platform that involves Javascript. Hire Node Js engineers who are experts in Node security, they keep understanding security threats.
    • Hire Node.js developers who have familiarity with other Javascript frameworks such as Angular, Veu.JS, Koa.

    While hiring nodejs developer things to avoid

    Global search – In most cases, companies lookout for web developers to limit their search. It searches bounds them to reach more talented developers in other regions or countries. The technologies are not bounded for places as you should broaden your approach to hire the right developer. Broaden the approach so that you can filter many resumes to hire the node js engineer from any part of the country. You can get projects at reasonable costs in India, Vietnam, and the Philippines. You can check out developers at a cheaper price in the case when you get best Node js development services at a cheaper price.

    Hiring Node js programmers from the US, Australia, UK, and Europe proves beneficial whereas you can find the right talent at reasonable costs.

    Offer the specific job description:

    Responsibilities and requirements for the programmer must be specified as it helps the employer and even the programmer to save precious time and makes the selection process quicker and easier.

    The questionnaire can be a good help:

    In case, you want to appoint the right candidate, you must prepare the right questions specifically according to your requirements. You can judge the candidate based on technical rounds based upon the project.

    Understand their mistakes:

    The employers must understand the common mistakes of developers. Event loop blocking and not using supervisor programs are some of the common mistakes which should be avoided with advanced strategic thinking.

    how much does it cost to hire a Node js developer?

    Factors affecting the implementation cost of Node js technology

    Let’s dig in some of the essential points which must be considered to hire right node.js developer:

    1. Right Job description

    The employer must list down duties along with anticipated skills and the experience should be specific. The company info, job description, and qualifications must be mentioned.

    2. Interview Questions

    The interviewer must check the problem solving and communication skills, ask questions, and challenges not merely related to Node.js.

    3. Look at the right place

    The node js developers cost also depends upon the place from where he is getting hired. There are GitHub, Stack Overflow, Stack Exchange, and many freelance portals where you can find Node.js developers.

    4. Common Mistakes must be avoided

    The apps and programs built with Node.js aren’t like the ones based upon different tools or technologies. It requires more strategic thinking from the developer and he must avoid common mistakes like blocking the event loop or using a callback.

    Have a look at some of the technical questions that need to be asked:

    How do you understand the differences between Node and I/O

    How would you differentiate Node and Ajax

    Understanding the term”non-blocking”

    The functionality of “call back”

    Is it necessary to scale up the business growth

    How a website become “search engine” friendly?

    Here’s how the pricing depends in developed nations:

    US: $78,000 to $116,000

    UK: $84,000

    Australia: $90,000


    In India, you can hire Node js developer at the cost of $10,000-$25,000.

    The cost of hiring Node js developers can also be considered depending upon the engagement types such as temp, part-time and freelance.

    With an experience of 1-2 years, the hourly fixed rates – $20-$45 per hour

    With higher years of experience $30-$65 per hour

    The cost of hiring Node js developers depends upon the type of employment also, for instance, the full-time developer may charge more as compared to the developer who is working remotely.

    The Conclusion

    Nodejs developers are the best resources for any app development agency. Hence hiring a developer is a task that can also turn out to be hassle-free if you follow the above practices. You can also consider the budget in hiring an experience node js developer.

    Hiring node js developer can be a challenging task but it can definitely be resolved easily by following simple steps. Make sure that you follow a stringent process and take the help of freelancing developers also. Hiring experienced candidates prove to be beneficial but you also need to consider the budget and timeline constraints.  In case you need a big team of developers, then you can consider freshers as it meets your project requirements without spending an exuberant amount. DxMinds Technologies, one of the top mobile app development companies with great years of experience in the field of app development and its mind-blowing features. Our team of experts works at the customer’s convenience whether you prefer full-time or part-time.

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