What Makes a Streaming Service Like Netflix Take Over The Entertainment Industry?

What makes a streaming service like Netflix take over the entertainment industry?

A sudden rise of video streaming apps has been noticed in the past year and now these are leaving a ruling imprint on the entertainment industry. Netflix is one of those fastest-growing video streaming applications which have reached a competitive edge with the maximum number of followers from various regions of the world. Such type of potential apps holds a capability to disrupt the entertainment industry running from a century. 

The recent pandemic situation faced by the world is the reason for the major shift of viewers from televisions and multiplexes to video streaming applications. Such applications are not liable to generate any content; rather they receive developed and finely crafted content which has to be only broadcasted on the respective channel.

Are you also an entrepreneur who is excited to start with a streaming service? Are you looking for a streaming app development model that can guide you to a successful app? Here is the complete solution for your queries. 

Types of streaming applications:

Audio streaming:

The concept of developing this type of app is simple in which a user can listen to the songs without downloading them. Spotify and apple music apps are the most well-known audio streaming apps that have been accepted by the targeted audiences worldwide.

Video on Demand streaming:

Videos such as movies and tv serials can be watched on any device connected with the internet without downloading those shows. As each of the content which is telecasted on the television can be watched on these video streaming apps also, but a feature that distinguishes these apps are the facility to watch the video anytime regardless of their telecast time and can also pause the video to watch it later. Apart from the internet, the user must also have a subscription to the video streaming app to have access to the available content.

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TV live streaming app:

This type of streaming app allows you to watch your live TV online using an app. Such apps will restrict to watch serials and movies which are being telecasted on the television, i.e. the telecast over the TV live streaming app provides a real-time solution.

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    Technologies used for the development of the live-streaming app:

    • Programming languages: Swift, Kotlin, Java
    • API server: Node.js
    • Database: MySQL, Oracle
    • Hosting: Amazon EC2
    • Streaming protocols: WebRTC, RTMP
    • Content delivery network: Cloudflare/Amazon CloudFront
    • Media processing platform: DaCast, Wowza
    • Messaging queues: AWS Simple Queue System
    • Push notifications: Firebase Notifications

    Must feature to consider for streaming app development:

    Sign up: 

    The MVP of a live streaming app starts with a registration page where users get the option to enter their basic details and get into the app keeping their login credentials private to access the content of the app. This registration page can be made with an option of entering the valid phone number or email id with the option to set the password. To ensure the security of the app you can also add a feature of the mobile number of email id verification. While designing and developing the app you must keep the simplicity of the app and ease of use as the priority.

    Personal profile:

    It is a world of personalization where most of the folk like to get an easy solution for their requirements. To serve in the most customized manner you may require some type of personal details of your users to keep a close track of their activities on the app. Hence, a personal space on the app must be provided to the users where they can enter their details such as:

    1. Name
    2. Location
    3. Profile picture
    4. Date of birth
    5. Interests
    6. Preference feeds


    If you have decided to develop an on-demand live streaming app, then your prior aspect is to understand the basics of streaming technology. Streaming is a process in which you connect the transmission channels from the server end to the user’s end. There are several protocols that you have to consider and include during the development of your app. The most common and used protocol of a streaming app is RTMP (real-time-messaging-protocol). This protocol retains a very simple format in which the device sends a request to the server and in response, the server reacts by establishing the connection with the device and sending back the requested file.

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    Feedback is an important aspect that makes an app successful and more efficient. The chat option enables the streamers to connect with the users and help them to get a quick solution for their requirements or queries.

    Video quality:

    The bandwidth allocated to a video streaming app plays an important role in serving the quality of a video. While allotting the bandwidth for a video you must always consider your users too. Every time and every user may not have an excellent internet connection. Hence, your app must be developed with the capability of switching the video quality instead of interrupting the video. This flexibility in the quality of the video will allow you to serve equally to every range of users. To attain this perfection you must ensure choosing the right steaming app Development Company in India


    Well, a streaming app is designed with an effective and personalized home page where the user may get options based on their previous watchlist, but there might be times when the user wishes to watch an off-track option then they must have an option to make a quick search on the app and check the availability and watch it. The search must also have filters to make the process easy for the users, such as:

    1. Location-based
    2. Language
    3. Interest
    4. Genre
    5. Popularity
    6. Recommendations based on the number of watches

    UI/UX design:

    Excellent design and easy to use of the app is an important aspect that can lead your business idea towards success. While designing a streaming app you must consider the type of audience you are targeting and must always zeal to give them a dynamic screen to give a perfect ambiance of a theatre with appealing looks.


    While registering with any app users share their basic details, such as their name, mail id, number, location, and many more. Now it is the responsibility of the streamer to keep each data safe and secure. The same app is being used by a wide range of audiences but while developing a streaming app you must ensure to restrict all types of possible snooping to serve robust privacy to your users.

    Screen sharing:

    Being at a distance from your loved ones doesn’t mean that you can’t share your video or audio choices. Now, most of the online apps are being developed with an option to share a screen with any remote device. To enhance the effectiveness of your streaming app make sure to incorporate a screen sharing option, especially if the streaming app is related to education.


    It is a scalable world where nothing is permanent. If you are also following a dynamic streaming app development pattern then you need to keep your users intimated about the recent changes or any upcoming ones to keep their interest seized for a long time. This notification feature must work round the clock, either the app is in use or not.


    Either you are developing audio streaming or video streaming app, you need to incorporate the best and latest features to ensure the success of the developed app. Most of the entertainment companies are taking the assistance of top mobile app development companies in India to hire the best streaming app developers and get the most dynamic and scalable solution with excellent creativity. If you are also seeking an end-to-end solution for streaming app development then connect with the professionals and take your business idea towards success.

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