What is the cost to hire mean stack developers?

What is the cost to hire mean stack developers?

With the growing demand for the development of top-notch technologies, the development of websites and applications has increased. These applications can become interactive and useful with the help of different programming languages and frameworks. MEAN stack development services prove to be very advantageous in developing great applications. Mean stack stands for MongoDB, ExpressJS, Angular JS, and Node JS. Since the mean stack is used exponentially in many applications, there is an equal increase in demand for mean stack developers. The below-written discussion helps to understand how to hire mean stack developers and discuss every aspect of it.

MEAN Stack

MEAN stack is predominately utilized for building websites, mobile applications, mobile sites, gaming portals, and other responsive platforms. Hiring mean stack developers, you can get can utilize the same set of technologies to code from backend to frontend in rich and lightweight JavaScript architecture.

The term stack refers to the set of languages or technologies which a Mean stack developer utilizes to develop applications and mobile sites. Mean stack has gained immense popularity since its entire coding is done in Javascript.

Mongo DB

Mongo DB stands out to be a great database program as it is an easy-to-scale and flexible platform. Moreover, it is open-source and cross-platform which analyzes data gets easier with this program with its beneficial side for a row/column format for viewing.


Popularly known as Express, it can be utilized for the development of modular web applications for Node.js. With its easy functionality as an internet-facing web server, it works with reverse proxy, Apache, NGINX and supports SSL/TLS. It is a minimal and flexible Node.js web application framework that offers a set of features for web and mobile applications.

Angular JS

Angular JS is an open-source JavaScript framework that comes with an MVC architecture that employs Ajax techniques and is utilized as a Javascript-based program. If you talk about its implementation, then it can be easily utilized to offer a great result to server-side functions and user’s browsers we well.


It is an open-source and cross-platform Javascript environment that is built on Chrome’s V8 JS engine and designed to create complex network applications and platforms. It functions as a runtime application.

Let’s talk with the experts

    What is the requirement for the implementation of the MEAN stack?

    Mean stack has become the most essential requirement for the development of an app or website since it makes the development of an app or website easy manner. In terms of working web application frameworks, it builds a unique environment and allows to replace the difficult codes with easier ones. Several levels of conjunction can be easily created and enhance the performance of the application in a hassle-free manner with the help of the MEAN stack.

    In case, any business face issues while offloading the pages, it utilizes programs like Vue.js(MEVN), React(MERN), and angular(Mean) to resolve the issues.

    It works wonders in developing a unique environment that allows you to replace the difficult codes with the easier ones.

    Hiring mean stack engineer eases you by offering the facility to accommodate similar frameworks and the proxies which are familiar to the whole network. It’s obvious that while implementing the codes, you come up with multiple servers, and the MEAN stack proves the best in accomplishing it.

    Front-end development

    MEAN stack is dominantly used to design web applications that offer engaging and attractive user interfaces, which powers the responsive, consistent, and interactive platforms for multiple business domains.

    Reduced development cost

    If you want to save time and effort, then Mean stack proves to be beneficial since it is free and open-source, which helps the developers to utilize it without thinking about the costs.

    Look out for best Mean stack services that you must know

    The development of full-stack Javascript helps in developing productive web pages and web applications which enhance the interaction between business and users in a great way. It focuses on combining the different JS technologies and using them to the fullest.

    Mean web development- Creating a website utilizing mean inclusive and amplify its usage. When you can create outstanding platforms which can represent your product or service in the best way.

    CMS and Ecommerce development- Flexibility is the key to make e-commerce and CMS platforms more creative and user-friendly. With the help of Mean, you get this attribute and get some high-end programs that deliver impressive results for a particular project.

    Application development using Mean stack-  During the development of an application, it requires multiple components. You can work single segment and some great outcomes at the end of the development process.

    Consultation- Every business requires a consultation before adopting a tool or technology and it requires a wise thing to do. The mean stack developer’s cost can be reduced if you start looking for someone who has information about innovative apps and websites using this platform.

    Maintenance/ Testing- You need to get some support to run a Mean stack-based program. Therefore, it is a must that you select a service provider that offers overarching technical assistance to its clients.

    Factors that impact the implementation cost of mean stack technology

    Start the search online and make a list of every company which offers the best mean stack development services

    It’s time to talk to each of them and check the type of service they offer at what cost.

    Keep the cost to hire mean stack programmers prior as you can get dedicated developers at a low price.

    Select a trained professional but you need to test his skills.

    Select a team based on the requirement of the project.’

    Hire mean stack developers who have worked on several hundreds of every size and always keep updated with the latest technology and develop advanced business solutions.

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    How much does it cost to hire mean stack developers?

    If you have found a reliable company, then you don’t need to worry about the price. It is always advisable to work with a company where you can get many talented developers who would work at a less price.

    The cost of hiring Mean stack developers is $15-$18 per hour. At the time of hiring and following a well-defined process of hiring, you must follow a process where you don’t have to look for different resources and platforms separately.

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