Top 7 Audiobooks Apps you need Know

Top 7 Audiobooks Apps you need Know

The 21st-century educational process goes beyond the library visit. The leading IT teams can’t be left out. They try to make learning as comfortable as possible. 

Thanks to online platforms and other tools, teachers and students can get information at their convenience and in a variety of formats. No matter what genre they prefer.

Listening to the works is useful for athletes, travelers, historians, managers and other professionals. All such people will appreciate the benefits of audiobooks. For those who love to read, the following selection will be a real find. 


It’s the industry leader, the world’s largest audiobook reading app, and picking a book there is as easy as the process when you select ‘Blackjack’ at an online casino. The digital product was created by the American giant Amazon. Audible has the largest base with over 400,000 audiobooks. 

Here are the key advantages of the platform: 

  • Those who choose to use Amazon Prime will get free access to Audible Channels (a section of original lectures from top authors).
  • The user chooses whether to buy audiobooks the traditional way (individual titles) or by subscription.
  • There is an opportunity to adjust the speed of the speaker.
  • The platform is allowed to use for free and without advertising. 

The app syncs audiobooks linked to an account logged into specific reader devices. A monthly subscription costs almost $15 (the user gets access to one book of their choice from the entire selection as well as two titles from the Audible Originals corporate catalog). For other titles, you’ll have to pay extra.

The platform library contains over 100,000 audiobooks, most in high quality. Nearly 8,000 copies are free. The developers of the resource claim that hundreds of new audiobooks appear on the project site every week.


The reader allows you to play audiobooks offline (after downloading files). This often comes in handy when the Internet is weak.

The developers have added a sleep function (listening is interrupted if the system detects that the user is inactive). Moreover, in Storytel you can create your own bookmarks and notes, thematic lists of books. Filtering by various criteria is available in the free version. Other features of the platform: 

  • New customers can take advantage of a 14-day trial period.
  • With the purchase of a subscription, access to audio books and electronic catalogs without restriction.
  • Books for children and young adults has been added to the library.

Storytel offers an extensive library of audiobooks divided into 19 categories: crime novels, erotica, children’s poetry, business, economics and more. The monthly subscription is $5, and every new user can take advantage of a trial period.

Serial Box

It’s an app for the frugal. Instead of spending money on one voluminous novel or audiobook, book lovers can get shorter episodes. The Serial Box content library is perfect for everyday learning or recreation.

The developers created a customizable audio player with support for light and dark modes. Sound can be streamed to the AirPlay 2 speaker, HomePod. The interface and control buttons allow you to skip the intro/end and set the sleep timer.


The strong point of the presented digital product is a large number of functions and fast downloading. The user can view the history of files in the menu, detailed statistics on reading time, and customize the equalizer to his needs. Basic functionality of the platform includes:

  • Button to add audiobooks from the device memory.
  • Tools to adjust the speed of reading text.
  • Timer (triggers automatic shutdown).

With this app, you can adjust literally everything – color theme, automatic playback, navigation. You can change the parameters of rewind, interaction with a headset and other parameters. It’s allowed to create bookmarks or scroll through the open audio record. 

The developers have done everything to make it easy for people to listen to audiobooks and monitor how much time is spent on this process. In terms of monitoring and saving statistics won’t be a problem. Reading can still be set up in portions.


Downpour developers managed to collect collections of literature in different languages in the library. Most of the copies without DRM, there are selected audiobooks. The reader is offered more than 300 free public audiobooks in every genre: fiction, romance, business, science fiction, detectives and works for children.

The interface will not disappoint. Playback and rewind controls are simplified: chapters and 30-second skip, tabs, sleep timer. Support for loading and playing in the background will please. Users have the option to borrow the book for 30 or 60 days with the Downpour mobile app. 


This is an app for listening to publicly available audiobooks voiced by enthusiasts from around the world. The development team offers a functional and convenient player with a sleep timer and changing the speed of the audio stream.

Among the differences of the product: adding libraries and books from other sources, sections “Interesting” and “My books”, constant updating of the catalog. The player has integrated playback tempo functions, an alarm clock that stops audio at a selected time. 

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