The Best Ways To Backup For Your Business Data

The Best Ways To Backup For Your Business Data

Business and personal data have become one of the most important and costly aspects of modern business. This article looks at the main risks and examines the best ways to back up tour company data. 

Threats to data integrity and security that abound 

  • Cybercrime  

Computer and internet-based crime (Cyber-crime) has become one of the biggest costs for modern business and essentially now presents as one of the biggest industries in the world. This is where a criminal element purposefully targets your business data and looks to use it for their own gain. 

Data loss is, however, not only caused by cyber-crime and the following are all reasons that your company data needs to be backed up in a secure fashion and location: – 

  • Hard drive crashes or is damaged 

If a hard drive is damaged or crashes, that data stored therein can be lost forever or beyond recovery. Something as minor as the drive overheating can cause irreparable damage to the data. Hard drive failure can be sudden and unexpected, and as such, this is something that may not be anticipated but should be planned for by backing the data up. 

  • Theft of hardware 

The theft of hardware from office premises is a common enough occurrence for you to consider both insuring high-value equipment as well as having it all backed up. 

  • Accidental or purposeful deletion of data 

Internal malicious behavior has been seen to cost companies huge amounts in both data breaches and damage to data. Therefore, it is critical and essential to have a clear backup plan for your business data to combat these internal cyber-attacks from disgruntled employees. 

Ways to back up data 

  • Back up to the cloud 

This is an online service wherein your business will be able to send and store all company data in the cloud. It will provide a means to store the largest data sets in most formats, whether structured or unstructured. A great example of this type of backup is presented by AvePoint, which clearly shows how cloud storage can be achieved for your business to keep even the biggest data set safe. Keep in mind that you want to be able to access such backed-up data as soon as the current data crashes or becomes unusable. There should be no downtime for migration. 

  • Back up locally 

Locally, Area networks are a good way of storing smaller amounts of daily or weekly data on-site. It allows access to this data for all on-site and as immediate as the cloud, just in smaller amounts. 

  • An external hard drive 

An external storage device that is plugged in to download company data and then removed and stored somewhere safe is a common means of keeping company data safe. 

All these means of keeping your company data safe have pros and cons, but the safest means to back up a large amount of data is going to be in the cloud and then to have a backup of this somewhere local. It’s about having a multifaceted approach to data safety that considers all the types of data that the company uses and stores. 

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