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Steps to Launch Your Successful App in Market

Apps have dominated the market and leveraging a successful app is not a cakewalk. Over the years the app market has become drastically more competitive. With more businesses approaching mobile apps to make an online presence, it has become important to have a comprehensive mobile app launch strategy to launch an app.

Many enterprises are trying their level to gain fame in today’s app market. Mobile app marketing plan utilizes every user interaction from the moment they first learn about the product to the time when they become a loyal user. Mobile app marketing involves defining a target audience, how to reach them and how to communicate with them, and analyzingtheir in-app behavior to make continuous improvements as they move through the acquisition funnel.

Ultimately the goal of mobile app marketing strategy is to acquire customers which will not only drive repeat engagement but will become loyal customers for the product.

The below-written step-by-step guidance will help you gain ideas about the marketing strategy to “how to launch an app in India” and the measures to drive long-term success.

Things to do before launching an app

thing to do before launching an app

Before Launch or The Awareness Stage

The awareness stage of mobile app marketing strategy before the product is launched stage relates to brand awareness and product visibility. Specifically, how will the target users discover your mobile app? Before starting with the awareness stage, you must have a thorough understanding of brand and ranking. A brand resonates with customers through its values and purpose. Maintaining a brand position offers the opportunity with your product on a deeper level. Following steps and strategies must be followed during the awareness stage of your marketing plan.

User Research and Competitors

The first essential step in developing an app begins with doing market research as it identifies the demand for your product and shows the opportunities for stand out itself from the competition. In this competitive market, there is no space for similar apps.

A competitive analysis about” how to launch an app on android” helps to pin down who your exact competitors are. Gather sufficient information about who are the competitors in their space, what they are offering, and what you can do differently or better to achieve success in the marketplace. Research apps with similar features, their styles, and themes and how they are performing in the market.

While evaluating competitor apps, consider the following questions:

1. How are these competitor apps in the app stores?

2. Which method has utilized to successfully upload?

3. Which mistakes they have done or what should be avoided?

4. What is the distinguishing factor in them? and why do people love them?

5. What are their marketing resources?

6. Have your app brought some changes in the market?

Before launching the app, ensure that your concept doesn’t get repeated with other competitor apps. The more unique your idea will be, you can leverage more insights to target opportunities as it offers customers great value.

Understanding competitors, their product helps to understand the app and ensure that you don’t end up going head to head.

Create a website or landing page

Mobile websites seem to be one of the best sources of app installs. Creating a prelaunch landing page or a teaser video for your product. Once a video is created for your website, you can recycle the content by putting it in the app stores or on social platforms. It paves a way to do some early search engine optimization by starting to build your domain authority.

Once you create your website, you can collect emails so that to keep followers updated and let them know about the mobile app launch, its features, and updates. Collect reviews from customers or else your brand seems insincere.

Social Promotions and content marketing strategy

Social media platforms help you enhance your online presence and allows you to directly communicate with your target audience. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked In, Pinterest, and other social media platforms are most popular with people in this section.

Once you start writing a blog, you can drive traffic, convert first-time visitors into customers

Build trust with users through content.

This blog content can be utilized to engage contacts.

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    Before launching the app, beta testing is conducted to understand the experience of app performance with actual users. To develop a successful app, you must understand the user’s needs, the context of using the app, and its pain points. These insights help to find bugs, test interactions, and other implementation-based things like loading time. It is conducted to find bugs, interactions, and loading times too.

    The Acquisition Stage

    Post-launch, it’s important to focus on different strategies to get as many downloads in the first week after launch. The more downloads, the higher it will rank in the App Store search results. You can focus more on user acquisition strategies and focus on more profitable channels.

    Following strategies can be helpful to acquire users:

    1. Targeted paid ads

    After the app is launched, you can start working on some social platforms like LinkedIn which can prove effective for user acquisition. Based on demographics, you can consider platforms like Instagram and Twitter which can be utilized in reaching out to millennials. Targeted social ads let people have shorter attention spans as the ads convey the purpose of the product in no time.

    2. App store optimization

    Like search engine optimization helps to rank websites in Google rankings, you can involve optimizing app store pages to rank higher in search results. Once the app gets ranked for a certain keyword, it continues to rank for months. The better ranking of an app, the better visibility for potential users. The enhanced visibility leads to more app downloads.

    The selection of keywords and titles is important to enhance app downloads. It’s always a better idea to include screenshots and videos to explain the features and its latest updates.

    3.Localizing app

    Making the app accessible to your target audience is a good business practice as it requires you to change the language depending upon the location to ensure that the app is accessible to every market.

    The Retention Stage

    Till the time we have put our efforts to acquire users, the next step is to develop a plan of action for retention marketing to convert your new customers into permanent ones.

    Two-way communication works out

    A user will continue using the product if he found the best experience according to his requirements and preferences. Several brands use in-app messages to communicate with users which can be about the latest features, payment failures, or version upgrades. Audience segmentation ensures that the information is proving valuable to them.

    Monitoring app performance

    Measuring and monitoring the key metrics to understand app usage helps to improve rise the app features. Like for instance, in-app analytics like loading speed, screen, or any other issues offers insights into the app.

    Even social media offer valuable insights to monitor the app’s performance but also go through reviews and mentions on social networks. It offers a great understanding of the app’s position in the marketplace. These analytics of mobile app development companies can also be useful to keep track of social media analytics to find out which channel is working on app promotion.

    Push notifications

    Stats prove that push notifications enhance user retention, like the users who have opted into receiving push notifications exhibit 88% higher app engagement than compared to ones who haven’t.

    Mobile-specific rewards, quality-based content, coupons, special promotions, and other offers help drive conversions and enhance engagement.

    Following steps must be followed for continued success

    1. Getting users feedback is necessary

    If people are using your app constantly, they will require you to connect with the product. Offer them the opportunity to express their opinions to leave a review, but user experience should not be sacrificed by this tactic.

    2. Burst Campaign will be helpful

    Have you heard about the burst campaign before? If you are not familiar with the word, so let us explain it to you it is regarding the exposure of an app in which you aggressively purchase paid media exposure over a short period based on budget.

    It is done to get as many paid installs to boost ranking. The burst campaign is done to attract more organic downloads to keep up the momentum.

    Referral Bonus

    Who doesn’t like gifts? Yes, many apps have started offering bonuses or benefits when they promote app online. These methods are the best way to enhance their user base. For instance, you can take the example of Dropbox, which offered a referral program and increased the user base by 4,00,000.

    Launching an app is not easy as it seems to. It is done once but the mobile app journey doesn’t’ tend as the promotion, evaluation, and app strategy improvisation must be done to achieve real success.

    It’s quite obvious that you will overcome some issues while promotions in the market.

    These above-discussed tactics allow you to generate buzz in the market which can translate into traction once you are ready for downloads. If you are in search of some leading mobile app development companies, then you can get in contact with DxMinds Technologies. Their expert team will offer you help in developing the concept for the app. They have years of experience in the field of development of mobile app development. Their team will help you develop a user–friendly app with world-class features.

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