Investor’s Guide: Revealing Why Investing in Fantasy sports is Profit Making

Investor’s Guide: Revealing Why Investing in Fantasy sports is Profit Making

Games are a vital part of the human culture- right from ancient board games to Virtual reality games the playing mechanism got evolved. In recent decades, the Online Gaming Industry is inspected as a multi-Billion Dollar Industry all across the globe. Undoubtedly this incredible Industry has out-beaten other entertaining industries by assimilating the power of cutting-edge technologies.

Being recognized for having the world’s largest youth population and ranked second largest in terms of internet penetration, India is going to nail as a leading market in the gaming sector globally.

The most alluring and entertaining part of the Gaming industry is E-sports, and in the recent couple of years, India’s esports industry demand tremendously got increased and showed phenomenal growth with the essence of gambling. That’s the true fact indicating why investing in this flourishing industry where it has millions of hard-core fans going to worthwhile.

Some other facts tell Why Investing in Fantasy sports turns out to be a brave decision for generating great revenue.

Do you know this Online Fantasy sports platform has stunned larger foreign investment in India? Yes that true

Be with this guide that uncovers those facts and details of the Fantasy sports industry that fascinates you in investing in this profitable industry.

Let’s dig into those interesting things

Rise of Online Fantasy Gaming Industry in India with Market analysis

The fantasy sports business is achieving a high boom in the Indian Business world. The Entrepreneurs that stepped into this fantasy sports industry are enjoying huge success by gaining unimaginable revenue and rewards with a massive customer base in a short span.

The Love and craze for sports games like Cricket and Football in India can never be expressed by the hard-core fans.

Source: Federation of India Fantasy sports,(E-Estimated)

There are the fans that never miss out on any series of these games be it regional, national level games to international ODI’s

When it comes to Cricket, Indians are extremely obsessed and worship it as a religion and with this devastating pandemic, it has become hurtful for the fans to sit at home and miss all the cherished series. That’s where Fantasy sports mobile apps have filled the missing out gap and slayed the grounds by enabling the fans to make their favorite teams, place the predictions about which team would win the games.

Let’s show you some Market Overview of this industry that going to amaze you

According to Recent reports “Business of fantasy sports” presented by the Federation of Indian Fantasy sports(FIFS) and KPMG, the gross revenue of Fantasy sports operators reached Rs ~2,400 crore(US$ 340.47 million) for FY20 compared to Rs ~920 crores (US$ 131.64 million) in FY19- ~3X YoY increase.

In the Coming Years, the Indian Fantasy sports Industry is estimated to worth US$ 3.7 billion by 2024, opening up a great opportunity for newbies. The Indian gaming market has earned a 700% increase in the past decade in the number of fantasy sports operators and a 2500% hype in the number of fantasy sports users.

Source: Quartz Media,Inc

Presently the fantasy sports industry is at an Expansion stage, with several start-ups indulged in furious competition to attract the country’s 800 million sports viewers. Furthermore from Indian’s eternal love for sports mainly for cricket, low-cost internet penetration, and high use of mobile phones allured the start-ups to bet for the powerful investors.

Another revealing stats from Deloitte India will blow your minds. As per that company, the Online gaming industry is forecasted to grow at a compound annual growth rate(CAGR) of 40% to $2.8 billion by 2022 from $1.1 billion in 2019

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    What are Fantasy Sports and how it’s winning the interest of sports lovers?

    Cricket the single sports that cover almost half of part of the Indians sports economy and known to be national pride that is unmatched by any other form of entertainment.

    The emergence of fantasy sports platforms has heightened up the interest of sports enthusiasts by providing them a platform where along with watching the live matches they can make use of their favorite sports skills.

    Want to know how?

    Then let’s understand something about Fantasy sports 

    The Fantasy sports platform works on basis of live sports events where it is experiencing the same tenderness that is showered to the live sports. 

    Fantasy sports are the type of skill-based betting and prediction games allowing the players to choose their favorite player’s virtual team (Professional players from the live occurring matches) by analyzing the player’s performance on a previous game played basis. The best the chosen team players perform and score in live matches, the higher one could obtain the fantasy points. Finally, the users who are been ranked with the topmost points will be declared winners with a real money price.

    The actual reason behind the huge success of this platform is winning the real money part which has not even grabbed the attention of sports lovers but tempted the people who don’t hold any knowledge on sports.

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    Reasons Uncovering why Investing in Fantasy sports App turns out to be a wise decision

    Legal Online gambling laws and Regulation in India

    Gambling is a state subject, but several states in India set forth; if a chance-based game is played with speculation and risk then it’s gambling. But if a skill-based game is played with speculation and intelligence, it’s not gambling but real money gaming. That’s why there are no restrictions or offenses for playing fantasy sports.

    Less Competition 

    Currently, there are few but popular fantasy sports platforms that have been embraced by millions of users that notify the rate of survival of new fantasy platforms. It’s the perfect time to step into this thriving industry by investing in highly feature and functional apps with support from the expertise and reliable fantasy sports app development company. Certainly, there are great chances of survival since sports is the evergreen industry that doesn’t or less gets affected by obstacles.

    User Interest and love

    By getting to know about the fantasy sports platforms you might have understood why diverse people turned up towards these platforms. The real-time experience with real money price is what lures the users and the ease of portable games which can be played on digital devices is that make them stay committed and focused on the game. There is an unbelievable fan base for sports worldwide than any other industry, now or then but once people will definitely get engaged to the fantasy platform

    Tied up with several popular leagues 

    The Secret of Fantasy sports success is that these platforms have Onboarded with the popular leagues for different sports that the fact it actively been cherished by sports lovers. And the Cricket leagues it is the prime factor that amplified the success of fantasy cricket sports. Leagues such as IPL(Indian Premier League),Big bash league, T20 world cup, and more are the leading contributions to the boom of these platforms

    Along with Cricket, many other top games turning out to be the Fantasy sports

    Top Sports Games taking the part of Fantasy sports 

    Different sports games are the top interest for different people, some games have always been in the front of download charts.Let’s dig into those games that have made the Fantasy sports the top entertaining and fun platform

    • Cricket
    • Football
    • Hockey
    • Tennis
    • Golf
    • Chess
    • Auto racing
    • Rugby
    • Baseball
    • Basketball
    • Ice Hockey
    • American Football
    • Soccer

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    Earlier users use to have enjoyment just by watching their favorite sports but now the Fantasy sports that are roaring in the Online Gaming Industry has provided a platform through which users utilize their sports skills and knowledge to earn real money just by watching their favorite cricket series.

    Investing in such demanding and profit-making platforms which support a huge customer base and having less competition could result in achieving desired success and popularity.

    It’s highly advisable that while making Investment in the Fantasy sports arena take support from expertise and reliable Fantasy sports app development company that has high skills and expert developers with a solid history in building a world-class sports apps.

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