How to use Beacon technology at airport

How to use Beacon technology at airport

Are you one of those people who face anxiety at airports? If Yes, then nowadays there are several ways airports are implementing IoT solutions using the concept of connected devices.

The airports are finding new opportunities to make the traveling experience hassle-free. The beacon technology has come into the limelight like Bluetooth low-energy beacon devices. Airports have started innovative ways to offer the best traveling experiences for people.

How Beacon technology make airports a better place to live in?

In this tech-savvy world, people have started relying on their mobile phones and it becomes more true when it comes to a safe travel experience. Starting from downloading the boarding pass, check-in for flights in advance, these smartphones help to surf and catalog the travel experience. These mobile devices provide customers great flexibility to make their journey a great experience.

With the increase in usage, a vast amount of data is also getting generated, but the vast majority of unstructured data leave many businesses to sit back and analyze the data for better operation. Hence the businesses can benefit a lot with the help of beacon technology in aviation to use it in an effective manner.

What is Beacon technology?

Beacons are small wireless devices that send Bluetooth low-energy signals to nearby mobile devices. These beacons interact with a mobile application installed on the device and carry out specific tasks like displaying contextually message on the phone. Moreover, it sends coupons to nearby stores.

 These small BLE devices are connected with smartphones and associated mobile apps which helps in major tasks like indoor-way finding, tracking the movements, predicting, and serving the traveler’s requirements. It can trigger notifications, open web pages, push notifications directly to that mobile device. The only thing they need to do is to download an app which most airport beacon technology can be developed.

Following are some of how the beacon technology can be utilized by travelers:

Real-time updates and Navigation: Airports utilize beacon technology along with mobile apps to deliver real-time “day of travel” information directly to passengers in the airport. In case when passengers need to connect to another flight, beacon application can help the airport communicate with the traveler to give directions. When a traveler arrives at his connecting airport terminal, the beacon would be pinged by the app on his phone. In this way, the airport sends him the details and directions to his next flight. It helps the customer to stop staying in an information kiosk.

Visually impaired people can find their ways!

The beacons help visually impaired people with partial or visual imperfections. These two technologies i.e beacons and voice assistants offer a blissful solution for differently-abled travelers. The voice assistant offers guidance to a person according to the precise information provided by the beacon devices.

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Location Tracking

Integrating indoor maps into the existing airport apps by installing iBeacons. The beacon-based positioning system can cover a specific area respectively. A grid-based system creates a grid that helps in determining the traveler’s current location.

Beacons help promote dining and retail which is mostly a concern in developing their aeronautical revenue. If a traveler arrives in a terminal 90 minutes before connecting flight, the beacon offers information on nearby dining options, availability of food coupons at any new restaurant in the terminal. The beacon application development help to keep an eye on the performance of airports and their retailers. In case, the airports detect any issue that the beacon can incentivize traffic to the less crowded shops by offering promotions or discounts.

Management of passengers

Beacon gains information about passengers, airlines, and baggage which can be effective in planning service capacity, resources, and staffing. For instance, if an airport observes a crowd at a single checkpoint as compared to the other, then the resources can be easily diverted to the less crowded security place. Hence the beacons can be easily utilized to offer customers a great experience which allows the airports to allocate the resources where they are needed the most before the urgent requirement arises.

Enhanced Operational efficiency

Beacon technology help airports track their employees, in the case when an airport experiences a problem near any of the gates, the airport can check and see which employees ping at the location of problem occurrence. It allows a faster and efficient response to problems. In addition, beacons help detect, if any employee or individual tries to access any no-entry zone ensures proper airport security.

In general, beacons have different security features which are easily customizable. The usability of the beacons application ensures that the data generated is kept secure. With the increase in customer engagement, beacons generate analytics that provides airports with an opportunity to improve the experience they provide to their travelers, hence the data generated helps airports bolster their efficiency, organization, and their gains.

Used cases of beacon technology at airports

Deployment of a beacon at the airport eliminates the stress of check-ins, security so that the passengers can enjoy the time to have food and rejoice in other airport privileges.

Offers real-time information:

Airports utilize the beacon technology which is associated with a mobile app to deliver the information at their fingertips, updates on flight delays, gate changes, or baggage collection.

If there are any changes in the gate, when passengers are busy with other stuff, a beacon would ping the customer with real-time information about other information in real-time.

It helps you save time and energy by finding relevant and real-time information quickly and offering new information based on location.

Personalization at its best!

The beacon application software development helps you trigger relevant messages and send personalized deals to the passengers. The customers can be provided with discounts, perks, vouchers to drive customer engagement, enhance sales and build an online presence.

When you enter an airport, there are chances of getting confused, hence beacons come to the rescue. It helps passengers locate the easiest route of the bus or terminal with the help of indoor navigation. It enables passengers to search quickly the nearby vendors and services such as restaurants, ATM locations, or any other family restaurants.

In case, if there is a heavy rush at the boarding place, beacons help to allocate the additional resources at the busy location. The beacon helps to build predictive models to develop plan better layouts to provide a hassle-free experience.

Beacon offers the following advantages:

  • Offers personalization.
  • Enhances app engagement and retention.
  • Reduces the waiting time at airports.
  • Connects with the customer at the right time.

The Conclusion

The beacon offers an awesome experience to customers by making it more engaging, personalized with mobile devices. In the same way, the airport can also gain some valuable insights into passengers to help them achieve business goals.

It can communicate with travelers at the required time to help redefine the travel experience. If you also want to develop a beacon application, then feel free to come in contact with us. DxMinds team has great years of experience in the field of beacon application development.

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