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How to hire healthcare app developers?

If you are planning to start your business in the mobile healthcare industry, then gaining a market analysis is important. With the increase in innovative medical technologies during the pandemic, there is a surge in demand for medical startups to hire healthcare app developers to create their sophisticated applications.

Before initializing an on-demand healthcare application, the digitizing medical startup is necessary. Understanding programming languages is also essential.

Following are some of the ways to hire Healthcare app developers:

  1. The developers who have an understanding of the healthcare business beyond coding.
  2. Have client reviews and past work experience.
  3. Has the expertise to develop an app that runs on different platforms.
  4. Monetising an app is important.

The next step is to decide the team like in-house or outsource team.

In-house development means hiring employees to design, develop, test and release an app based on requirements. Hiring healthcare app engineers offers these advantages:

  1. Having a deep understanding of ideas and expectations
  2. Gives complete dedication to the project
  3. No constraints of the language barrier or time difference

Before going into these advantages, time and money need to invest in medical app development. The final cost consists of expenditure of hardware, software, licenses, rent, taxes, employee training.

Since there is a great pool of software developers, hence the desired candidates must meet both skill requirements and budget.

High staff turnover has also become a major issue. With the increase in demand, the demand for software engineers is also high. It is a challenging job to find new members.

Outsourcing the desired candidates has also become a common practice by an independent team or a single developer itself. The stats prove that outsourcing offers various advantages:

  1. Cost flexibility
  2. Hiring hassles will be resolved
  3. Pool of talented people
  4. Access to technologies
  5. Development speed can be decided according to the availability of teams

Outsourcing from companies where you cannot find the common issues of language barriers and time zone differences. The time zone differences aren’t a problem for developers who use Slack for communication, Jira for project tracking, and Zoom for conferencing.

It’s better to hire a custom healthcare software development company with IT specialists who speak English and exist in countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

The company is decided based on education, their level of technical education, English proficiency, range of technical competencies, experience with products of similar complexity to their own.

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    What are the must-have skills to hire Healthcare app developers?

    Semantic vocabularies

    The semantic vocabularies ensure that the clinical data is interpreted. The vocabularies such as LOINC, RxNorm, and SNOMED-CT among others.

    Interoperability in Healthcare

    Integration standards

    Since the health level- 7 2,x is the widest interoperability standard with the popularity of HL7-FHIR. Hence the healthcare software developer must require other standards like ANSIX 12n 5010, NCDP SCRIPT, DICOM, and HL7 v3 CDA.

    Integration frameworks

    The Integration frameworks offer an accurate mechanism for syntactic and semantic interoperability, offering a clinical workflow. The popular frameworks such as the Healthcare Information Technology standards panel(HITSP) and the most popular integrating the healthcare enterprise(IHE). These major EHR vendors engaged in IHE Connectathon require healthcare software developers to practice the IHE standards.

    Technical skills

    Big data AI

    AI has become the essential element in extracting healthcare data in both structured and unstructured manners. These large EHR players and insurance organizations can easily understand and implement these risk models, hence investment in big data and AI in the health sector has become important.

    Data security

    Data security is essential for the healthcare industry. Hence the app developer must possess the required knowledge of strong encryption tools, libraries, and secure coding practices.


    The stats prove that the big EHR vendors can offer solutions to the entire care delivery workflow. EHR vendors are promoting these small players to partner and utilize their systems as a solution platform. These major players have found it beneficial for a health app developer to learn integration standards such as HL7 FHIR and various frameworks.

    Domain Concepts

    1. Health Insurance Portability and accountability act
    2. Revenue cycle workflows
    3. Standards and certifications
    4. Food and drug administration

    Soft skills which cannot be overlooked

    1. Planning and Coordination
    2. Interpersonal
    3. Usability

    The common mistakes which must be avoided while hiringhealthcare app developers

    1. Verifying Credentials

    The app developers must be selected after verifying the credentials. For instance, you can ask about their last work and their clientele. Their portfolio can be verified so that there is a clear understanding.

    2. Money over skills

    Cost of hiring health app developers is one of the important factors especially for small businesses when hiring healthcare app developers. Make sure you hire the best professionals and you prioritize cost over skills.

    3. Slow and steady wins the race!

    The development of a successful mHealth app is a huge task that requires a designer, developer, and tester for a common platform. Every professional must have years of experience in the field of healthcare app development

    and testing.

    4. Product life cycle is also important!

    Mobile app development is a continuous process where healthcare professionals are required during the complete development of the mobile app and whenever the bugs are resolved. Consider the proper mobile app development lifecycle in the process of healthcare software developers for projects.

    5. Experience in the same field

    While hiring healthcare app developers, you must check the developer’s prior experience. It is always better to get in touch with an experienced developer who has great knowledge about the industry and customer behavior which can result in inbuilt apps.

     While hiring the medical app development projects, you can ask them the following questions:

    1. How much experience does any developer have?
    2. What are the last works in the same field?
    3. What is the process for healthcare app development?
    4. What is the most appropriate time at which developers can make changes?
    5. Which UI/UX design process, which can be adopted?
    6. Enquire about their coding standards?

    The Conclusion

    If you want to thrive in this competitive medical sector, then you need to utilize incredible health apps. For developing these mobile applications, you will require developers who are experts in innovative and user-friendly apps for the healthcare business. If you are in search of some healthcare apps, then DxMinds is the best destination for you. It is the best mobile app development company that leverage healthcare services for on-demand medical app development. Their expert team of mobile app developers who have the domain and functional expertise in medical mobile development. Our team utilizes the latest technologies in the healthcare apps like m-health apps, telemedicine apps, health monitoring apps, fitness apps, and many more.

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