Expert Tips: How to Hire Best Game Artists for your Gaming Project?

Expert Tips: How to Hire Best Game Artists for your Gaming Project?

In this crowded technological gaming world where a large number of people finding their career path in the gaming industry has made it difficult and more challenging for start-ups and entrepreneurs to find true artists that have hard-core passion and skills to accelerate their dream gaming projects.

No wonder that the whole world is roaring between the number of vacancies and the number of game designers and artists out there, you can easily get candidates with a typical recruitment process, but the troublesome part comes here is finding the right talent after a long battle.

You might be knowing that the Gaming landscape is changing towards advanced automation and digitization with emerging technologies this is the main cause that scaled up the demand for professional game artists.

So the question that arises here is where you can find the skillful gaming artists to hire?

To help you to figure out the right talent we have come up with the pro tips in this blog that would be more advantageous.

The entire blog is divided into different sections 

Ways to hire gaming artists

What would be the salaries of Gaming artists?

And Key requirements for gaming artists

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    Familiar ways to Find and Hire Game Artists in today’s World

    Freelancing Marketplace: Upwork, and more 

    These platforms help you to engage and collaborate with independent gaming professionals that are available to work and handle your projects remotely.

    Flexibility, Worldwide reach, independent role are some of the pros of hiring freelancers.

    Besides this platform provides you an amazing opportunity to hire gaming specialists based on your specific requirements and needs.

    Moreover, the platforms works like trial and error scenario imply sometimes by luck you might get the best gaming professionals, and most of the time you will get connected to the candidates who will be lagging in technicality, commitments, Productivity, and maintaining long term relationships 

    So you need to be more careful and cautious when you decide to hire Gaming developers or designers from this kind of platform.

    In-house employees well-trained and employed in company premises 

    Here you get to hire gaming specialists that are well trained, skilled, and will be working in a company environment.

    Of course, the cost to hire such professionals could be somewhat high because they will be working in company space with complete infrastructure and equipment.

    Difficulties might arises while settling accounts, but you will be satisfied in the end by the kind of services you obtain from them.

    The company professionals stand for their words and they definitely provide you the incredible services.

    Outsourcing or Outstaffing services 

    Outstaffing is a remote hiring model that is not only enforced in the gaming and IT industry but also its benefits are adored by construction, retail, marketing, and other big industries.

    The concept of outsourcing is simple so let’s make you understand with an example: DxMinds one of the top Game Outsourcing companies from where you can hire a dedicated and experienced team of professionals with the required skill sets and levels according to the terms of your project.

    The team you enlist from our company will be desired to work on your projects itself and but will be operated by DxMinds company office where legal, electronic appliance and other amenities will be taken care of.

    Asper the global customer’s reviews this model is considered the best choice to onboard qualified game development and designing resources with a productive environment where you will be embracing efficient gaming development services.

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      Significant Requirements for Hiring Gaming Artists

      Game artists will be paid high only if they have the talent to fulfill your ideas in the form of their creativity.

      Holding experience in building impressive games is enough to hire a game artist particularly when the resource has a strong portfolio of their artworks.

      Most of the companies hired those resources that have dedication, passion, and great work experience than the ones with degrees.

      What you need to examine while hiring the required gaming artist for building the powerful games.

      2D Game Artist 

      • Course in Game art and animation 
      • Strong drawing and sketching skills with competence to imagine and design from creative ideas
      • Experience in integrating audio files 
      • Great knowledge of zoology, texturing, and assets creation 
      • Systematic and standard workflow 
      • Solid understanding of visual language-Texture, color, dimension, shade, spatial awareness, and more
      • Strong knowledge of designing and animation software such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Maya, Mudbox, CAD, and more 

      Looking to hire an authentic 2D artist? Collaborate with us we will provide you the proficient and exclusive services in 2D art.

      3D Art 

      • Degree in art with great Experience 
      • Creating 3D Models of all the kind of assets and creatures 
      • Knowledge and proficiency with gaming engines 
      • Experience in creating sound effects with audio mix and design
      • Creation of textures for all the visual elements 
      • Strong knowledge of the gaming genres and latest trends 
      • Expertise in 2D and 3D animation by following animation principles 
      • Proficiency in using 3D illustration software such as 3DMax, Maya, ZBrush, Marvelous designers, etc.

      Hire 3D artist that have both creative and technological skills. 

      You might be possessing a great idea but to execute and implement that idea you should hire talented gaming artists for that you could collaborate with DxGamestudio from where you can get those skilled 3d artists who can depict your vision in games with their excellent 3d services 

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        2D Animation

        • Considerable experience in animation 
        • Creating storyboards according to the given script 
        • Building models, Drawings, and illustrations
        • Awareness about 2D animation software like Toon Boom Harmony, Adobe Creative Suite-Photoshop, illustrator, Flash, After effects 
        • Establishing great art backgrounds and layouts 
        • Designing images, Characters, and background graphics 
        • Capability to draw a variety of gaming styles and genres 

        For game animation services you need to focus on experienced resources then only your games can stand at a world-class level because they will be deeply aware of all aspects of animation.

        2D and 3D artists at DxGamestudio have the valuable experience and knowledge to provide high-resolution animation services with the utilization of advanced designing and graphic tools.

        Concept Art 

        • Illustration skills
        • Experience in life drawing 
        • Proficiency in graphic designing tools like Photoshop and more.
        • Strong experience in conceptualization an innovative idea from storyboard to final design
        • Knowledge of 2D and 3D content creation programs
        • Drawing, illustration, Modeling, and animation skills to build an art 

        Creativity, Innovation, and Originality are the key factors you need to consider while hiring concept artists. When it comes to unique and innovative style art hiring our concept artist team proves to be the best choice for making your game design the biggest hit

        Estimated Salary for Gaming artist

        As per the reports provided by Payscale the initial level game artist’s salary begins from $39K and the number gets increased to $75k for experienced and lead positions.

        The fact is more the experience a gaming artist is carrying the more they get paid.

        Besides experience level there many other essential factors that matter a lot in Gaming artist salary

        One is the specific gaming style and genre and the other is the scope of the gaming project.

        Even the salary differs based on the country where you are providing your projects.

        For example salaries in the USA is higher than in Asia(India) and Ukraine because of the cost of living expenses and other aspects.


        Your games will succeed or fail its outcome is completely dependent on the hired game artists and team. It’s too important to handover the projects to the best resources who have master skills to take them to another level.

        For that, you need to figure out the right way for hiring proficient and skillful specialists.

        In the above-mentioned hiring ways that are freelancing,outstaffing, or Outsourcing services you get convenience to hire the game artists based on project requirements which can be on an hourly basis, full-time basis, or fixed pricing model.

        If you choose outsourcing or Oustaffing you will be benefited in numerous ways. You can hire a whole team of game designers,2D/3D artists, animators, and Graphic designers through they can easily interact with each other and get connectivity while performing their specific designing tasks.

        If you thinking to work with the in-house game artists in a company? Then be ready for the kind of expenses that is required to build an A1 team.

        Willing to hire freelancers? Be available to take all the risks such as bad quality, poor performance, hectic delays, and more.

        By knowing all these ways you surely be looking for Outsourcing or Outstaffing services for hiring the best Game artists. Isn’t it?  For that also you need to pick a reliable outsourcing game development company like DxMinds that has helped the branded and reputed gaming companies by providing the dedicated, creative, and trustworthy gaming artists for their fantasized projects.

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