How to Develop Successful Healthcare App – Features and cost in 2021

How to Develop Successful Healthcare App – Features and cost in 2021

The digital wave has wrapped every part of the globe, from restaurants to the healthcare business. Many hospitals and medical institutions are availing the maximum benefits of healthcare app development and creating healthcare apps to offer efficient services to patients. Mobile medical healthcare apps are easily conquering the market rapidly. The m-health solutions are growing along with the utilization of smartphones. The focus of the health care system is now shifting towards patient-centric and more.

There is a large variety of medical apps, which monitor personal health, medication, monitoring, and dose as well. The stats prove that the medical app market has crossed over $20 billion.

The increase in revenue collected from healthcare apps is offering new opportunities for many mobile app development companies in healthcare. Hence, let’s figure out how a healthcare app:

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    Research the current marketing trends in the industry

    Conduct large-scale market research on current healthcare industry trends before the development of healthcare applications. It helps to conduct market research and figure out modern industry.

    Identifying the target audience

    Before the development of a custom healthcare application and the cost of developing a healthcare app, it is essential to identify the target audience. The extensive market research helps to determine the demographics of the target audience. Hence you can customize the specific requirements of the audience. For instance, you can get answers to the questions like; who uses healthcare apps, what common health problems can be addressed by the application, how can the app resolve the problems faced by users, what are their preferences?

    Health and fitness app

    Health and fitness apps cater to people who need to improve their fitness lifestyle. It offers a wide range of workout routines and personal fitness data.

    Health record and insurance apps

    Must-have features for your healthcare app

    Once you have decided to build a successful healthcare app, you can highlight the functionalities to add. These features determine the cost to develop a medical app. Here are some features which should be included in a healthcare app:


    Patient data and privacy must be a concern in medical app development, hence the app must come with multi-factor authentication to protect user data.

    Camera functionalities

    If the patient needs some virtual consultation with doctors, then integration of camera functionalities helps the app for it to function according to that. Features like photo and video, OCR video procession, complex image processing are essential in-app functionalities to healthcare apps.

    Social media feature

    Any healthcare app must come up with social media features where users can easily receive notifications, offer messages to healthcare providers and interact with other patients via groups and other social media channels. You should consider adding a personal profile, messaging features, push notifications, and forums.

    Utilize Cryptocurrency

    During a healthcare app development, it’s essential to offer users cryptocurrency payment options. The customers can easily pay with cryptocurrency along with the utilization of credit or debit cards.

    The healthcare app must have a chat feature to help users converse with doctors or medical practitioners regarding their health issues.

    Advanced AI algorithm

    The advanced algorithms help the healthcare apps to diagnose patients, track symptoms, and give prescriptions. If you want to integrate symptoms, the healthcare app must include those functionalities.

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    Notification setup

    The healthcare app must be able to offer notifications about their diagnosis, medical records, health status.

    The platform must be pre-decided to consider which kind of healthcare app must be supported. Generally, it is advisable to develop an app that works on many platforms. Following are some of the platforms you should consider:

    1. Desktop– If the niche audience wants to have a healthcare app in their offices, then it is important to make your app compatible with desktops. The desktop apps have a great smooth experience.

    2. Mobile – Mobile applications are great to use as it is easily available within the touch of their fingertips. The healthcare apps must be easy to install and update with the help of a single tap.

    3. Tablet- Tablets offer users more screen time and completely display the app’s interface beauty.

    Let’s move on to the features and functionalities of the healthcare mobile app

    Regardless of the application, the must include features into the healthcare application to fulfill the user requirements are as follows:

    1. User -login- Access the app content safe and quickly.

    2. User profile- It helps manage their accounts.

    3. Push notifications- It helps to manage communications in a better way.

    4. Messaging system- Establish a communication channel between doctors and patients.

    5. Payment gates- Ensures a safe and convenient payment system

    6. Promo Code/ Referral code

    7. Admin panel- Helps admin to manage app content.

    The below functionalities must also be included :

    1. Video calls- These healthcare apps must have video calling features to help doctors and patients enjoy a real-time conversation in real-time.

    2. Medical device Integration- Integrating healthcare app with the medical devices. For instance, the app integration with certain devices helps users with diabetes to have an eye upon their glucose level.

    3. automation- The addition of pills must be done to track health.

    4. Medical Record management- These features help users to manage patient’s medical records.

    The development cost to create healthcare depends upon the location of the mobile app developers, as the hourly rate of resources varies from country to country. The cost of developing a simple health app for a single platform cost from $45000-$80,000 and the cost of developing complex healthcare apps cost around $80,000- $120,000. The overall development stage from launch to maintenance costs around $400k.

    Do you require an experienced technology partner for healthcare app development?

    Since the healthcare industry is adopting some new technologies than ever. Hence understanding the patient’s requirements in a mobile app is a must and developing a healthcare app to match the requirements is a great game altogether. If you are looking out for an experienced partner to develop an incredible health app and understand the healthcare app development cost, hence get in touch with DxMinds technology, the leading mobile app development company. They have a great team of web and mobile application developers with vast years of experience in emerging technologies like AI and IoT.

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