How to Develop an EV Charging Station Finder App?

How to Develop an EV Charging Station Finder App? 

The face of mobility is completely changing with the growing technological world. One of the most used non-renewable resources we have used is petrol/diesel for transportation. Now we are on the verge of exhausting these non-renewable resources leaving a void for the future generation. But technology has a solution for all the problems. The upcoming era will witness the most eco-friendly type of vehicles which will be running over electricity. It’s been half a decade, electric vehicles started gaining prominence and acceptance all across the world, and now approx. 5% of total vehicle users have upgraded to electric vehicles. It is estimated that the count of electric vehicle users will frequently grow and will reach 60%of total vehicles on road in the upcoming 30 years.  

With the growing number of electric vehicles, a charging station is another basic need to expedite the use of electric vehicles. There are several electric vehicle charging stations in various locations and each of these is connected to the charging networks. To simplify the use of electric vehicles, users may need to track the locations of charging stations and this can be easily done using an app.  

Now, most automobile companies are targeting to develop EV charging station finder app. Before you start developing an app you must be well aware of the must-have features, development procedures, and cost. If you are also willing to hire a mobile app developer in New York and willing to know the detailed procedure to develop an EV charging station finder app then you are on the right page. The below details will help you know your objective thoroughly.  

Why do we require an EV charging station finder app? 

With the continuous growth of electric vehicles on the road, the numbers of electric vehicle charging stations are also increasing all across the country. As the EVs are having a certain capacity to run and further it requires charging so it might be necessary for an EV driver to know the location of EV charging stations at a particular distance based on the capacity of their vehicle. Here, an EV charging station finder app can play a vital role. The EV driver can plan the charging stations on the way by checking on the app. Or in case, the driver realizes that his vehicle is running out of power on the journey and immediately requires a charging station, again EV charging station finder app can help him locate the nearest station making his journey easier.  

Must-have Features in an EV charging station finder app: 

If you are willing to develop the most lucrative EV charging station finder app then you must consider the below-listed features in your app to make it user-friendly and efficient.  

  1. Register: 

To start using an app, first, a folk must get registered with the app to share their details for authentication. The user can either use their phone number or email address to get registered with the app. Further, the user must be availed with an option to set their password and a sign-in option. 

  1. Dashboard: 

An app must have a personal dashboard for the user allowing them to add their details, such as car number, license details, and more. 

  1. Nearby charging station: 

While driving the driver must be able to locate all the nearby charging stations along with the estimated distance and time required to reach there. Also, the app must be facilitating the user to predetermine the location of the EV charging station on a selected route.  

  1. Filter: 

The app must avail an option to filter out the search based on certain criteria, such as location, rating, review, service, etc.  

  1. Booking slots: 

To pre-charge the electric vehicles, the users must also have an option to book the charging slot at a specific station.  

  1. Payment options: 

The app must offer multiple payment options to the users to make the use of the app hassle-free. The app must offer an inbuilt wallet, UPI options, payment directly from the bank using credit/debit cards, and also the option to pay by cash. 

  1. Billing history: 

Everyone wishes to have an eye on their expenditures, especially when it’s a daily expense. Your app must have an option to keep a track of your EV charging bills along with the date.  

  1. Push notification: 

The EV charging station finder app must have an option to send push notifications to the user about upcoming charging stations, a reminder of booking, and more.  

  1. Chat support: 

In case, the user is finding any difficulty in operating the app in anyways or having any query about the services or features of the app, he can immediately get connected with the expert support and get an instant solution. 

Tech stack required to develop EV charging station finder app: 

Being a complex solution with a wide range of features, the EV charging station finder app is developed using various latest technologies, few of those are listed below:  Features Technology 
 Framework Laravel 
 Server NGINX 
 Cloud environment Google, AWS, Azure, and VULTR 
 Database MySQL, MongoDB, Mail Chimp integration, Hbase, Cassandra 
 Payment  Paypal, EWallets, and Braintree 
 Real-time analytics Hadoop, Bigdata, IBM, Apache Flink, Spark, Cisco 
 Push notification, Twilio, Firebase cloud messaging, Amazon SNS 
 Phone verification Twilio, Nexmo 

Cost to develop an EV charging station finder app: 

There are several mobile app development companies in San Francisco helping various companies to develop the best EV charging station finder app. The cost to develop an app completely depends on customer’s requirements. An average cost to hire mobile app developer in ____________________ range approx. $150 per hour.  


EV is one of the rapidly growing solutions for the near future and hence there will be a great demand for EV charging stations. It is troublesome for the riders to determine the location of the EV charging station. An app that can track and locate the charging station can make the drive of the users very easy. Now, most of the automobile companies are heading towards mobile app development companies in Washington DC to develop a feature enrich EV charging station finder app which may cost around $120-150 per hour.  

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