How to design a better UX for blockchain technology

How to design a better UX for blockchain technology

Are you well prepared to build a Blockchain application? Do you how to design a better UX for blockchain applications? 

Before initiating the blockchain application updates, let us take a quick look about blockchain and Blockchain development companies.

Blockchain is one of the latest technology about which the complete world is talking. It has revolutionized traditional transactions and introduced digital currencies like Bitcoin, Etherum, and a lot more to the complete world. It has myriad applications like stocks, art, and a lot more, hence blockchain technology must be developed carefully.

If you are building a blockchain application, utmost care must be taken to design it with the best UX design. If the UX design is poor, then it will turn out to be a big failure, since it combines the principles of business analysis, research, and product discovery to propose simple and functional product design.

The user experience is something that makes it outstanding from the world, as it only makes things accessible to the users and makes it more mainstream.

Let’s dig in some of the details of why blockchain UX designing companies is facing issues:

Since the functioning of blockchain is non-understandable, and it is how when they are unable to reap the benefits of this amazing technology. Hence list down some of the issues faced by blockchain architecture design:

Fear on non-under stable words

There is a small number of people who understand these blockchain and cryptocurrency concepts. An average person will not understand terms like DLT, Dapp, and altcoins.

Addressing some difficulty

People find difficulty in remembering the address as it looks like 5fhfklflfY67abamdddudbds. 

The blockchain UX design company keep the address for privacy purposes, but still, it seems to be a problem.

Not common features

Yes, there are some extraordinary features in blockchain like smart contacts, but it requires an experienced engineer to understand and implement this. Every exceptional feature must be handled by experts who have blockchain experience.

Experts are just a click away

    Transaction speed is less!

    Whenever a transaction takes place, it requires 10 minutes to process and verify. But sometimes a transaction can take time and can be queued for hours in the transaction pool.

    It is related to aspects of the Bitcoin blockchain, like the size and transaction fee. The transactions take time since as there are only some transactions per block that used to get mined every day. Hence transactions are queued for hours to be completed and verified.

    A voluntary fee is to be submitted to the block author when any new transaction is committed to the block. In case, if a user has selected a lower fee, then the transaction can be left in the transaction queue for a long time.

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    Transparency is at risk!

    Blockchain offers you complete transparency, but still, if you take a single look at the blockchain explorer, then it requires weeks to understand the real source of their cryptocurrency. The information presented is too complicated and non-understandable by people.

    Now when you understand the blockchain UX designs, let’s take a glance at why we require to take help from UX designing agencies for better UX design and improve the current blockchain design:

    Trust is the foundation

    Trust is a feeling which has always been a factor in developing a strong bond. And blockchain application somewhere doesn’t gain it from people around the corners every day. You must work on ways to build trust in your application like in case when you hire a designer for blockchain ux designing company, consistency and appearance must be considered. 

    The application must not fail in terms of quality in appearance and match with existing products. Like if you liked the visual styles, clear language, and iconography, then trust can be gained.

    When an application is introduced to a newbie, he/she must be given the freedom to understand every aspect of the product to build transparency.

    Creating a consistent UX/UI design requires you to take care of the following factors:

    1. System feedback and notifications

    2. Deal states.

    3. User types.

    4.Records and audits of various actions.

    Reviews are important

    Reviews play an important role in enhancing the engagement level with users. Be open to offering feedback to your users. 

    Next time when you receive or transfer money, give them feedback because it also builds a sense of clarity and validation in your process.

    In case, a basic component of enterprise DLT apps is forms. It helps users have communication with the system and other users.

    Help the user understand the requirements, their concept, and how to retrieve this kind of information.

    Take care when you designing decisive forms like you must split forms into steps. It is a great practice to be followed while designing decisive forms.

    According to each currency, it must have a different number of decimal places and the fields should automatically adjust the DPS to the currency.

    Educating the client 

    The UX design and application blockchain interface are some of the factors which can be utilized to approach the target audience and gain exposure to your product requirements. The blockchain user experience designing servicesbuilds a connection and trust between users and developers.

    Offer content in which the screens work and inform them in creative ways about how platforms work in another way of educating them on your product.

    The explanation must be simple and understandable to users. Educating them on how to utilize the product can also help your drive adoption.

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    Communication does wonder 

    Whenever you are developing a product, you should communicate with users. The stronger the engagement of users the more widespread adoption you can gain on your product. Customers always want better quality in terms of quality, standard, and UX design.

    There are some blockchain design principles which blockchain user experience designing services must follow when it comes to UX design for blockchain.

    While designing UX for blockchain, you must understand what problem you are solving, who you are solving it, and why you are solving it.

    The ideas for the blockchain-based project requires to be valid, otherwise, it can be a total failure. Designing a user-centric UX design for Blockchain focuses more on validating learning through rapid prototype testing. You can launch a product that everyone requires in the market, which can be more accessible and engaging and leading to more adoption among users.

    Communicate with the users on the basis of credibility factors like design quality , upfront disclosure of information, comprehensive content, and a connection to the rest of the world. A consistent UI and easy iconography, helps to easily communicate with the user and reduce the amount of learning.

    If you are utilizing blockchain, then you will be familiar with certain words related to a blockchain platform, but the user does not need to have any prior knowledge regarding the technical terms used in blockchain experience. Hence creating a great UX design for your blockchain platform must be done to reap the rewards of blockchain technology.

    A unique UX design for blockchain will be easily understandable by the user, hence make sure that when you hire blockchain ux designers,they must have a good understanding of blockchain architecture design.

    The Conclusion

    With the increase in demand for good UX design for blockchain applications, there is more demand for hiring great UX designers. DxMinds is a leading blockchain application development company, which has impressive years of experience in the field of design and development. Hire Blockchain developers to help you design a customer-friendly UX design.

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