How to build your charging point for electric cars?

How to build your charging point for electric cars?

Why there is so much hype about electric cars? Yes, even you also might have given a thought about it. We are the last generation to rejoice the natural resources like water, fossil fuels, and a lot more, so we need to find other sources of energy. Electric cars are one of the best solutions to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels and reduce pollution on other hand too.

Electric cars are better for the environment. Let’s list down some reasons:

  • Car buyers switch over to electric cars because they are better for the environment. These fully electric vehicles never utilize an exhaust system as they have no emissions. These electric cars help achieve cleaner air.
  • Electric cars are a good renewable resource
  • Electric cars can be powered with renewable resources like solar, wind, and water power. The homes where solar panels are installed in the home can power up the electric car in the garage. These electric cars cost one-third the cost of gas-powered vehicles to run. These utilize regenerative braking to add to the energy the car requires.
  • Since these electric cars don’t require any oil change, hence no other maintenance and repairs are associated with electric cars.
  • Electric cars run fully on battery power hence it doesn’t make much noise, hence noisemakers must be installed to help pedestrians know.
  • Owning an electric car receives credits on their tax returns since they are taking a big step towards a green environment.
  • If you own an electric car, you can bypass traffic during rush hour by utilizing the carpool lane.

Despite so many advantages, why electric cars are not popular? Yes, along with several advantages, there are disadvantages too which draws back the customer from selecting it.  The cost of an electric car and charging station are generally some of the drawbacks of the electric car. We cannot change the cost of an electric car, but this blog can help you build a charging point at home itself.

These electric models of specific cars are always more expensive than their gas-powered equivalents. The basic electric models’ price ranges between $30,000 with luxury models climbing up to $80,000 and more. With the increase in its demand and technology evolution, this price gap is likely to close. A car lover will not like to spend more than $10,000 on an electric car. Hence installing electric vehicle charging station at home is the best available option.

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    Getting a charging station

    With time, it has become important to recognize that electric cars are changing with time and their technology is still evolving. Many people are selecting electric cars to utilize a rechargeable battery-powered engine in place of a typical gas engine.

    In some of the areas, electric charging stations are hard to find. These conditions make a road trip difficult where you can’t take your charging station but you can build your charging station.

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    electric car charging points at home

    With the development of electric vehicles, charging stations have evolved. Finding public charging stations in big cities is a daunting task. These require no maintenance staff or cashiers and they require little space.

    Over years, the electric car charging stations have become overpriced with installation costs to items that you can pick from hardware stores and install yourself.

    There is one smart option also like build your own ev charging station, rather than driving to local people and installing a unit.

    How to build your own charging point at home?

    You might be thinking about the hard work you need to do regarding how to install car charging point, but all thanks to the homemade portable electric car charging station

    Before start collecting materials and developing charging equipment, you need to gain some expertise in working with electronics circuit. In case, if anything goes wrong with the home-built unit, the complete responsibility is yours to fix it.

    The question arises – How to make ev charger at home?

    You can easily charge an electric car at home utilizing a dedicated home charger. A dedicated home charger refers to an electric vehicle supply equipment(EVSE) cable.

    To facilitate faster-charging speeds, electric car drivers select a home charging point is beneficial.

    Charging an electric car is like charging a mobile phone and top-up during the day.

    Charging an electric car at home

    To get an electric car at home, you should install a charging point where you park the electric car. Utilize an EVSE supply cable for a 3 pin plug socket as a backup.

    1. This electric car charging points installation regulations proves to be beneficial since it has built-in safety features.

    2. A home charger needs to be a compact unit that mounts to a wall with a charging cable or socket used for plugging in a portable charging cable.

    3. These chargers when loaded with open source code which not only negotiates the required power requirements with the car when it is plugged into but also switches off power if anything goes wrong.

    It’s a simple and mind-blowing idea, which has proven to be an affordable electric car charging station.

    How to charge electric car at home?

    Following materials are electric vehicle charging station requirements:

    • A big box
    • A couple of sockets(generally the common EU type is used)
    • Raspberry PI3
    • Relay module( generally two channels are used, but the extra channels can be utilized for future enhancements)
    • Sufficient power supply( a generic one with 5V 2A output will be just fine)
    • Wires and connectors(like WAGO 222and 19 AWG wire)
    • Draw a simplified image of the charging:
    • Attach the relay module to Raspberry PI 3 by utilizing a built-in GPIO port.
    • Connect Raspberry 3.3V, GPIO17, and GPIO 27 according to the shown image.
    • Make sure that the relay module supports 3.3V level triggering.
    • Power up the external charging sockets, a power cord, and internals using screws, good zip ties, and thermal glue.
    • Check the Raspberry PI GPIO layout to locate the GPIO17 and GPIO27 pins.

    Verify the relay module and speed up the Raspberry PI in the following manner:

    1. Use the SSH command: ssh pi@

    2. Utilise the built-in gpio command-line app to enable the pin:gpio -g mode 17 outgpio-g mode 27 out

    3. Use the gpio command-line app to make change the channels

    The final step is to wire connections. WAGO conductors is the most convenient way to do the connections, crimp the wire.

     Before switching on the power, test the wiring.

    A multimeter will be best by replacing the 220V with a low voltage supply.

    After finishing every wiring chore, you can set up your personal EV car charging station.

    Cost of installing a dedicated home charger for electric vehicle

    You might be thinking of installing a dedicated home charger but tensed about costs?  A charging point can costs from $449 along with the government OZEV grant. After the successful installation, you need to pay only for the electricity you use.

    The cost of driving an electric car is about 2-5p per kile hence these drivers can save a lot as compared to driving a petrol or diesel car.

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    How fast you can charge an electric car at home

    These home charging points can charge your car at 3.6kw or 7kw giving about 15-30 miles per hour of charge. Maximum charging speed may be limited onboarding the charger.

    Managing load on home energy supply by charging an electric car

    An electric car can be charged at home, but the load can damage your main fuse. To avoid overloading main fuse, these smart home chargers automatically balance by your charge point with the rest of your home, ensures that it never exceeds the available supply.

    It also avails you to charge cars simultaneously without manually switching between them.

    The Conclusion

    The above-written blog answers to this question like- “How to build your own ev charging station” and you will have gained sufficient information regarding its procedure, cost , installation requirements and a lot more. Folks are taking a big step towards the green environment in various ways. Getting an electric vehicle is one of them. Despite its cost and other demerits, people are giving thought to these battery-powered cars. You can easily build a charging station and charge your electric cars according to your requirements. Get an electric car and feel the change.

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