How on-demand Delivery apps are transforming day-to-day lifestyle?

How on-demand Delivery apps are transforming day-to-day lifestyle?

Have you ever realized how our lives have become easier, relaxing, and comfortable? Everything got changed within a flash of a decade with the power of technology, isn’t it? 

The way we use to purchase the products or get the services in earlier times has drastically got transformed with the emergence of On-demand Delivery apps. 

However, in the recent and ongoing covid-19 pandemic these On-demand delivery apps have reached the hype by turning out to be the savior for accessing the essential services without risking our lives. Before these outbreaks, these incredible delivery apps have made their dependency globally by unleashing the magnificent facility for purchasing or buying products at the figure tips and getting it delivered at the doorsteps.

Let’s understand from its debut which was made in mid-2009 with an app known to be Uber that has disrupted the traditional cab-hailing services. 

Today Uber is crowned as the most popular and successful cab-hailing app across the world. Getting impressed by Uber’s concept and its fame, diverse industry businesses have replicated the stunning Uber concept in their business models to provide ease for customers to get services to get delivered at their comfort.

Most reputed brands such as Grofers, GrabHub, Lyft, and more which has turned up from start-ups to well-established firms with the strong support of the On-demand delivery model.

It’s quite not right to remark that On-demand delivery apps have downgraded traditional businesses, but rather it has made everyone’s life easier and smoother by building an online bridge between business and customers.

These likable concepts providing doorstep delivery got flourished in every business be it food, groceries, electronic devices, medicines, or any other essential items.

Some of the remarkable apps have fuelled the revenue of the On-demand economy. At this point, have a look into some stats of On-demand delivery that will amaze you.

  • Based on research by 44.1 million smartphone app users have installed one food delivery apps in 2020 and it is expected to reach 59.5 million 
  • Platform to consumer delivery known to be the market’s largest segment has covered market volume of US$70,741m in 2020 according to
  • As per the Apptopia On-demand delivery apps such as Instacart, Walmart Grocery, and Shipt has hit a surge of daily downloads by 218%,160%,124% respectively in 2020

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Which Sectors has embraced On-demand Delivery App Concept?

On-demand delivery apps have got introduced in several industries. More than providing the ease of delivery these apps have standardized and simplified our day to day schedules. Below mentioned are some of the popular industries that are operating with On-demand delivery apps.

Food and Beverages 

This is one of the most booming sectors that has grabbed trillion-dollar revenue through the On-demand delivery concept and anticipated to reach another advanced level in coming years.

On-demand food apps empower the users to order the favorite meals from nearby restaurants just in few clicks which get delivered on doorsteps within a short time.

Food is something that is incomparable to any other sectors because it is a necessity and it is a most global industry having a larger user base and market penetration.

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Cab Booking 

On-demand has become the catalyst for taxi-hailing businesses by providing an effective way for to users book the services through apps.

Taxi-hailing apps like Uber, Ola, and Jungoo have set the benchmark by acquiring millions of downloads that have enabled the users to find and book a nearby taxi by utilizing mobility features such as GPS and Map Navigation. Apart from these, customers can even interact with drivers in real-time through chat or phone calls to learn about the status of taxi arrival.

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Getting the healthcare consultation is now easier or uncomplicated through On-demand telemedicine and medical apps that offer healthcare services at the comfort of home. With these On-demand applications, users can easily get an appointment and could leverage expert or specialist advice anytime, anywhere through video call or chat features.

The most advantages part about On-demand medical apps is that it is accessible 24/7 without any travel constraints.

Home Services 

On-demand Home services delivery apps have provided ease to users for accessing the day-to-day services such as beauty, wellness, cleaning, plumbing, movers, and packer and more easily and effectively. 

These apps are an incredible solution for local businesses as well as for customers to generate revenue and embrace the services at few clicks.

Popular examples for On-demand service delivery apps that have provided the greater opportunity for the assistance of basic services are TaskRabbit, Handy, Homejoy, and more.

Flowers and Gifts 

Flower and Gifts shops have left no stones unturned by seizing the online presence through building a dedicated On-demand gift and Flower delivery apps. Within a short time, users can leverage their ordered gifts and flowers at their doorsteps.

Today most of the users got used to this On-demand delivery market apps due to some attractive features that include:

Variety of products available 

Preferred delivery time slots &

Doorstep service.

Logistics and Transportation 

On-demand delivery apps have brought goodwill for transportation and logistics service providers for delivering packages from one place to another. These sort of applications empowers customers to transfer parcels anytime and anywhere.

On-demand transportation, real-time tracking, in-app messaging between customers and suppliers, quick payment, and more outstanding features of On-demand delivery apps have made users get obsessed with these applications.

Top Benefits that On-demand Delivery apps uncover for businesses and Customers

Enable businesses to reach specified ROI 

As everyone is aware of the fact that all the business operations and activities got converted into digital platforms through which the mobile users got habituated in using these platforms so it will be a brightening opportunity for businesses to invest in mobile apps by formulating a creative business plan and strategy.

If you are running a grocery, restaurant, taxi or any other business creating an on-demand app could turn out to be the best solution for your business investment. You can generate a great return on investment for your business by hiring an expert mobile app development company for building your envisioned business apps 

Helps the businesses to provide the most to the customers

On-demand apps widen up the way to reach customers with a lot of outstanding opportunities. With the help of the apps, it is very easy to understand the user’s interest, and based on that you can customize the services and categories of your app. 

Through these apps, it is desirable to deliver the specific products to the customer’s doorstep and make sure that they are satisfied with the delivered services and products through feedback or reviews.

In simple terms, building apps can help you to provide customer-centric services 

Customize your quote

    Best fit for all the types of Business

    The facts that empower the extreme popularity of On-demand apps is that it can be used for the all the kind of business organizations. On-demand apps could be easily customized according to the business services and needs regardless of the size, sector, or scale 

    Start-ups bearing On-demand delivery apps could leverage similar benefits as large-scale businesses possessing on-demand delivery apps with user-friendly features and functionalities.

    Achieve a Competitive edge over your competitors 

    By getting On-demand apps you can modernize your business according to customer’s needs and wants. Customers and their interest keep on evolving and that’s the reason for the popularity of on-demand apps that enables your business to easily cope up with customer demands.

    They can be effectively customized according to the market trends and situations through which you can gain a competitive advantage over your competitors. 

    Empower you to reach a huge audience base

    On-demand apps come with immense benefits especially in expanding your business customer base and serve your customers better. Besides these apps are more focused on the younger age audience who are the active users of the digital platforms that aim in embracing everything through mobile apps.

    Youth are opened to new concepts and ideas and you can easily reach their expectations and desires through the help of On-demand apps.


    In the present Corona disaster era On-demand delivery applications have witnessed a tremendous spike and to make your business survive in this epidemic you need to get an On-demand Delivery Apps with the support of a reliable Mobile app development company from which you earn powerful benefits and higher economics by bringing more value to your business according to the current and future scenario.

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