How Much Does it Cost to Develop On-demand Delivery app like Rappi?

How Much Does it Cost to Develop On-demand Delivery app like Rappi?

On-demand delivery apps have become an indispensable part of everyone’s life, in simple words, it has created a kind of dependency without which it’s unimaginable for people to get their work done quickly in the day to day busy routine

One of the apps known as Rappi also a Columbian start-up is now acquiring great demand and has become one of the most popular multipurpose apps that have excelled the prominent apps like Uber and Airbnb. The boom behind the app is the conceptualization that is entirely unique when compared to other delivery apps.

The Rappi app intends to deliver everything which is on-demand from groceries, food, alcohol, medication, apparel, and electronics, and later added up the bike rental, travel, and rudimentary backing services such as Paying bills and delivering cash.

By looking at the success and need of this application most of the visionaries are craving to know the cost to develop an app like Rappi and the essential features to integrate to develop a Rappi like an app.

So to help you in shaping out the most hit solution like Rappi we have cooked up one blog that reveals everything about the Rappi development from features, technologies to cost.

Excited to get educated, then go with the flow of the blog without missing any part

What Is Rappi and when it started?

Rappi was invented in 2015 by Simon Borrero, Sebastian Mejia, and Felipe Villamarin. Initially, it was focused to be the food and grocery delivery app; later on, by achieving the positive frame the app has grown to be a whole ecosystem and gained the value of $3.5 billion and is supported by Japan’s Softbank. Rappi presently stepped its foot in 55 cities across seven Latin American countries including Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, and Uruguay, and serves over 13 million users.

There is no secret that various start-ups have been participating in the race of the On-demand but only the ones that inhale the innovation in the concept can win this cutthroat race. Likewise, the On-demand delivery app like Rappi has come into existence with the user tempting concept by becoming the One-stop solution for getting A-Z basic services. 

Rappi is a user-oriented app that desires to deliver 24/7 on-demand delivery services.

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    What is the reason behind the tremendous popularity of Raapi?

    Rappi is built with ultimate technologies and functionalities that is one of the main reasons behind the success of Raapi and it is completely focused on making customers satisfied by stressing to deliver timely services. 

    The Best part of the Raapi is it is collaborated with honest independent contractors, performing the right marketing campaigns, and works with necessary intelligence.

    Here we have listed the most genuine success reasons behind the Rappi:


    To achieve great heights and to stand out different from the competitors it is always believed to experiment with new emerging things. And Raapi is highly focused on experimentation with the only goal to thrill their end customers by lessening down the risk factors

    Data Analysis 

    Data-driven tools are been used by Raapi to recognize how their services and product experience are impacting the customers. Besides it also figures out the conversion metrics to learn about the customer needs.

    Targeting Regionally 

    Latin America is notable for its diverse market. The Population taste in these countries varies from one region to another region. So operating the app according to country wise is the key towards achieving app success and Rappi stood in this strategy by focusing on region-specific languages and terminology

    Enhanced Conversions

    By embracing intelligent insights, Rappi usually optimizes the ROI strategies. For example, it programmatically learns about the new users on an hourly basis. Actionable insights also enable Rappi for real-time targeting, tracking the number of new users, and fall in the cost of acquisition

    Rappi Rewards

     Rappi smartly tempts the users with its tiered profile system means “ The More you use the app the more you earn” where transactions and activities done via the app is been used for app rewards with points. Furthermore, the app works on a metal-themed scheme imply users can jump from bronze, silver, gold, and diamond tiers.

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      How to Develop a Super App LikeRappi?

      Super app is mainly popular for its core functionality included with on-demand food delivery, or ride-hailing. Even the app is indulged with Mini app/Mini programs by being partnered with third-party service providers.

      A Super app can be shaped out in diverse ways. First, if the company is thinking to widen the app by integrating many verticals and desiring to manage the entire app and its development, involving the new verticals they can develop the whole thing as one monolith.

      And secondly, if the company plans to share some risks and costs of building the entire app, it can connect the third parties to build new verticals in the form of Mini apps. Through this, the final cost, implementation strategy, and risk vary as per the decision taken.

      To build an app like Rappi you must have included the below mentioned necessary features that even affects the Rappi app development cost

      Customer Module 

      This is basically designed for customers through which they can carry out the purchasing from multiple stores anytime and schedule the delivery according to their convenience.


      The feature enables the users to get an entry into the application by filling in the details like email id, phone number, or any social media.

      User profile management

      With this functionality, customer can manage their individual details like contact info, age, and more. By this app can track the personal user preferences through which it can upgrade the app as per the targeted user services.

      Product browsing amenities

      The app should provide a hassle-free and magnificent browsing experience because that’s the only thing that users always do for searching for their relevant product or service

      Tracking and delivery

      Real-time tracking satisfies the user’s uncertainty by updating the delivery progress

      Push Notification 

      One of the best functionality through which the app can display the exciting offers, seasonal discounts, coupons on the customers mobile screen via push notification

      Payment gateway integration 

      The thrilling feature allows the users to execute their payment process according to convenience as the feature shows the multiple payment options

      e-Wallet Integration 

      The smart feature that enables the users to save the funds in advance will make the check out process easy and quick

      Scheduling orders  

      Through this user can schedule the delivery, track the status of the order and know what has been delivered

      Delivery slot selection 

      This feature simplifies the purchasing process by enabling the user to select the time slot for delivery as per the availability and can opt to go ahead with the order whenever it is available 

      Discount Vouchers and coupons 

      It empowers the users to view and utilize any discount code at the time of payment on the app

      Order History

      Through this feature, customers can view the order history and repeat the order or can choose to the added product in prior history thereby unleashing the ultimate user experience

      Help and Customer Support

      Customers can reach out to the app support time in case of any inquiries regarding the order or products

      Location-based product listing

      With this customers can choose the interest-specific store from diverse grocery stores and can place the order

      Order Cancel, Return, and replacement

      If the customer doesn’t feel satisfied with the delivered product or service they can place the complaint, a return, or refund request with the app

      Driver Module 

      It is specifically designed for drivers through which drivers can receive the product delivery request for placing it on the doorstep of the customers

      Driver Registration 

      Registration of driver by listing the phone number and email address and then immediately they can be engaged in delivering the orders

      Accept/ Reject Delivery request 

      This feature facilitates the drivers to either accept or reject the delivery of orders based on genuine reasons like if the customer place is far away 

      Push Notification

      Push notification is posted to drivers to update them the real-time about order delivery information like new and canceled and account debit information

      Geo Map services

      Map inclusion is one of the crucial features if you are looking to build a Grocery app like Raapi. These services empower the delivery person to reach the buyer’s location efficiently. 

      Route optimization 

      With this feature, the app suggests the fastest and quickest route to the delivery person according to the customer’s location

      Work History

      Here the driver get known about essential insights such as total trips undertaken, distance traveled, items delivered with the driver

      Earning reports

      The invoice and earning details of the delivery boy is displayed within the application

      Merchant Panel

      The merchant panel empowers the store owners to add, manage and earn by getting collaborated with the app   

      Delivery Request Notification

      As soon the customers place the order, the vendor will be notified with deliveries, the order number required details such as a delivery address, contact number, and more

      Items management

      Store owners will be given the authority to add and update the product listings, prices, minimum order quality, and amount 

      Order Management 

      Store owners perceive the order status, the total amount on each order, and consider taking actions accordingly

      Order Alerts

      Through this feature store owners can obtain real-time notifications for new orders

      Track Payments

      Store owners can include account details and have a look into the successful and pending settlements

      Add products

      The store manager can add new items to the store within the app and get updated about the future changes

      Receive orders

      The feature allows the store manager to accept the customer order request from different grocery items

      Admin Module 

      It’s where the control, management, and tracking of business takes place

      Manage customers

      The admin has the authority to add or remove the users or turn the active status. It also enables the admin to check and verify the complete information associated with users such as contact details, address, and more.

      Payment Management

      With this functionality, the admin can monitor all the transactions that have taken place in the app including refunds

      Order Management

      It empowers the managers to authorize the orders once they receive a request from the customer

      Driver Management

      Through this feature, the admin can view all the imperative information about the drivers such as contact information, trip details, a commission earned, login time, and more. Along with this operation, the admin can add or remove drivers, modify the information and check their live status

      Modify the elements of the app

      Admin is also responsible for managing the entire app process- start from users, product information to the changes in the design

      Reset Passwords

       The app tracks the entered information of the users and customers through which they have the power to reset the passwords at user request

      Campaign management

      To attract and retain the customer’s admin run a certain set of activities like SMS, email, and social media marketing campaigns in the app

      Plan discounts and Promotions

      This feature facilitates the admin to run discounts or offers on the app

      Manage stores 

      By utilizing this feature admin can add or remove stores on the app. The admin can take care of the active stores and manage them

      Feedback Management

      This feature enables the admin to view the customer’s reviews, ratings, or feedback followed by changes

      Manage Payments and Commissions

      Admin can keep an eye on the accepted online payments and set the commission rates  

      Tech stack required to develop an App LikeRappi 

      Let’s have a look into the essential technology stack required to build an amazing on-demand delivery app like Raapi

      Languages: Java, Swift, Kotlin, PHP, Golang

      Frameworks: Ruby On Rails, React Native, XP, Flutter, Spring

      Payment: Braintree, Square, PayPal, Google Wallet

      Cloud: AWS, MS Azure, Cloud Foundry, Google Cloud

      Push Notifications: Amazon SNS, Twilio, Flink, AdpushUp, MAP

      Email Marketing: Zoho, Mailgun, MailChimp, Mandrill

      Tools And Frameworks: Google Tag Manager, Google Fit SDK

      Moving forward towards the core of the blog 

      Approx. number of hours required to build an app like Rappi

      have a look at – cost to develop an on-demand pickup and delivery mobile application?

      How Much Does it Cost to Build an On-demand delivery app like Rappi?

      Planning to build an on-demand delivery app like Rappi isn’t a piece of cake that people assume. Lot many high-tech functionalities, technologies, frameworks, and tools come into consideration that straight away influences the Rappi development cost.

      Besides, there are imperative factors like app concept, app functionality, new-age technology to be used, app design, Maintenance and support, and many things that need to be focused on while an on-demand delivery app.

      To give you a rough estimation, the cost to build an app like Rappi may range up to $10000 if you intending to launch a Minimum Viable Product and Hybrid of pre-set solution and basic customization will cost between $15,000-$25,000. If you aiming for a turnkey solution with features to be built from scratch then be ready to spend between $50K-$100,000.

      One more thing for building the successful On-demand Rappi like App you must have to fall for expertise Mobile app development company like DxMinds that blends of innovation, creativity, and new-age technology-oriented.

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