How Much Does It Cost To Hire Unreal Engine Developers

How Much Does It Cost To Hire Unreal Engine Developers

Game development is a process that requires the latest technology and trends to be implied to create incredible games. The game developer needs to understand and execute the imagination of the game into reality. Developing a successful game requires you to understand the creativity, vision of the game and have hands-on experience.

A significant amount of programming experience is a must for every game developer to get into these roles from gaming narration to gaming creation, coding, and programming.

Amongst the different gaming technologies, Unreal Engine comes up with incredible features. 

The Unreal Engine offers multi-platform games and location-based entertainment for any game. With complete access to source code and a robust C++ API, you can develop a title any way you like. Let’s list down some advantages of Unreal Engine:

Project of any size can be managed 

If you are concerned about the size of the team like 5 or 500 developers, then Unreal Engine’s pre-built, modular systems, customizable plugins, and source control integrations can help them meet every project’s unique requirements.


Out of every gaming technology, hiring Unreal Engine solutions has become the most trusted and reliable engine in the world. The game developers utilize it to craft award-winning and chart-topping content in the form of powerful tools and optimizations.

One unified content to cover every platform 

Unreal engine is useful to connect players with the same high-quality experience across every major platform like from mobile to console and PC. As an additional advantage, it can be utilized to extend worlds using XR, AR, VR, and MR too.

Quality centered!

The unreal engine has been continually utilized to enhance the visual experience. If you are an aspiring developer, then you can be committed to achieving excellence with the help of this language.

Gain the advantage of dynamic shadow options, screen space and true 3D reflections, versatile lightning tools, and additionally node-based material editor to create the most realistic real-time content.

Unreal engine’s multiplayer framework has been utilized to create some engaging multiplayer experiences. It has an inbuilt scalable and proven client /server architecture to bring instant viability for any multiplayer project.

With access to C++ source code, you can study, customize, extend and debug the basics of the Unreal engine easily. The source code repository on GitHub is continually updated as features will be developed in mainline and you don’t need to wait for the next product release to get hands-on the latest code.

Cost savings:

Hire unreal engine developers to execute your gaming operations with efficient mobile solutions which are built on the latest technologies. Hiring developers based upon the working hours in a month is a good investment since it offers the perfect outcome of client’s investments.


Hiring unreal engine developers from India is the best decision since the team of expert developers can easily create a tailor-made pricing list according to the clientele’s requirements.

The process to follow to hire the best unreal engine developer at an affordable cost

Hiring the best Unreal engine developer at an affordable cost is a challenging task and when you need to select from a vast group of talented people, then the task becomes difficult. Let’s list down some processes to follow which can help to hire RPA solutions at an effective cost.

Product analysis

The prior step in hiring the unengine developer begins with the company process. 

Determine the skills required for development

Once you have short-listed the features and basic requirements of the software, then you must list down the skills required to develop the software.

A 64-bit windows 7 or the latest version operating system, Quad-core Intel or AMD processor in 2.5 Hz, 8 GB RAM, and directx11 or 12 compatible graphics card.

The next step is to list down the companies in the desired location offering the required software development service. In the technological era, every software development company promises to do its best, but you must cross-check its works. Hence deep research is required about the top mobile app development companies offering efficient Unreal engine services.

List down their success records

Before handing over the tasks to the mobile app development company, you must go through their portfolio, their work records and understand how much does it cost to hire unreal engine developers from those companies. Then select a company that offers efficient services at the most affordable prices.

Check the skillset 

There might be several companies but you might find it difficult to serve you with the right solution. Hence you must check the skills of candidates before shortlisting the team based on their requirements.

The implementation cost of Unreal software 

Once you accomplish the successful development of Unreal engine software, then the next step is to incorporate the implementation of software in businesses. Based on requirements, the cost of implementation may vary, like for example, for a simple game that doesn’t require much graphics, the cost of development may be less $20-$25.

But on the other hand, if you are planning to build a multiplayer game with fascinating graphics and eye-captivating characters, then the cost of implementing may vary between $30- $40.

Essentials to be listed down to hire unreal engine developer:

1. Excellent knowledge of a programming language.

2. Proficient in relevant field and software skills.

3. Total years of work experience 

4. Skillset of working on different engines, graphics, and toolchain

5. Must perform well under pressure and perform code reviews to assure code quality.

6. Resolving complex technical problems within games.

7. Knowledge of object-oriented design patterns.

8. Understanding of process and techniques to develop the game.

The Conclusion

In the gaming industry, the Unreal engine developer’s cost is decided according to the industry standards, however, it also depends upon the individual skillset. For instance, if you are a fresher in the industry, then you will get the standard salary according to the company policies. After gaining some experience, you can get a tremendous leap in your gaming career. The hourly cost to hire an unreal engine developer is $20 to $30 depending upon the project specifications.

The gaming industry is the most dynamic in the world. In this technological era, the gaming industry is becoming popular because of thousands of maximum opportunities for developers. The Unreal engine developers are providing an unbeatable gaming experience.

If you are searching for the best Unreal engine development services, you can hand them over to DxMinds Technologies. Their team of developers has proficient years of experience in handling Unreal engine development solutions. 

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