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How much does it cost to hire Kotlin developers?

Having talented and capable developers in your team is the primary key to make any challenging projects successful. Don’t you agree?

Nowadays almost every small, mid-scale, and big giant IT company has driven in the advantageous way to build and deliver the big projects perfectly, quickly, and efficiently. In those hiring the dedicated team or specific skilled resource on the project, basis has gained immense popularity due to its plentiful benefits in terms of cost, quality, and flexibility.

This is the digital age, every other business is looking to have a mobile app with an aim to go with the market trends and customer demands. Due to which numerous companies are in experiencing a tremendous surge in Mobile app development requirements specifically for Android app development

When a lot of projects get rolled up in a company it becomes backbreaking to accomplish each project within the assigned deadline and timeframe. That where the necessity to hire Kotlin developers from the Outsourcing software development company is the need for an hour to gear up the android project demands speedily and briskly.

But the most essential question arises here is “How Much Does it Cost to Hire Kotlin developers or What is the Cost to Hire Kotlin developers in India”

So In this blog, we are uncovering the essentials details about the cost to hire kotlin developers for your next projects 

Why it’s important to hire Kotlin Developers?

Koltin language has achieved immense success in the android app development world and is becoming a dominant Mobile development technology.

According to the stack overflow’s 2019 developer survey (study based on feedback from over 90,000 developers), Kotlin is presently the 4th most loved and 5th most imperative programming language in the market. Wondering isn’t it?

Do you know Kotlin is mainly used for android app development and because of the language versatility, human under stable code, Kotlin specific standard library and robust features, IDE’s and frameworks of the language has made this language powerful, authoritative and competent over java. 

If are aiming to build feature-rich and flawlessly android apps then keep in mind that it’s only possible by hiring capable Kotlin developers having the potential to make use of this language and its benefits fully and accurately.

Finding and having a reliable kotlin programmer can be a challenging task for a few organizations that’s why most tech companies particularly from developed countries such as USA, UK, and other countries desire to hire resources from Asian countries like India where they can achieve the best outcome on quality, commitment and flexibility without getting negotiated with the price of a Kotlin developers 

Various factors influence the Kotlin developer’s cost.

Let’s get to know one by one

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    Hard Skills of Proficient Kotlin Developers 

    When you consider hiring Kotlin developers as an offshore development team or extended team for developing android apps, website back end, or for any other requirements it’s important to learn about the set of technical skills that play a major role in getting soundable android apps

    Excellent Knowledge of both Kotlin and Java 

    Having kotlin knowledge is the obvious thing when you deal to hire kotlin programmers but what is the case to include Java? It’s because various projects that work on kotlin sometimes need to incorporate java too to some extent.  

    According to the reports demonstrated by JetBrains almost 86% of Kotlin developers make use of java usually. That’s the big number which can’t be ignored 

    However, most of the Java developers are turned out to be Kotlin developers. The reason behind the migration is the new technology is the features, libraries, and frameworks that Java is lacking from, and the ability to write less code and native support make it more exceptional.

    Skillful in XML 

    The XML markup language is obligatory in android and web development as it empowers in building the layout of the app/site as well as relocate the data from the database/server to the app/site. 

    Without having the experience on XML and how to connect it with Kotlin the resource you hire definitely fail to provide you the required results.

    Experience with SQL and Linux

    These two skill set is most vital for kotlin developers working on the website back end. It would be like icing on the cake if the hired developers have earlier experience with technologies like AWS, REST, or Apache Kafka.

    Experience with Android Studio and Android Tools 

    Several tools come into consideration while hiring Kotlin developers for developing android apps. You can’t imagine getting done your android app development without having an android studio environment, and some other tools such as Firebase and Toolbar are been used to make some particular projects. 

    So the Kotlin programmers you hire must be knowledgeable and handy with these tools.

    Advantages of Hiring Kotlin developers from Offshore Mobile app development company over Freelancers

    That’s the main deciding aspect that clearly tells whether your android apps achieve success or fall into failure. When you are seeking to hire kotlin app developers at an affordable cost, it is essentially recommended by the experts with the survey of several clients to get a dedicated team of offshore developers than freelancers.

    Hiring an Offshore Mobile app development company is more beneficial in factors such as excellent resources, skills, and expertise 

    One-stop destination for incredible solutions 

    No matter whether you are a start-up, mid-scale or a well-established organization taking the support from the Offshore Kotlin development team could bring you numerous benefits that you could ever imagine from any other source

    Everything you need in best kotlin programmers from experience, skillset across various tools and technologies to various projects success history you can expect from the top-notch offshore app development company in India like DxMinds 

    The best thing is the complete package of qualities wrapped professionally. Moreover, the resources from these companies hold the polished skills, dedication, and commitment for making the project successful which lacks from freelancers.

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    Top-Notch Quality 

    When it comes to freelancers you can’t be sure with the quality standards which is the asset thing that never gets compromised from the offshore app development companies.

    As far as the success of the android app is concerned it completely depends on how well the hired kotlin engineers perform to make it a functional and phenomenal one.

    It’s imperative to remember that, don’t focus on Kotlin app developer cost from where you will assure to leverage quality best development solutions.

    Round the Clock Team Availability 

    You might get a Kotlin developer at a lower cost from any freelance portals but you are inviting the risk affair by doing this. 

    A freelancer is indulged in numerous projects which becomes hard for them to focus and adhere to the deadlines of a specific one resulting in delays in the launch of the projects.

    On the other side, the right offshore app development service provider in India assures you with dedicated kotlin programmers that specifically work on your project. And project coordinator will always be there to provide updates about the Ongoing projects.

    Moreover in unexpected cases, if an assigned offshore Kotlin developer becomes unavailable, there is the possibility to get the replacement of that from a large talent pool.

    Security and Reliability  

    There might be high chances of freelancers not deploying up-to-date systems to build secure apps. Furthermore, these systems might be allowed for online hacks and threats. That means resulting in the loss of confidential delegate information about the company.

    Speaking about the offshore app development centers their main priority is assuring the client information is highly protected and safeguarded.

    Well now let’s jump into the core aspect of this blog 

    How Much Does it Cost to Hire Kotlin developers?

    The cost to hire kotlin developers differs from one location to another location with country living standards.

    By analyzing the data from reliable sources such as Payscale, Salary expert, Indeed, Upwork, Toptal, and us- DxMinds a top destination to hire flexible and dedicated kotlin developers.

    The Kotlin app developers cost country, expertise wise:

    Asia Kotlin Developers-$18-$40/hour (India, China, Philippines, Nepal, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia)

    Ukranian Kotlin Developers-$30-$60/hour

    US Kotlin Developers-$100-$170/hour

    Russian Developers- $50-$100/hour

    Australian Developers-$150-$200/hour 

    If the country having the lowest cost that doesn’t mean they will fail to give out the ultimate quality development solution. Like other countries, the developing countries’ resources have advanced programming abilities, University degrees, Certifications, and the best English-speaking capabilities that empower them to cater to the ambitious client’s requirements and goals.

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    Desiring to get skillful, reliable, and talented Kotlin developers?

    Then collaborate with DxMinds where you can embrace numerous benefits while hiring the kotlin developers such as reliability, quick hiring, Direct hiring, Scalable teams, and flexible prices.

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