How Much Does it Cost to Hire Flutter Developers?

How much does it cost to hire flutter developers?

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, the requirement to adapt and embrace digital transformations, organizations have accelerated. Many elements play a role in making digital transformation strategy, which is one of the crucial steps in the development of mobile app. Several businesses have started employingit in business strategies.

Flutter is an open-source software development kit and framework which offers a tough competition to Native apps. Flutter is an open-source software development provided by Google. It can be utilised to build apps atleast six different operating systems: Android and iOS, as well as Windows. Mac, Linux and the Linux based Google Fuchsia. It is one of the cross-platform application development framework which enables businesses to develop feature rich native rich mobile applications within a shorter span of time. The demand of hiring Flutter developers has increased.

Before getting to cost to hire a flutter developer, lets dig in the increasing popularity among the Flutter developers:

Stats prove that Flutter as the second most widely used cross-platform mobile framework by developers. Flutter usage by developers increased from 30% to 39%, whereas React Native utilization remained constant at 42%.

Flutter has acquired 122k stars whereas React Native has 96.1k stars.

StackOverflow survey stats prove that 68.8% of developers prefer developing mobile applications using Flutter and have shown interest in continuing to build with this framework. Google’s renowned Adwords app, Xianyu app by Alibaba , Google assistant apps, eBay Motors and the New York Times app.

With the dominance of Flutter is the space of cross-platform app development, understanding the cost structure and its calculation has become important.

Let’s us walk through the development cost of Flutter development which can be reduced into the basis of hourly rates.

In most of the cases, hiring Flutter developers can be done through outsourcing from a proficient software vendor or hire a freelance flutter developer. Depending upon the selection, the Flutter app development cost can be varied.

When you hire developers from Flutter app development company in India, there will be different models or packages. These are the engagement models which are designed for software clients.

The different engagement models like part -time, on the basis of hours and a complete dedicated team.

Initially understand your goals before making any choice. The cost to hire Flutter developers depends upon the model you select and the team of developers you select.

Part-time Hiring Model

When you have a project which requires you to spend less and hiring developers for few hours within a month, then this part time hiring model works the best for you. This model cost you less as you hire developers for few hours in a month. On a mutually agreed timeline they work on your project, but still you own the complete ownership over them during that period.

Hours hiring

The hourly hiring model works good if your project needs the developers temporarily. In this hiring model, you can upgrade new features, migrate app to a completely new platform, or when there are tasks which requires least urgency. The developers work on the basis of the billing done. In order to avoid any inconvenience.

Outsourcing Dedicated development team

Considering a reliable software vendor to outsource Flutter app development is the best way if you are planning to develop a complex application with various functionalities and technologies.

If you need to follow hiring trends, then outsourcing a dedicated app development team is the best choice. On the basis of requirements, the team would consist of project manager, flutter developers, designers and testers. A full-fledged team must depend work upon the project, hence outsourcing a dedicated team from offshore or nearshore is the best idea for a long team and bigger projects.

The developer’s skills, expertise and the experience they have gained during the years are some of the factors which is responsible for the cost of hire flutter app programmers.

On the basis of experience:

Junior developers with 0-1 years of experience

Intermediate or senior developers with 2-5 years of experience

On an average, a skilled Flutter software developer costs around $84,000 PA.

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Flutter app development location

The location plays a significant role in determining the cost to hire a Flutter developer. The same services cost can fluctuate a lot. If you hire Flutter development company in India, then it will be charged less as the demand per hour rates are less. On the other hand, in countries like Australia and the US, developers will charge more for the same services.

On the basis of different locations, the average rate for hiring Flutter developers differs in different countries:

North America- $150-$200/hr

Latin America- $50 /hr

Western Europe- $50-$100/ hr

Eastern Europe- $25-$50/hr


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    Turnaround time

    The time in which you want the application to be deployed is one of the critical factors in determining the costs. The higher the turnaround time, the higher the cost.  For instance, the cost might increase, if you want a developer to complete the tasks in just two days, then the cost will increase a lot, as it is required to invest extra time in finishing the project within timelines.

    Type and Category of app

    Every application can be easily categorised into “Low”, “medium” and “high”on the basis of features and functionalities you have decided to be included into the app. The Flutter app development cost features and integration include:

    1. Integration of third party applications

    2. Deploying architecture model

    3. Integration with other hardware devices

    4. Utilization of next-gen technologies like Blockchain, AI, Cloud etc.

    The different mobile applications have its own functionalities like targeted users, demographics and a lot more. The most popular app categories are the on-demand delivery apps, eCommerce apps, hardware dependent apps, gaming apps, social networking apps, government apps, banking apps and a lot more.

    The selection of application you develop depends upon the type and necessities of business.

    UI/UX design

    For an app to be famous, it must have the best architecture which is overlooked by UI, and UX design help users engage with the app seamlessly. Both UI and UX are critically important to deliver an addictive experience for targeted users. There are numerous designs and animations and its cost depends upon the type of the app.

    For instance, if you have decided to develop an e-commerce app, then it must have a user-friendly architecture.

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    Maintenance and Post-development Support

    While defining the project’s budget, the cost estimation of maintenance and updates will vary a lot. There are four type of costs which must be incorporated like:

    app updates

    changes in design

    need to fix the bug

    addition of new features and functionalities

    The changes in design and features ensures that the app must be engaging with users. The implementation cost of flutter technology companies adds upto 15-20% to the maintenance cost of the application to their pricing structure.

    The Conclusion

    On the final note, all that matters is to get in contact with the best Flutter app development company. Dxminds, one of the best mobile application development companies has delivered tangible business results for more than 15 years. Their expert team of flutter app developers and programmers utilise the next gen mobile tools and technologies to develop mobile applications for various business verticals.

    Our team helps you determine the right technology for a mobile application for your business. All you need to do is to contact experts with the business app idea and requirements to get a free quote.

    Flutter app helps you to speeden up the entire mobile app development since it has a lot of advantages like incredible performance, cost-effectiveness and utilizing the single code for multiple apps using a single codebase. Selecting a reliable software company is the prior most task if you want to get the great world class application.

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