How Much Does it cost to hire Blockchain Developers?

How Much Does it cost to hire Blockchain Developers?

Blockchain is a great revolution in the world which has bought a completely different level of innovation in our life. Hence understanding its importance and the cost to hireblockchain developer is a great asset and hence you cannot expect them to work for you at a cheap rate. Hence the technology is moving at a great speed, hence it has become a great choice for many individuals to become an expert in this domain.

Applications of blockchain technology

Banking and International Payments

In blockchain technology, since every data is shared and its entries are encrypted, it proves beneficial in the creation of a safe and secure log of every sensitive activity. This feature is utilized in money transfer and international payments.Hire blockchain developers to gain the maximum benefits of blockchain development app.


The Health data of the patient can be kept secure without any privacy concerns. This data includes age, medical history, gender, or other vital information of the patient without attaching any particular name of the patient. The blockchain allows the data to be accessed by anyone without any privacy invasion.

Health records are frequently connected with the medical devices hence this technology is utilized to connect these health devices with the health records of the patient hence reducing the risks of the data fraudulent activities.

Real Estate

The linking of blockchain technology with every real estate data reduces fraudulent activities and helps in the quick verification of the finances. With the help of encrypted technology, the real data can be easily connected with it to offer wide transparency in selling and purchasing purposes.

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    There are blockchain content distribution platforms that enable the writers and content creators to work regulation with the help of blockchain. The writers find it easy to make the payments without any risks.Hire experienced blockchain developers to get the maximum returns.


    The interesting part of blockchain technology is that the past stored data cannot be changed, the present cannot be hacked and the system cannot be changed in the future too. Every voting center will see the same result, every vote can be traced to their source without sacrificing the anonymity of the voter. The voter can be able to verify the recording of their votes, in case if a ballot is missing, the blockchain can be used to verify the voting system.

    Factors deciding the price of hiring a blockchain developer


    The cost of hiring blockchain developerdepends upon the expertise of the developer and its requirements. The location from where the developer belongs also plays a great role.

    The cost to hire blockchain developer in the USA varies up to $200 per hour, whereas, in Europe, it might cost $100-$150 for this service.

    In Poland, Ukraine, the costs will further down to $70-$100. You will find the cheapest blockchain developers in countries like India, Vietnam, and the Philippines you have to pay around $40 per hour.

    This is the reason why several project owners end up hiring developers from Asian countries. The stats prove that you can many 80% of the blockchain development projects in the USA are carried out by developers overseas. You can even find some freelancers who charge less than the companies.

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    Money doesn’t matter

    Experts in the field of blockchain development have already earned a great amount of money. In case, you have a challenging project in hand, you might end up paying more. Then getting a talented developer is more important than getting an experienced developer. You should find the right person who is willing to make changes according to the requirement of the project.

    Blockchain is a technology that has drawn attention in the last few years since the price of Bitcoin went an all-time high. The importance of Bitcoin increased with the increase in the importance of digital assets and concepts. During this covid pandemic, with the increase in digital transactions, this bitcoin has changed the way we dealt with currency.

    Blockchain reduces the time of transaction and brings more transparency with the right architecture. The third-party intervention reduces the requirement of rechecking of data now and then. It also transforms the traditional economy and develops it more productively.

    What is the cost to hire blockchaindeveloper

    Blockchain has become an important part of various industries such as real estate, manufacturing, media, tourism, charity, healthcare, legal, and cybersecurity. The exact price for the development of a project cannot be decided, but you can determine the features and functionality to decide the final price. You can take the pricing as $5000 and $200,000.

    The vast adaptability and its flexible structure make it affordable according to the business size and nature.Hire expert blockchain developers to get the maximum benefits of the blockchain apps. The cost to hire blockchain developers depends upon following factors:

    1. Cost for the development of the crypto wallet
    2. Cost for creating a cryptocurrency
    3. Varied blockchain developers
    4. Hiring team of blockchain developers
    5. development of commercial blockchain solution
    6. deployment and on-boarding
    7. sales and marketing
    8. maintenance and monitoring
    9. legal aspects

    Commercial blockchain development cost

    The availability of a blockchain developer is one of the biggest factors which matters a lot in hiring an expert blockchain developer. The supply is less in the case of an Android or iOS app. The demand is going to be huge but this freelancing project seems to be a great support. This concept doesn’t require you to hire the developer on a full-time basis rather you can make him work per hour basis. Hence you can reduce the excess cost. The type of work also matters a lot while offering the tasks to use this technology.

    The Conclusion

    Blockchain technology is an ever-growing field which can be easily evolved from the main purpose of facilitating digital transcation in the form of cryptocurrencies.Developing a blockchain project is no longer a difficult task when you have the right resources and the team. Half the work is done when you find the right blockchain development and marketing team which fits your budget.

    As of now, you would have gained some ideas about the factors which contribute to building a blockchain project such as developer cost, infrastructure and hosting costs, coding cost. With the increasing demand for blockchain development, hiring blockchain developers has become an important task. According to the requirements, you can assign work to an experienced individual or a talented and experienced team of developers. If you want to know the cost to hire blockchain developer, then you must get in contact with DxMinds.

    DxMinds ensures that you get assistance from the best professional team for your project. Our team consists of great top-notch professionals who have been active in this domain. You only need to assign the task to the development team. Hire expert blockchain developers to ensure that the clients get the best product.

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