How Much Does it Cost to Hire AR Game Developers?

How Much Does it Cost to Hire AR Game Developers?

Augmented Reality (AR) in gaming is the evolving technology that has taken the gaming industry to the next big level. Games like Ingress and Pokemon shaped out of this technology have ignited the gamer’s spirit to expect out to the box things from this billion-dollar gaming industry.

The best part of this technology is that it has unlocked a great many thrilling opportunities and promising career paths for game developers around the world.

Most of the gaming companies that are aiming to build high-level gaming titles with the endorsement of groundbreaking technologies like AR are in the urge to hire visionary AR game developers that have the potential to turn illusion into a stimulating game.

AR-like technologies have breathed modern life into the gaming world and astonished the hard-core gamers by providing interactive experiences by bringing out real-world-like characters and objects on-screen.

But for exercising this technology efficiently you must need to hire artistic AR game developers that have the potential to shape out games with new-age tools.

So where to find the expertise AR game programmers to hire for my dream gaming project and how much would it cost to hire AR game developers?

This article is designed to guide you in everything that is connected to hiring exclusive and reliable AR game developers.

Let’s start with some imperative stuff that is

Essential skills that influence the cost to hire AR Game Programmer 

AR game development is performed with the combination of the latest technologies, tools, and frameworks, so the programmer you hire should hold experience or knowledge about all these things then only your visionary games could be built in a simulative way with multiple environments superimpositions that serves realistic user experience. For that it requires wide range of skills, experience, and expertise

Some of the essential skills to examine while hiring an AR game programmer are:

Augmented Reality SDK skills

A proficient AR game developer should possess the professional level skills to work with some notable AR SDK platforms like ARCore, Vuforia, ARtool kit, and more. These SDK kits are the essential infrastructure through which professional-grade AR games going to be produced on the desired OS platforms.

The Knowledge and expertise level of resources on the tools also influence the cost of augmented reality developers.

Programming Language skills

Successful AR applications are built with multiple programming languages such as C#, C++/C, Python, Swift, and more. Additionally, some of the exceptional scripting languages and libraries are also used for creating a soundable AR game.

Thus, a skilful AR game developer you look for must have full command over these major, powerful programming languages

 3D Gaming Engine or Modelling Skills

In order to earn thrilling and magnificent AR based games, the AR developer you are going to hire should have a stronghold on working with popular 3D gaming engines like Unity, Unreal and more. On the top of the line 3D modeling tools like Maya provides great features that enable the developers to deal with 3D image modeling, so having exposure to these tools can be the icing on the cake.

A great programmer should bear skills in working with 3D gaming engines and modeling software tools. It’s major skillsets that evaluate the capability of AR game developers.

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Command over UI/UX

AR games usually use 3D images, videos, backgrounds, locations to integrate real images. The UI/UX plays a tempting role implies it’s responsible for bringing in the hard-core gamers and making them stay with it.

A creative AR game developer should have hands in the user interface and user experience development.

Graphic Designing Skills

Graphic designing is a vital skill that emphasizes the creation of amazing graphics of the backgrounds, locations, and markers. A well-versed AR game developer should have involvement in the major graphic designing tools like MS visual studio, OpenFrameworks, Adobe aero, ARCore, and more.

The Graphic designing skills empowers you to create an unforgettable experience while building an augmented reality games

Problem-solving skills

AR game development is the latest innovation. No one is unaware of the hidden problems that might arise during the AR game development supported with new objects. In such a scenario a good developer must have problem solving and dealing skills because in the developing world a lot of issues and hurdles get arises so one should keep the capability in finding the solutions

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Major Benefits to hire AR Game developers from Offshore game Development Company

Having understood what essential skillsets a proficient AR programmer should have, now its time to know about the benefits of hiring offshore AR game developers over freelancers

The advantage to access Worldwide Talent

Usually, a company spends around 10 weeks or even longer to find the desired talent for the visionary project. However, the restriction of recruitment within the local region makes the task more challenging.

That’s where offshore game development companies unlocked the opportunity of handing over the best AR developers without the location restriction. With their service, you will be given the authority to access affordable and knowledgeable talent at your fingertips with lesser time duration

Economical cost 

In larger developed countries like the USA, hiring local AR game developers could be very costly, particularly if you need more talented and expertise resource

Remember one thing that payrolls are just is a small portion of the final cost, the remaining includes things like workspace, equipment, daily amenities, and additional employee benefits that take-ups the end cost.

All of such things makes the formation of a full in-house team expensive

Considering offshore hiring a dedicated AR game coders in Asian countries like India can cost less when compared to countries like Singapore or the US.

No need to hire full-time employees

Numerous companies are outsourcing their requirements because the cost gets increases when it comes to hiring full-time for a team. On the other hand, hiring offshore AR game developers can be fulfilled within the planned budget and for a specific time frame


In case if the hired AR developer from an offshore game development company doesn’t perform according to the expectations then that resource would get replaced by another proficient candidate. Furthermore, if resource planned tasks get completed for your project then you can terminate that resource

Now let’s know about the most important query that is

How Much Does it Cost to Hire AR game developer?

If you looking for offshore which implies preferring the talents from overseas territories. When compared to other there is four most affordable but highly talented offshore game development destination:

  • Asia
  • Eastern Europe
  • Latin America
  • Africa

In the above-mentioned continents, Asia is the largest continent globally having numerous countries with many forging ahead on the new-age technology.

Let’s take a look at the rates

The Cost to Hire AR game developers in India differ:$18-$25

  1. China: $20-$25
  2. Bangladesh:$20-$25
  3. Srilanka:$22-$25
  4. Indonesia:$21-$24
  5. Malaysia:$25-$30

As for how important it is to choose a value-providing offshore development country similarly it is important to choose an expertise offshore game development company from where you can hire your top talented AR game developers.

Go ahead with a company that is good in terms of resource experience, scalability, advanced technological infrastructure, and reliability. And moreover, DxMinds have been recognized as a reputed brand when comes to hiring a resource with great expertise and skills

Anticipating to turn your visionary AR game concept into reality then hand-pick the AR developers as per your desires.

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