How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Unity Developer?

How much does it cost to hire a unity developer?

The game development industry is not the same as it used to be a decade before. It entirely got revolutionized in terms of graphics, network, technology, and real-time performance.

In today’s game designing and development world, the competition has risen up due to which gamers are craving for phenomenal games that drive them crazy while playing them.

Having said that they’re a lot more gaming engines that have emerged with attractive features and libraries enabling the game developers to build visionary games with beautiful graphics and artistic designs.

In that Unity Gaming Engine is recognized to be the extremely popular and developer choice because of its powerful framework and highly interactive feature. Furthermore, the platform is also used to develop games for multiple platforms like-Desktop, gaming consoles, augmented reality, and virtual reality environment

To make use of this engine effectively, one must have to hire skillful unity game developers who are completely familiar with using unity engine features, libraries, and frameworks.

So here comes the most essential queries that are where to hire the best unity game developers and what would be the cost to hire unity game developers.

This guide will offer you detailed information related to hiring the unity game developer and its costing factors.

Essential Skills to Look in While Hiring Unity Developers 

  • Thorough knowledge of unity including experience with scripting, textures, animation, GUI styles, and user session management
  • C# programming skills to write scripts
  • Experience with level design and planning
  • Expertise in game physics and particles system
  • Proficiency in mobile and console game development
  • Competence to optimize memory and space usage for supporting the older hardware
  • Experience in virtual reality or augmented reality
  • Excellent understanding of object-oriented programming(OOP) and data-oriented programming
  • Knowledge on Entity Component system(ECS)
  • Understanding on current design and architectural patterns
  • Composing clear, readable, and reusable code
  • Knowledge of Code versioning tool(GiT)

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    Why Hiring Offshore Unity Developers from Game development Company is better than freelancers?

    Here comes the most confusing part who should prefer for your next game development project? Offshore Unity developers from a Game outsourcing company or freelancer?

    Hiring freelancer developers and hiring game development companies are the two remarkable practices of Outsourcing Gaming projects.

    However, hiring a freelancer for a game development project can lead to troubles than expecting good.

    Here are the reasons behind hiring the Unity Game developers from an Offshore game development company:

    Shared Efforts in Building Games

    One of the bigger disadvantages of hiring a freelancer unity developer for your gaming project is that you will be obtaining the services from only one individual. Whereas hiring a Unity developer from an outsourcing game development company will enable you with a systematic process, and there you getting the side support of other resources having expertise in other areas that are vital for your game development such as UI/UX design, data analytics, and marketing support.

    The Best part of Offshore Game development companies is that they have great expertise in handling, managing, and delivering complex and challenging projects in a short span. Due to which they are more capable of dropping out the innovative concepts that help you to achieve the desired success in the gaming industry.

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    Efficient development

    Successful game development involves perfect and standard procedures such as requirement analysis, wireframing, prototyping, level designing, character, testing, and more. Following these process will empower them the development team to turn out with groundbreaking game development solution.

    Moreover, the unavailability of a cross-functional team makes a freelancer spend a great amount of time with no problems. Evidently, this won’t occur while hiring unity3d game developers from a Game development company


    This is the major factor you will experience from game development companies compared to freelance developers. For a company, it’s truly important to be transparent and professional with their end customers in order to achieve fame.

    Top of the line you will be getting an additional advantage in free maintenance and support for some period after developing your games. Whereas freelancer usually takes the extra amount for accomplishing these maintenance tasks.

    And one more thing offshore unity developers you will be hiring from the outsourcing agency will have all the essential tools and technologies required to shape out the enjoyable games


     Although the cost to hire offshore unity game developers is a bit higher than freelancers but you will be leveraging the complete benefits in terms of safety and security since freelancers don’t adhere to the deadline and also don’t even assure you with maintenance after the completion of the project.


    Most freelancers deliver the client’s projects without sticking to a given deadline. The delay in delivery can cause a communication gap between clients and freelancers.

    While unity developers hired from Offshore game development company will always provide the best project management tools that empower them to finish tasks without delay.

    Cost and Budget

    The true fact is that the cost of hiring Unity developers is a little bit higher than freelancers. But you will be earning the top-most results and standards from there which might lead towards you towards success.

    Coming towards the main part of the blog

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    How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Unity Developer?

    When it comes to hiring cost-effective plus highly talented unity developers then Asian countries like India and the Philippines are the two popular destinations for offshoring the game development projects.

    The major difference between Asian countries is value and India specifically delivers utmost value for money: The game developers are as highly skilled as any other countries like Germany, the USA, and UK and new grads are brilliant and sharp-minded.

    India is speedily gaining prominence as a first-rate producer for exceptional unity game developers due to the best technological infrastructure, excellent emerging engineers, and lower cost. And also the rate of resources in India is lesser than when compared to any other location in the country.

    Average hourly cost to hire unity developers 

    India- $15-$35

    Latin America-$25-45

    Eastern Europe-$20-$45


    The benefits we mentioned above are only applicable if you hire expertise offshore game development company like DxMinds that has a skillful and brilliant talent pool for every gaming technology and excellence in making every challenging project successful.

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