How much does it Cost to Hire a Game Developer?

How much does it Cost to Hire a Game Developer?

The game development industry known as the billion-dollar industry is steadily witnessing a massive hype with the advancement of new-age technologies from over the decade. The Key assets through which the industry is gaining huge prominence than ever are the game player, game operator, and game developer.

It is fair to say that every successful and breath-taking game that has obtained millions of downloads from all across the globe is due to the game developers who put a great deal of effort to make it an enjoyable and thrilling one.

Every other person who craves to build visionary games looks to hire a game developer that has artistic talent to understand one’s imagination and portray it in well-developed games. 

So where to leverage such a game developer and, how much does it cost to hire game developers are the top noted concerns that every company stresses for. 

Regardless of how great and conceptual gaming idea you hold up but without having the smart and proficient game developers you never gonna obtain the winning game development solutions that your appetite for.

Instead of looking for freelancers who lack in skills, deadlines, and a lot more aspects, seek the outsourcing game development company that aspire to professionalism and from where you can hire zealous, dedicated, and passionate game developers at affordable prices owning a successful history in the game development world.

In this blog post, we will disclose the Game developer’s cost based on different locations and factors along with some other essential aspects that direct you to the right path for hiring hardcore and reliable game developers.

Why Should You Hire Game Developers from Offshore Development center over Freelancers?

Numerous advantages you can avail especially in the cost of game developers when you pick the offshore game development company for your gaming project. Most importantly:

Access to a wider talent pool

Usually, an average company spends a long duration of time trying to find the best game developers with the necessary skills. Speaking about which consider a maximum of two to three months of the time as well as money gets wasted. The Demand and requirement for game developers are skyrocketing like ever, but getting a local talent for accomplishing the hard gaming requirements is a challenging task of its own. 

In this technologically reliant generation, you aren’t limited with your location anymore. It’s tremendously possible to get access to world-class talented game developers by embracing offshore game development services at your fingertips.

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    Scale Your Gaming Business Easier 

    When you start a company or look for developing a project, the first thought sparkles in your mind is about scaling strategy and building an in-house team which will enhance the cost in the long run

    When you hire a game developer from an offshore game development company be confident in one thing that is they won’t restrict themselves to the specific role but also be open to providing guidance on what technologies you should invest in, how you can stay competitive, and a lot more things

     Since these will be your offshore game developers they won’t act like freelancers but be your back support in providing everything you need at any time

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    Reduced Cost

    In Bigger countries like USA, hiring local game developer experts is very costly, specifically when you prefer the best’s talent.

    If you’re unfamiliar with the costing thing, you must know that payroll just occupies a small portion of overall cost but most of it includes things like workspace, equipment, daily amenities, and additional employee benefits is added up in the end. All of these results make a full-in-house team costly

    Going for offshore to hire dedicated game developers in low living standard countries like India can lead you in getting a lower price of game developers without getting compromised in quality, performance, and flexibility factors. The resources are highly talented and skillful in these countries it’s just the location difference that makes them economical.

    Basically, you will be recruiting the same talent as in other countries but at a lower cost.

    Exposure to Newest Technologies 

    If you are running a small business it’s truly challenging to embrace the evolving and emerging technologies because of the costing fact. 

    As the companies carry out offshore game development services, it’s become imperative to get in hand with new technologies and learn about modern gaming software tools that make them contribute a lot in the gaming technological realm.

    Moreover, by hiring offshore game developers you will be fetched with high procedures, documentations, and remarkable strategies along with new-age technologies and tools.  

    Eliminate the need for Full-time employee

    As most of the companies deal with small size gaming projects, and it became highly expensive to hire full-time resources. 

    While coming to hiring offshore game developers, it facilitates allocated budget for the specific time frame

    When the project gets over, the business occupied with offshore resources can part their ways without keeping up the full-time workers.

    That how you can eliminate the unnecessary cost to hire game programmers

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      What Essential Things to Undertake before hiring remote Game Developers?

      Define your Game project goals cleanly

      Before you go to hire the game developers, it’s wise to define all your goals in a detailed way. Regardless It’s one of the essential and advantageous steps but many of them don’t take it seriously leading to further process complications.

      What Genre games you are looking to Develop?

      How do the games need to work?

      What Kind of skills is necessary to build the anticipated games?

      It’s highly beneficial to identify such questions in the early stage. Try to make the List of the Gaming vision and goals more precise and clear cut by including all the projects necessary aspects

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      Analyze the Game development skills required for the project

      Figure out what skills are obligatory to shape out the highly functional games? What level of knowledge and experience the game developers should own? Based on different technologies the game developers come with different designations such as unity 3d developers,2d /3d game developers, android game developers, iOS game developers, action game developers and more.

      By recognizing the project requirements, look for matching them with game programmer’s skills

      Plan Your Budget 

      Its First concern you should plan for before making the mind to build games or consider to hiring dedicated game developers. The Cost of Game development essentially depends on the partnered game development company and their pricing on Game developers  based on the industry standards

      How Much Does it Cost To Hire Game Developers?

      Well, here we put the light into the Cost to Hire Game developer’s circumstance.

      After undergoing the depth analysis over several regions and offshore game development rates by a country we have come upon the bottom line of revealing the hourly rates of hiring game developers that directs you in a better decision making process.

      The average hourly cost of Game developers in different countries shown below

      Hourly pay for a game developer in the United States is $48.87




      Asia(India): begins with $15/hr


      The countries having less resource costing doesn’t give you speculation that resources are ineligible or don’t hold that potential to execute challenging demands like other country resources. It’s varies based on the country’s living standards and other criteria. In the end you are receiving the same quality and valuable output similar or more satisfying than developed countries 

      According to your expectations hiring a true game developer with fundamental skills can be an effortful task especially if you are based out in the United States or western Europe. It might consume a lot of time and effort for hiring perfect candidates at a competitive cost.

      In order to speed up the hiring process and prevent the spending of unwanted expenses hiring offshore game developers from praiseworthy Offshore game development company such as DxMinds can turn out to be the fortunate decision where you achieve huge profit in lesser investments.

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