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How Much Does it Cost To hire a DevOps engineer?

Have you ever gone through that pain and neck-breaking phase while hiring proficient DevOps engineers? The answer will be certainly yes.

There are always some hurdles that come across while hiring the desired developers; either they aren’t that qualified or might the cost of DevOps engineers make you feel crazy.

You might be assuming how the other companies launch a project after project when you still struggle to figure out how to meet a single milestone deadline by holding several developers

Wondering isn’t it?

If you looking for ways to hire the best DevOps engineers then this blog is dedicated for you. So be with a blog and learn about hiring the required Devops developers and things that you might be missing in your recruitment process

Frame the Requirements and Responsibilities of DevOps Engineers

Before directly jumping towards the DevOps engineering hiring process, let’s first understand who a DevOps engineer is and what he does.

By the name itself you understand the person who keeps ace in two skills, one is “development” and the other is “Operations”. Furthermore, DevOps’s main role is to assist the development team to enhance a specific part of the code and facilitate the companies to improve their platforms as they already have.

Moreover, DevOps is a job title derived by the industry implies that there is no complex process involved in undertaking the career.

In simple, a DevOps engineer is someone that:

Aware of Software Development Life Cycle(SDLC)

Have a hold on various automation testing tools in developing and continuous delivery

Mastery of monitoring the entire DevOps team

Coming towards the

What are the leading responsibilities of a DevOps engineer?

  • Application and Infrastructure, testing and development
  • Maintaining CI/CD pipelines
  • Automation implementation
  • Assure security
  • On-going monitoring

Let’s understand each thing deeply

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    Application and Infrastructure Planning, testing and Development

    DevOps engineer’s main role is to understand the business requirements and based on that provide strategies. Usually, DevOps understand the single functions of the cloud environment and compose code. To make it simple, the engineers must need to bring about the small snippets of code in multiple languages. They even keep expertise in testing and big picture planning

    Maintaining CI/CD pipelines

    They even play a major role in building a CI/CD pipeline and ensures all the processes, people and tools coordinate smoothly. They play a major part in the improvement and optimization of the pipeline. 

    Once the DevOps job is done effectively then the team can easily focus on the testing thing without holding back the complete speed

    Automation Implementation 

    Automation is the leading reason for quick evolution and that’s the thing why organizations consider hiring CI/CD engineers. DevOps are in the charge of implementation and their main role is to enhance the efficiency in engineering as well as IT. 

    Assure security 

    DevOps engineer empowers the users to build the infrastructure systematically. The perfect way to unleash safety is to develop reputable software. Writing a reusable code that secures the cloud against hackers and viruses is an essential skill for a DevOps engineer

    Ongoing Monitoring 

    Gathering data and evaluating it against all the odds is tremendously essential for every organization. That’s where DevOps engineers come into the picture to manage the apps and infrastructure to figure out the spots, check them, and troubleshoot possible issues

    Have a look at – how much does it cost to hire a mern stack developer?

    What are the different ways to hire DevOps Engineers?

    Looking forward to hiring a DevOps engineer, there are three effective options:

    Freelance website, recruiting agencies, and Outsourcing companies. Let have and out look 

    Hiring Freelancers

    Popular freelancer platforms like Upwork,, You team, Toptal are the best ways in searching and hiring the specialist in this IT sector. The hiring concept of these platforms is somewhat similar to one another. Just need to do simple things create an interesting profile, create a job post, pick the freelancer according to requirements and place a contract

    Pros of Hiring a Freelancer

    Cost-effective rates

    Previous clients experience through words

    Huge talent pool

    Favorable for short term projects and fewer changes

    Cons of Hiring a Freelancer

    No surety 

    No Normal or NDA contract signed

    Different time zones

    Management complexities leading to delivery issues

    Getting in touch with Recruiting Agencies 

    Another best-used option is connecting with recruitment agencies. Here how does it works where the clients need to reflect about the required positions and the agencies provide the recruitment services to the scope they prefer from recognizing the qualified people to conducting interviews and candidates selection. 

    The cost of their service depends on different service models:

    Immeasurable search

    The employer needs to pay an advance fee for assistance filling a role

    On-demand recruitment 

    Flexible support at an hourly rate

    Recruitment process outsourcing 

    The employer is accountable for the entire recruiting function of the agency

    Pros of employing the recruitment agencies 

    Assigning important strategic tasks

    Hand into more qualified candidates

    Cons of employing with recruitment agencies 

    The Recruitment cost

    Shortage of control

    Potential communication issues

    Hiring a DevOps Engineer through IT companies 

    This is considered to be the most advantageous option in terms of size and budget. In comparison to hiring in-house employees, hiring candidates from this sort of company is more reliable and advantageous 

    Pros of hiring dedicated DevOps engineers through IT companies 

    Economical cost

    Guaranteed expertise and reliability

    Dedicated manager for each project

    Quality work and, engaging and collaborative team 

    Cons of hiring DevOps engineers through IT companies

    Different time zones

    Rarely language barrier

    IT companies provide the kind of flexibility and convenience when it comes to outsourcing to individual experts or the entire team. They just not get qualified but they also keep all the technology in place. But the challenging thing here comes is finding the right outsourcing company. You must have heard about some legends shared bad experience about this.

    To get a reliable IT Company, you must analyze beyond the Google search. Reliable portals like Clutch also furnish accurate information about the company and team that enables you to make the best choice.

    Even DxMinds unleashes you with team extension services. Here how does it works in relevant software?

    Our process for setting up in Dedicated DevOps team 

    It’s truly simple and easy. Initially, we assemble the client’s project requirements then have a depth discussion on desired workflow, team size, deadlines, and deliverables. Followed by selecting the team, picking the best fit experts, show you CV’s and then enable you to take the final interview. 

    Later on, you assign your team with required experts and provide the work successfully without any recruitment problems

    Moving forward to the main concern that is

    How Much Does it Cost to Hire a DevOps Engineer?

    The true cost of hiring a DevOps engineer quietly depends on the location you are thinking to hire one. Asian countries particularly India, China, the Philippines, and more are known to be the best outsourcing destination. In that India is mainly considered as the ultimate outsourcing destination

    So the average cost to hire a DevOps engineer in India varies from $15-$45/hour where has in the USA and Uk the cost to hire a DevOps engineer differs from $45 and beyond depending on several factors such as country living standards, organization standards and more. In the end, it’s highly important to find the best IT outsourcing company like DxMinds from where you can get innovative solutions, technical expertise, domain experience, the greatest business processes, and smooth communication

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