How Much Does it Cost to develop Supermarket App Like Weezy

How Much Does it Cost to develop Supermarket App Like Weezy

Did you find getting grocery from the stores to be most tiresome tasks during this pandemic? Many people felt the same, hence many customers have started getting groceries online. These on-demand supermarket apps have been a game changer of these grocery business, as you can order more groceries saving a lot of time, money and effort within few clicks.

Stats prove that there is a growth of 2.8% in online grocery sales than the past year. Hence investing in app development will help you gain a lot in the field of brand recognition. The cost of developing a supermarket app also matters a lot. If you are really interested in developing a full-fledged mobile app, it involves a multi-stage operation where every stage requires several tests.

Lets discuss more about these on-demand grocery delivery apps like Weezy to make way for themselves in the current market scenario. Weezy is the UK’s on-demand supermarket app that delivers groceries in just 15 minutes. It is developing a network of dark stores in London depending upon a rider network to carry orders to customers.

It will be competing against major supermarkets and Amazon Prime Now is the growing online grocery and supermarket industry and will target professionals and parents who require the on-demand service.

Facts about Weezy

Founded in the year of 2019, Weezy was founded by Alec Dent, Kristof Van Beveren and within a short span of time it became a perfect alternative for its consumers who started making their tasks easy of buying grocery within few touches. The lean and strategic Weezy management helped customers fulfill their customers orders. The best part of Weezy app is that the moment a customer places an order on this platform, it makes sure that the order is getting delivered to them at the earliest. Online grocery stores are increasingly and becoming popular with the introduction of tech based platforms. These online stores have been life saviour to consumers, as it offers every required product from vegetables to even drinks.

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    How much does the app development cost like Weezy?

    Features of Weezy

    24*7 Accessibility

    When you access Weezy, the customers can easily shop from anywhere and from anywhere across the world, which proves to be a great catalyst in enhancing the users availability to shop from anywhere.

    Reviews proves to enhance the customer service

    The online grocery app like Weezy permits clients to have a go through several audits and evaluations to upgrade client administrations. Hence there is clarity among the consumers to enhance client administrations.

    The administrative heads at this online grocery delivery apps track customer’s request through the app and evaluate the time of delivery.


    These on-demand delivery apps help customers visit store to pick the things they require easily by simply placing the orders. It bring in enhanced sales.

    Let’s have a look at some of the features which affectsapp like weezy development cost:

    Client Side:

    1. Sign up- Enables customers to register using a free account

    2. Sign In- It allows users to logon to their personal account.

    3. Product page- It exhibits the list of products

    4. My address- The customer can add or edit his/her delivery address.

    5. Customer orders- The customers can access the current and past orders.

    6. Cart – The products are added to the cart and easily checked out.

    7. My wallet- It offers a quick and easy payment mode.

    8. Various payment gateways allow an easy payment method.

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    Driver side:

    Order Acceptance or Rejection – It allows users to accept or reject orders.

    Customer details and location- This feature allows to access the customer location.

    History Order- The details of order will be exhibited.

     Delivery status- It allows to update the status of their delivery

    Order notification- When a new order is placed, there will be a notification.

    Online/ Offline mode- It helps to let them stay online/offline.

    Development process

    1. Planning- Understand the current market trends and monitor.

    2. Design-You can build unique interfaces and interactions.

    3. Build- Developments which are customer centric

    4. Test- analyse website speed and prototypes.

    5. Launch- Launch your product in the market.

    6. Monitoring and Evaluation- App’s performance can be analysed

    User Panel

    The User Panel of supermarket app development cost like Weezy depends upon the user profile to order management. It manages service quality and recognizes the issues for improving the overall efficiency of the app. Basically it consists of many features:

    1. User Profile

    The customer follows the streamlined method by signing into retain his/her personal profile on the app by utilizing their credentials.

    2. Browse Products

    The user can easily select items from the list of options available in every category with detailed descriptions.

    3. Schedule delivery status

    In the user panel, it helps consumers to plan the delivery according to their conveniences. It offers different time slots according to the place and time.

    4. Order tracking

    The real time order monitoring will help you get the specifies and refresh yourself with the order status. It offers the location in real time and helps you with the tracking information.

    5. Multiple Payment options

    You can easily make the payment using the multi-payment system in the safest way.

    Admin Panel

    It is responsible for representing the information on the display screen. It is also known as the control panel and the backend. The admin panel allows new posts, categories, links and a lot more.


    Monitoring every instructions and activities is a hassle-free task for a system administrator with the help of dashboard.

    2. Management of payments

    Customer must find every payment mode to be in the transparent way.

    3. Order assignment

    Using the admin panel, you can assign orders by ensuring every instructions in the most professional way.

    4. Customer management

    The admin panel helps to connect the app with customers to keep them involved.

    5.  Satisfactory services

    Every other operation and order is handled in an efficient manner.

    Before discussing the cost of app development like Weezy, let’s discuss several factors which are involved in determining the overall costs:

    1. The company which is developing
    2. The location where the app launch takes place
    3. The different app platforms for operating systems
    4. Third party add-ons
    5. Integration of technology into the app
    6. Different development platforms like native or hybrid
    7. User Interfaces
    8. User reviews

    Depending upon the different countries, the overall cost of app like Weezycan be easily assessed on the basis of complexity, the selection of platform, the country and the development cost can also differ.

    The selection of platform depends upon the market you are targeting. In continents like Asia, Africa and South America, Android has gained the maximum popularity, whereas in US iOS has become popular.

    Selecting the cross-platform app helps you gain many users and increases the development costs upto $50,000. As compared to a single platform application, cross-delivery app proves great.

    Creating a mobile app development team composes of several members:

    1. Project manager- The complete mobile app production is supervised by this project manager.

    2. UI/UX designer- The designer’s job role is to complete the app’s process and get the impressions of the user.

    3. Code developer- He/she undertakes the responsibility of internal layout of the app.

    4. QA engineer- He/she supervises every test protocols

    The apps with least complexity – 8-10 weeks and requires 80-90 hours and the backend development- 800-900 hours.

    The apps with complexity- 28-30 weeks, design processes – 350-400 hours and backend development – 2500- 3000 hours.

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    How to make android apps like Weezy and its cost

    Android Apps

    1. Simple apps- $20,000 to $45,000

    2. Standard apps- $50,000 to $65,000

    3. Complex apps- $60,000 to $110,000

    iOS application cost:

    1. Standard apps- $40,000 to $60,000

    2. Complex apps- $55,000 to $100,000

    Basically, an online grocery development app like Weezy falls between 15k to 60k in USD. The costs may vary if you are looking forward to include some high-end features like artificial intelligence and block chain.

    How Weezy app is made

    Considering some of the most critical parts before developing the application and understanding the cost of app like Weezyneeds to be implemented. It helps to prepare yourself before you offer your designed product to the buyer. These points can be easily maintained to help you gain the best among the competitors.

    Considering customer painpoints

    Since the app is always for the customer, hence fixing the customer’s pain points must be in top priority. Understanding the basic requirement and its specialization is important for developing the best.

    UI/UX design

    A simplified and suitable UI/UX setup is always a customer’s favorite. The customers must be able to connect with it with respect to the on-demand fundamental supermarket application. Whenever the customers find it easy to use, the customers can easily like this application.

    Personalization always win hearts!

    Personalizing the application helps the owner of the app to help it available for every customer. It enhances their requirements.

    The Conclusion

    On-demand supermarket apps have allowed customers to make purchases in the most convenient ways. It has resolved grocery shopping problems and simplified the whole process.

    Easy to use and great UI/UX design are the best attractive points behind the success of these online grocery apps. If you are looking to develop high end mobile applications which meets the requirements and business criteria’s, then get in contact with DxMinds. They have an expert team of professionals who utilise the best mobile application.

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