How Much Does It Cost to Develop an Astrology App Like Astroyogi?

How Much Does It Cost to Develop an Astrology App Like Astroyogi?

Do you know Astrology is known to be the billion-dollar industry worldwide? Yes, that’s the fact. Most Human beings not only in one country but over the globe not only rely on but believe to plan their present and future lives by seeking direction from astrology. And with the advent of digital technologies, this industry got extremely powered up and has achieved tremendous market.

Until now astrology and horoscope columns use to be a major feature of tabloid newspaper, women magazines and even people use to visit their trusted astrologer center’s to learn about any part of life including higher studies, getting married, buying or building a house, purchasing a vehicle, career goals, starting a business and many other life goals. 

With the emergence of incredible digital astrology apps, it has become more easier and convenient for curious people to make their life decisions faster than ever through getting astrology consultancy just in few clicks.

Along with normal situations, this apps has become the topmost choice to get a kind of satisfaction and emotional support during this COVID-19 outbreak. Wondering isn’t it?

Yes, the highest traffic has been achieved by some reliable astrology apps that have represented some alluring features that covered every aspect of people’s life goals.

By looking at the downfall in the usual business and urging to be competitive in this evolving market most of the astrologers or astrology businesses are focusing to set foot in a digital world by taking reference to popular astrology apps.

According to digital market research, the app known as Astrayogi is been looked up as one most demanding astrology app. By getting admired by this app most of the people are looking for the queries such as 

How to Build an Astrology app LikeAstroyogi?

How Much Does it Cost To Develop an App LikeAstroyogi?

What features to include in the Astrology app?

These are the few highly rated concerns people are looking for before going to build a specific app.

The kind of belief and consultation you unleash to your beloved audience, the same could be furnished by building a feature-rich and successful astrology app. 

If you are really obsessed to embrace high downloads and great success for your app then be attentive towards this blog that uncovers essential details such as top features, kind of design, and the needed development cost required to build an Astrology app like Astroyogi.

Let’s take a look at the Astroyogi app

About Astroyogi App Model 

Astroyogi is a well-known Indian Online Astrology app with over 2000+ best astrologers for different purposes such as Psychic, Tarot, Numerologist,Vastu, Prasna and more

Recently the app is been updated with Free Kundli, Kundli matching/Kundli Milan features.

Features included in Astroyogi App are

Sign up or Registration

This feature empowers the users to get an entry into the app by filling in the required credentials such as number, email id, and other credentials. This is considered as the basic and mandatory feature that need to be included in astrology app development


Search feature provides an ease for the users to find the specific astrologers according to their need. By integrating this excellent feature in your astrology app development it could make the finding process more effective and easy

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Rating and Review 

Through this feature, the users can share their experience and rate and review the consultation provided by their astrologers. Adding Rating and Review feature can cater to the credibility and truthfulness factors

Multiple languages 

Most people feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and emotions in their regional language. That where’ multiple language feature in the app helps the users to easily spell out their life concerns to the astrologers.

In-app call

Users can easily reach out and interact with their handpicked astrologer by selecting the call option within the app


This is one of the user’s alluring features that enables a money-back guarantee if the clients aren’t satisfied with the astrologer consultation.

Let’s talk with the experts

    Top Advantages of Developing an Astrology Mobile App 

    Digital Transformation 

    Digitization has left no stones unturned in any industry and other service domains. A Mobile app provides you a kind of authorization to be a part of the Digital Space and grow exponentially 

    Client Engagement 

    A single app can let your business reach out globally by unlocking the astrology service for millions of customers. The statistics say that people feel more connected to share their life problems via an app. The easy way to access and round the clock availability makes it a great tool for interaction and engagement 

    Attractive Design 

    With great visuals and soothing design, your astrology app can allure an unbelievable number of clients. Embrace the great return to your investment by building user-centric apps with astounding features and design.

    Monetize app Features 

    Multiply your investment by adding up some basic services of astrology or horoscope for free and others can be accessed in a premium version. Through this, you can make out a good profit.

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    Cost-Effective Expansion 

    Mobile apps are the ultimate and profit-generating tools that provide you a productive opportunity to expand your businesses or services that was a daunting and challenging task in a traditional model. Utilize the app to reach out to new clients along with retaining the existing ones.

    Let’s discuss the most searched query

    How Much does it Cost To Build An Astrology app Like Astroyogi?

    Developing an astrology app is not cake talk, it requires a lot of things to get executed successfully. For building up such an app the prior focus must be on authentic developers who with their skills and proficiency crave out the most phenomenal apps. Speaking of that, you can embrace those types of developers from well-reputed Mobile app Development companies such as DxMinds who is been trusted by a large number of global and local customers for the incredible app development services we have showered to them.

    Some essential factors that are considered for estimating the Astroyogi app development cost are App concept, app design, high tech features, app platform, and further factors are included according to the client’s interest.

    It’s hard to give an indication to cost as it varies from one app development company standards to other. However, we are uncovering the rough breakdown cost for developing an astrology app like Astroyogi which differs from $20K-$60K. Our best advice is to seek technical consultancy from our app development experts that would provide you the cost roadmap with a great analyses your astrology app development concept and requirements.

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